Whose body and whose will?

Whose body and whose will?
The structure of any society is based on its culture, ideology, values ​​and traditions. Life goes on for thousands of years, beliefs become outdated, values ​​change, dress traditions change and ideas change meaning some tragedies are possible, while some tragedies are inevitable. Are irreversible, which have no alternate means by which humans can meet their shortcomings. We are a nation engulfed in tragedies and crises to raise our voices for our truth, regardless of the fact that civilization gives birth to civilization, palaces are built on good grounds by whipping the horses of the Nazi-riding word. Wander, leave.

You know the literature,? you do not feel that you have crossed all the boundaries of literature

If you are a writer and you know the literature, you do not feel that you have crossed all the boundaries of literature. So much distance between your pen and your language? If disposed under a pen, you should display ornament and extend the language so that they forget to express the words in the boundaries. It can also be criticized. Instead, the whole society should adopt a tradition of abusing its opponent. Choose a representative to represent who weighs in, and who is abused.What is literature in pakikstan ? this is pakistan woman way?

Purpose should not be forgotten in the waste and waste of time. Purposeful creation for which the foundation of civilized humanity will come out of the caves.the right, the people of the jungles are taken to snatch the right, and they are turned towards the settlements and not the settlements. Changes to the constitution have to be followed by the law, not the streets.

Become a swimmer! Raise a voice for the sake of the truth but thinking that the slums should not be overthrown. From the jungle to the slum journey is made from the slum to the jungle. Do not make the spark that flames near the pile of ash, make the lamp that continues to burn even in the thunderstorms, adopt the slogan which holds beautiful connotations and not obscures the purpose.

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