An atmosphere First Day of Wuhan Detached from Corona Virus Lockdown

On Wednesday, April 8, 2020 at 00:00, the Wuhan lockdown was declared over.

Tens of thousands of people are preparing to leave Wuhan City by train on Wednesday, April 8, 2020. On that day, the main transportation route was opened, as the city reopened.The city with a population of 11 million was previously closed on January 23 due to a corona virus outbreak that emerged since late 2019. The virus is spreading so quickly.

Most of the 82 thousand people confirmed to have been infected with the corona virus. While there were 3,331 deaths occurred in Wuhan.It is estimated that 55,000 people will leave Wuhan by train on Wednesday. Around 21,000 departed through Hankou which was the starting point for infection.

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Gathered Waiting for the First Train

It was only around 6 in the morning, many passengers had arrived and were patiently waiting for the first train that came out of Wuhan to Jingzhou. They were given a gift package by the station management that read ‘Hankou Station Welcomes You’.Most passengers still wear masks and some still wear all-white body armor (PPE) which has become a familiar sight in Wuhan for the past two months.

Wuhan Detached from Corona Virus
An atmosphere First Day of Wuhan Detached from Corona Virus Lockdown

“I feel very happy, finally able to go again. This feels quite long,” said the man named Zheng, quoted by the Straits Times.He claimed to arrive two hours earlier than his scheduled departure should have been by asking a friend to drive to the station. This is because the train schedule is too early and there is no public transportation.

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First train from Wuhan

At 6:25 am, a train exits Hankou Station heading west and carries about 60 passengers. Along with the train, the main road and Tianhe International Airport have been reopened. Taxis have been allowed to operate again.Public transportation has been operating for some time. However, passengers must already have a “green” health code as evidenced by the cellular program as proof of health to be able to travel.The airport is filled with various activities. The first flight is at 7:25 am to Sanya Hainan with 49 people on board.

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More Crowded Airport

Around 9 am, hundreds of people have headed to the airport and still need a “green” health code to be able to travel. Tourists must also show the same code before entering the check-in counter and at the departure gate.The airport manager said there were about 96 flights from Wuhan on Wednesday with 11,855 tourists coming through the airport.

This is far different from 600 flights and 80 thousand tourists before the closure of Wuhan occurred. But the airport is still trying to restore the situation.Until now the airport said there were no direct flights to Beijing or international routes.A mother and child use PPE or personal protective equipment to explain how happy they are.”We have been stuck at home for more than two months so even though it is very fun to get out, it still isn’t real,” the mother said.

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Excitement Welcomes the Opening of Wuhan

One television in Hubei on Tuesday night showed a countdown to the reopening of Wuhan at midnight. Also broadcast interviews that were attended by frontline crowd supervisory staff at toll gates, airports and train stations.At 11:40 pm, there was a 4 km queue at the main toll gate that would leave Wuhan city.

Right at midnight, officers guarding the toll road barricade open the road so that all cars pass.Across town, buildings light up in service with laser displays. Boats on the Yangtze River honked their horns. In some cities the slogan “Wuhan hero city” is written, while others say “Wuhan, hello”.

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