Payment of Non-Teller Hajj Fees is Extended

This system is to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The Ministry of Religion extends the payment period of the 1441H / 2020M Hajj Pilgrimage Travel Costs through a non-teller system. Initially the repayment schedule via e-Banking and ATM ended on March 31, now extended to 21 April 2020.”Since March 27, we issued a non-teller Bipih repayment regulation until March 31. After being evaluated and considering the corona outbreak, this mechanism was extended to 21 April 2020,” said Director of Domestic Hajj Services, Muhajirin Yanis, quoted from the Ministry of Religion.

Non-teller system is applied as an alternative to facilitate prospective pilgrims to pay off if they do not have time to come to the bank.This system was initially applied in conjunction with conventional systems, namely through tellers or direct deposits to banks.Because the current situation is uncertain due to the spread of the corona virus, the Ministry of Religion has begun to impose restrictions on Bipih payment services through face-to-face or teller services.

This is to prevent Covid-19 transmission that is potentially experienced by prospective pilgrims and bank teller officers.”This policy is temporary and will be re-evaluated as needed,” Muhajirin said.According to Muhajirin, this policy was part of the Ministry of Religion’s steps to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Non-teller system allows to eliminate the queue of prospective pilgrims who will pay off at the Deposit Receiving Bank (BPS).

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Repayment for Stage I Extended

In addition, Kemenang also extended the Phase I repayment period which originally ended on April 19 to April 31. If Phase I is closed and still leaves a quota, Phase II repayment will be opened on May 12-20.Furthermore, Muhajirin asked all Head of Regional Offices (Kanwil) of the Ministry of Religion, the Head of Regional Office of the Ministry of Religion in Regencies / Cities, and BPS Leaders to socialize the policy.

As of March 31, 2020, there were 94,416 prospective pilgrims who had paid off Bipih. The details, 88,461 prospective pilgrims paid off through the teller and the remaining 6,071 paid through the non-teller.For the provinces with the highest number of pilgrims who made the most repayment, they were West Java with 25,596 worshipers, East Java with 16,292 worshipers, Central Java 12,914 worshipers, Banten 5,437 worshipers and DKI Jakarta 3,840 worshipers.

Indonesia’s Hajj quota this year is set at 221 thousand, consisting of 203,320 regular pilgrims and 17,680 special Hajj quotas. The regular quota is divided into 199,518 for regular pilgrims for the current year, 2,040 priorities for elderly pilgrims, 1,512 for regional pilgrims, and 250 worshipers from the Hajj Guidance Group.

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Ministry of Religion Affirms Saudi Arabia Only Asking to Postpone Hajj Services Contract 2020

The Ministry of Religion (Kemenag) ensures that the government of Saudi Arabia is not asking to postpone the planned pilgrimage this year. The Saudi Kingdom only asks governments around the world to postpone the implementation of service contracts for the needs of the pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia.The statement was conveyed by the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Religion, Oman Fathurahman In his official statement, Oman said the issue of the 2020 hajj delay arose because there was news sourced from interviews with Saudi Arabian Hajj and Umrah Minister Muhamad Saleh Benten with journalist Ekhbariyya TV on the Kabah page, March 31, 2020.

In the news quote it is said that Muhammad Saleh Banten called on Muslims in all countries to postpone plans to perform the pilgrimage until the situation is clear.In fact, the statement of Saudi Arabia’s Hajj Minister reads, “We ask Muslims in various countries to postpone any contracts until the conditions are clear.”This statement is in line with a letter from the Minister of Hajj and Umrah of Saudi Arabia addressed to the Minister of Religion, Fachrul Razi on March 6, 2020.the haj covenant or contract,” Oman said, Wednesday, April 1 2020.

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Teller Hajj Fees is Extended 2020
Payment of Non-Teller Hajj Fees is Extended 2020

Ministry of Religion Committed to Carrying Out Tasks

So the context of the Saudi Hajj Minister’s press statement is to wait or not to rush to make the hajj service contract. This could be because the Saudi government is still focused on maximizing the preparation of study facilities rather than taking care of contract administration, “he said.Oman said the government was mandated by law to hold hajj as a duty of the state. Therefore, the Ministry of Religion is committed to carrying out this task as much as possible.

As long as the Saudis have not made an official notification to the Ministry of Religion regarding the cancellation of the Hajj this year, we will proceed as usual,” he said.Oman said the organization of the hajj was regulated legally in a formal taklimatul haj signed between Indonesia and the Saudis. The process of preparing the pilgrimage is also not only a matter of service in Arabia.

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Hajj Mitigation

Domestic service is no less important because it involves fulfilling the rights and obligations of prospective pilgrims who will depart.As the Corona pandemic (Covid-19) in the world, including Indonesia and Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Religion has also prepared scenarios to mitigate a variety of possibilities in the implementation of the pilgrimage, including if finally canceled.

At present, the Directorate General of Hajj and Umrah Management is working on details of the scenarios so that they can be carried out practically and not cause problems later on.”Later, of course we will convey the scenario,” he said.

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Saudi asks world Muslims to postpone Hajj planning for 2020

The Minister of Hajj and Umrah of Saudi Arabia, Muhammad Salih bin Taher Banten, called on Muslims to postpone the planning of the Hajj journey 1441 H / 2020 M. At least until there is clarity about the situation that occurs due to the corona virus pandemic, Covid-19.was quoted as saying by Arab News , Wednesday 1 April 2020.In an interview with Al Ekhbariya television station , Salih claimed to have coordinated with the Ministry of Health to hold an inspection of the hotel which was used as a location for isolation of Covid-19 patients.

Also ensure that all services and treatments are given to worshipers,” he said.Hajj as the largest annual Muslim ritual will take place at the end of July. However, there was a Covid-19 pandemic and the Saudis were forced to implement a lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus.The policy raises the question of whether it will be extended or not. Because, the policy can affect the implementation of the pilgrimage, which is only a few months away.

The kingdom has also temporarily suspended the activities of the pilgrims until further notice. All international flights are terminated without a definite time limit.In addition, access to and from a number of cities was closed. The same thing happened in Mecca and Medina.So far, the Saudis reported that 10 patients had died from Covid-19. While there were 1,563 positive cases reported.

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