Spread Identity, Corona Infected Patients Received Neighbors

 The patient’s condition is in good condition.

Government spokesman for Covid-19 handling, Achmad Yurianto, said case-01 patients were depressed because their identities were spread. The patient is worried about getting treated differently from his neighbors.When I go home, I might be accepted by neighbors, the environment, as what’,” Achmad said, reported Merdeka.com , Tuesday, March 10, 2020.Achmad said that currently the medical team is communicating and conducting psychological interventions for the 01 patient’s mentality. He added, although it was still positive of Covid-19, the condition of the 01 case patient was in good condition.

“The clinical condition is good. What we are waiting for is case 1 which is still positive even though it is in seventh day,” he said.While in patient 02, said Yuri, her condition also began to improve and there were no complaints. “Case 02 is good, if it’s not good I will submit it,” he said.

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Alhamdulilah, the First Test Results from Two Corona Cases are Negative

Government spokesman for the management of the corona virus, Achmad Yurianto said the results of the first two patients tested positive for corona had been stated negative. The two patients were case patients 06 and case 14.”That case 06 has entered the fifth day. The examination has been negative. It means that we are still waiting for the second negative examination in the next two days,” Achmad said, Tuesday, March 10, 2020.

Spread Identity, Corona
Spread Identity, Corona Infected Patients Received Neighbors

This 06 patient is a crew member of the Diamond Princess.

“This is a imported case . We have started to educate the person concerned to do self-isolation . He refrained from contacting anyone. Temporarily. This does not mean that he cannot, he should. But he is arrested. meter, “he said.The health team has also taught him how to self monitoring. That is, he can pay attention if there are complaints of heat or cough.”He has to report to the health worker. We will give the officer contact and will be monitored. This is for case 06. But it is only very negative. We will wait for two more days, if two days are negative then the concerned does not need to be treated anymore. Hopefully this can be finished, “he said.

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Case Patient 14

In addition, there are case 14 patients. The condition of case 14 patients is in good condition. On the third day of treatment, case patient 14 was declared negative corona virus.”There is also a negative on the third day. Even this is faster. Because it turns out the contact is minimal and the conditions are really good,”Achmad said, the health team experienced complaints of sick symptoms. Case 14 patients experience symptoms such as flu and cough.

After tracing the interaction, this case is not from the parent or sub-cluster.”So that the third day plus three days has been the sixth or fifth day. This has become negative,” he said.Case patient 14 will undergo a re-examination for the next two days. If the patient’s condition remains negative, he will be allowed to go home and undergo independent isolation.”We will try to do it in the next two days, we will repatriate the negative. And we have already educated the preparation to go home for self-isolated,” he said.

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Impact Corona, Friday Prayers in Saudi Only Can 15 Minutes

Corona virus infection cases in Saudi Arabia have increased. To date, there have been 20 confirmed cases of infection in Arabia.Anticipating the spread of the plague, the Minister of Islamic Affairs, Abdullatif Al Sheikh issued several instructions for all mosques in Saudi. One of them is the limitation of Friday worship time and the rules of breaking fast and itikaf.The decision was uploaded to the Ministry’s official account on Monday, March 9, 2020. Friday’s worship time should not be more than 15 minutes, including sermons and prayers.

In addition, the gap between the first azan and the second is limited to no more than 10 minutes, quoted from the Saudi Gazette .Not only that, breaking the fast and iktikaf activities will be eliminated. Both when and outside Ramadan.Abdullatif also instructed the entire mosque to provide hand sanitizers and clean carpets regularly, to protect the worshipers. While the routine study of the Koran and Da’wah is eliminated until further notice.The manager of the Haram Mosque and the Nabawi Mosque also uploaded announcements according to Abdullatif’s instructions. The announcement was posted on Haramain’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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Message Soothing the Imam of the Holy Mosque about the Corona Virus

Corona virus spreads to a number of countries, becoming ghosts that scare people. Concerns appeared everywhere, including in the Holy Land of Mecca and Medina, Saudi Arabia.The Imam and Khatib Masjidil Haram, Sheikh Abdur Rahman Sudais, conveyed a message to all Muslims not to panic about the corona virus. He warned, this virus is merely a form of testing from God.

sheik Sudais explained that the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia led by the Servant of the Two Holy Mosque of King Salman bin Abdul Aziz along with Crown Prince Prince Mohammed bin Salman had taken a number of precautions.”The government has taken the necessary steps, so there is no need to panic and do not easily believe in rumors, accusations, lies, and excessive actions,” said Sheikh Sudais.

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Follow the Relevant Authority Instruction

He also stressed the importance of taking precautions according to principles. Especially for yourself.“By the will of Allah, everything will return to normal in a few days, and we must follow the instructions of the relevant authorities,” said Sheikh Sudais.Saudi Arabia currently records 15 positive cases of corona infection with a mortality rate of zero. Unfortunately, there is also no data on patients recovering.To prevent the spread of the corona virus, the Saudis temporarily closed the Mataf area around the Kaaba. The Grand Mosque can only be used for prayer but not for Umrah.

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