What is the net worth of MLB player Javier Baez in 2021?

Javier Baez is a Puerto Rican baseball player, best known for playing Major League baseball (MLB) in both the Chicago Cub and New York Mets. On November 30, 2021, Baez signed a six-year contract with the Detroit Tigers. As of 2021, the total value of Baez is estimated at $ 10 million.

Full Name Ednel Javier Báez
Birth Date December 1, 1992
Birth Place Bayamon, Puerto Rico
Profession Baseball Second Baseman & Shortstop
Wife Irmarie Marquez
Net Worth $10 million

Early Life

Javier Baez was born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico on December 1, 1992. He was born to his parents, Angel Luis Baez and Nelida Agosto. Baez grew up with his two brothers Gadiel and Rolando, and his sister Noely.

In 2005, three years after the death of his father, Baez and his family moved to Jacksonville, Florida to seek appropriate treatment for their sister’s spinal condition. It can take Baez about three years to learn to speak fluently and understand English.

Baez attended Arlington Country Day School (ACD), where it took him just two years to become the most famous Alfac All-American player. For his big season, Baez will hit an average of .771 on 83 at-bats. After high school, Baez committed to playing baseball at Jacksonville University.

Javier Baez Net Worth & Career

The Chicago Cubs selected Baez in the first round of the 2011 MLB renovation. After two years in the minor leagues, MLB.com ranked Baez as the 16th best prospect in all of baseball. Then, the Cubs invite you to a training camp in spring 2014, before being promoted to the senior division in August.

In six full seasons with Cubes, Baez has made the All-Star team (2018, 2019), won the Silver Slugger Award (2018), Gold Glove Award (2020), and the World Series (2016). In addition, Baez was named NLCS MVP in 2016 after hitting .318 with five RBI, four doubles, and two bases stolen from the series.

Javier Baez Injury

For most of his major league career, Javier Baez has always been healthy. In May 2019, a defender was injured in the heel. Four months later he broke his thumb, but despite all that, Baez managed to appear in 138 games that year.

Javier Baez Trade

Baez was to be sold to New York Mets on July 30, 2021, where he would play a second base. In fact, he was eager to move to New York despite not playing his favorite role because it meant he would be playing with his childhood friend Francisco Lindor. In 47 games with the Mets, Baez will hit .299 with nine home runs and 22 RBI. Recently, Baez signed a six-year contract, $ 140 million with Detroit Tigers.

Javier Baez Career Stats

10 years after being drafted by the Cubs, Baez is now 28 years old. In eight full-time playing seasons at the majors, he has accumulated an average of .264, 149 home runs, and 465 RBI. His Achilles heel has been hitting the ground running, as he currently sits with 149 more strikeouts than hits.

Javier Baez Personal Life

Javier Baez married his longtime girlfriend Irmarie Marquez in January 2019. The couple had their first child six months earlier, a son named Adrian Javier Baez Marquez. In December 2020, Baez and his wife adopted their second child.

Sadly, Baez’s sister Noely died in 2015 at the age of 21 due to her condition. The athlete took a much-needed break to make up for his loss.

Despite hitting and throwing right, Baez actually eats and writes with his left hand, saying it helps his game. In 2017, Baez will choose to carry the nickname “El Mago”, which in Spanish means “Magic”.

What is Javier Baez jersey number?

His jersey number is 9.

How old is Javier Baez?


How much does Javier Baez make?

Roughly $23 million annually.

Javier Baez Net Worth

As of 2021, Javier Baez’s total value is estimated at $ 10 million. His most rewarding year was 2021 when he led the north of 11 million Cubs. However, his new contract with Detroit Tigers is sure to increase its value.

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