Distribution of Halal Food in New York Increases during Ramadan

There are more than 550 thousand servings of halal food available to Muslims and those in need.

Outbreak of the corona virus has made the atmosphere of Ramadan this year feel different from before. The tradition of being open together and worshiping in congregation is forced to no longer be possible.This disappointing thing happened in almost all parts of the world, not least in New York. The closure or lockdown policy implemented in the metropolitan city of the United States has hampered social activities.

The existence of a social distancing policy makes mosques in New York no longer able to provide free iftar meals for Muslims. Mainly for those who are less able.The City Government of New York also provides certainty to guarantee the availability of food. Halal food is no exception, the amount increases during Ramadan compared to normal days., the Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio said the government provided 400 thousand servings of free halal food that would be delivered to every house inhabited by Muslims.In addition, there are 150 thousand additional halal food portions coming from community-based organizations that serve New York Muslims.

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Delivered to the house

So far, New York has distributed nearly 7 million meals through various programs for Muslims and people in need. The halal food distribution is spread across 432 areas with 32 areas managed by the largest Muslim community in New York City.The free food distribution system is carried out by ‘take away’ . For people who can not leave the house, can ask the service to perform services on a ‘delivery’. This is also a form of implementation of social distancing policy in New York City.

For millions of people around the world, this holy month is an opportunity to renew and strengthen their faith through fasting, pious prayer, reflective meditation, reading the Koran, and charity. “These actions are very much in line with the values ​​promoted by Islam – peace, kindness, and love and respect for others,” de Blasio said.De Blasio also prayed that those who celebrate Ramadhan soon find comfort and enjoyment in worship in a pandemic like today.It is known that the city of New York has been designated the ‘hot-spot’ distribution of the highest corona virus in the United States. The highest positive case for Covid-19 came from New York.

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Men Desperate to Go Home for 4 Days, Almost Fainted and Shoe Soles Are Broken

Movement Control Order or lockdown policy implemented by the Government of Malaysia makes people take reckless actions to return home. Even though there have been many perpetrators caught by law enforcement officers, that did not dampen their determination.Recently, a man named Matnoe Poksu Din decided to walk 428 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur to his hometown in Kelantan. He really wanted to gather with his family because he had been separated for a month due to lockdown.

According to his wife, Sara Anisa, Poksu decided to take a crazy trip because he had not had a job in Kuala Lumpur for a month.”My husband has done something crazy. He walked back to our village in Gerik. Crazy if you think about it. There are no more jobs in KL. There is no money to buy food. So he decided to walk home, “Sara said, on her Facebook account .

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Distribution of Halal
Distribution of Halal Food in New York Increases during Ramadan

Share Stories Through Facebook Live

Poksu also briefly shared his travel stories through his Facebook account. For four days, he continued to update information and broadcast it live on his social media account.He had uploaded a photo of the soles of his shoes damaged by overuse. Poksu also told me that he almost fainted because he had not eaten for two days. For the sake of saving, he just filled his stomach with isotonic drinks.

In one live on his Facebook account, he said:”I want to rest, get up and buy water. Then eat rice. I haven’t eaten rice in two days. I only drink 100 plus since yesterday. I haven’t eaten rice for some time. So we have to keep going to Gerik, ” said Poksu.”I feel better with this. My eyes look better now, even though my eye bags are darker than before,” he joked.

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Do not want to be helped

Regardless of the situation, he assured citizens that they had enough money to last the rest of the journey. This happened because many citizens were worried about his condition.” Whoever asks for my account number, I still have enough money to eat for two days. There is no need for that. I don’t want to be greedy at times like this or take other people’s money. However, I chose my own path, “ he explained.

Paksu even shared a photo of a map application that shows how much time he needs to take to get to his hometown.In the photo listed, Paksu is required to travel about four consecutive days with a full trip without a break.

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Get home safely

Thankfully after traveling for four days, the dedicated man was well received by his wife and family. Paksu is known to arrive at home at 11 pm, April 27, 2020 safely and healthy.Paksu also assured citizens that he would immediately go to the hospital to undergo a medical examination for the virus. With a joke, Paksu replied,

Don’t worry friends, I won’t walk to the hospital.”It is known, in Malaysia itself a lockdown / quarantine of the region since last March has caused many of its citizens to be laid off and laid off without salary.

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