Suzanne Somers Net Worth: How much does she really make in 2021?

Suzanne Marie Somers is an American actress, writer and businesswoman. He is best known for appearing on a television program called Three’s Company that made him famous where he appeared in the role of the Chrissy Show. As of 2021, Suzanne Somers has an estimated net worth of $ 100 million.

Full Name Suzanne Marie Somers
Birth Date October 16, 1946
Birth Place San Bruno, California, U.S.
Profession Actress, Author, and Businesswoman
Relationship Status Married
Net Worth $100 million

Early Life

Some had a normal upbringing but experienced difficult times since his father was an alcoholic and abusive. He attended Capuchino High School and later moved to Mercy High School. Later, Somers attended San Francisco College for Women.

Suzanne Somers Net Worth and Career

Somers first appeared in films in the 1960s where he started starring in small roles including Blonde in the white Thunderbird. Later, he appeared in Lotsa Luck and The Rockford Files.

Some of her early roles included explicit scenes where she appeared in the Magnum Force making her a poor girl with nothing. She was slowly gaining popularity with additional roles in Love Boat and One Day At a Time.

However, her biggest success was coming in 1977 when she secured the place of Chrissy Snow on a sitcom called Three’s Company. The program was very interesting when her character Chrissy was a blonde girl who was blonde and working as a secretary in the office.

But the continued success of the show will lead to the collapse of the Somers in this game. As the program became more and more popular, Somers demanded an increase in his current $ 30,000 salary five times as much.

In addition, he also demanded a 10% share of the game’s profits. From his point of view, he felt that the price he was making in the game was too high. However the organizers of the program were not impressed with this and refused to get the increase demanded by Somers.

This led to his role being reduced to just 60 seconds per episode when Somers later sued the show for business damage to his reputation. Since then, Somers has played in a few other roles but they have not been as successful as Three Company which has included a negotiation program called Suzanne Somers Breaking Through.

Personal Life

Somers married at the age of 19 to Bruce Somers. Along with Bruce, he had a son named Bruce Jr. Over the years, however, their marriage deteriorated and they decided to divorce just 3 or so after their marriage.

He later fell in love with Alan Hamel, who worked as a housekeeper. The two decided to get married in 1977 and have been together ever since. A difficult point in her life came when she was diagnosed with type II breast cancer in 2000 as a result of which she had to undergo several treatment sessions. He is a supporter of the bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for which he wrote and the book.

Suzanne Somers Net Worth

As of 2021, Suzanne Somers owns an estimated $ 100 million. Along with her husband Alan, the couple owns a few homes in Southern California. Among their biggest purchases is the 73-hectare mansion located in the prime of Palm Springs that they once listed for $ 35 million.

In addition, they previously owned about 480 hectares of land in Palm Springs which they decided to donate to the Coachella Valley Conservation Commission.

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