Who is Emmitt Smith really worth today? Who is the former NFL player’s net worth?

Emmitt James Smith III is an American footballer who has played for the Dallas Cowboys for 13 seasons in the NFL. After his first enrollment in the NFL in 1990, Smith continued to be a leading player in the NFL and has even been part of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. As of 2021, Emmitt Smith’s total value is estimated at $ 25 million.

Full Name Emmitt James Smith III
Birth Date May 15, 1969
Birth Place Pensacola, Florida
Profession Former Professional Football Player
Relationship Status Married
Net Worth $25 million

Early Life

Smith started playing football from a young age and was able to gain knowledge of the right football game when he was only eight years old. He attended Escambia High School where he used to play football and run. Among his most important compliments in those early years was winning two football championships. Thanks to his amazing performances, USA Today even named him the player of the year at the high school level in 1986.

He then went to the University of Florida after receiving a scholarship there. Smith was able to make his mark as the fastest rusher in the team and continued to earn several accolades including running too fast back to break the 1000 yard bar.

Emmitt Smith Net Worth and Career

Smith joined the NFL Draft in 19990 when the Dallas Cowboys wanted to bring him to their club to make a long-term deal. They succeeded and Smith would begin to show off his skills as a rusher. He has managed to have some consistent games over the years which has led to him becoming the first player in NFL history to be able to run over 1400 for five consecutive seasons.

He has been a great asset to the team for several years. Later, he would sign with the Arizona Cardinals on a two-year contract. By this time, Smith had built up a huge reputation among the fans and the Cardinals brought him not only his knowledge and skills but also because this would help achieve more in the Arizona Cardinals.

Smith finally decided to retire in 2005. He had a great job making several records while playing there. Since then, Smith has been working with football by becoming a studio commentator on various NFL shows. She even participated in Dancing with the Stars where she managed to win a competition with Cheryl Burke.

Personal Life

Emmitt Smith is married to Patricia Southall who won Miss Virginia America. The couple together has three children. In addition, Smith has a daughter named Rheagen Smith with a former girlfriend. He proves himself to be a Christian and has been involved in helping the community by establishing Pat & Emmitt Smith Charities with a strong focus on empowerment among children.

Emmitt Smith Net Worth

As of 2021, Emmitt Smith has an estimated net worth of $ 25 million. Smith was the most successful professional footballer until he reached number 68 at the level of 100 footballers in 1999. Thanks to his contributions, he was able to raise such a large amount of money.

In addition, after he stopped playing, he embarked on various housing development projects and started managing investments in order to find equity in the areas that could be at the top especially in real estate which helped him even more to make a big profit.

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