South Korean Residents Must Use Detectors Covid-19 Isolation

plan was canceled but eventually it remained in force.

South Korea requires its citizens to wear wristband or detection devices while undergoing independent isolation to monitor the spread of the corona virus. The device was requested because there was a potential of 57 thousand people leaving their cellphones while in isolation making it difficult for monitoring activities.Previously, this plan was canceled because it was rejected by a group of activists on the issue of Human Rights (HAM) as well as law and democracy activists. However, the plan was carried out with consideration of the urgent conditions.

Quoted from Metro , the South Korean Government stated that although there were privacy issues, the wristband was needed in an emergency as it is today. The reason is that citizens who have to carry out independent isolation are increasing rapidly after two weeks of quarantine for those who have just come from abroad as of April 1, 2020.The wristband is connected to a tracking device that is uploaded to the cellphone via a Bluetooth signal. The tool will alert security and health personnel if the user leaves the house or tries to destroy or delete the application.

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866 Covid-19 Positive Cases From Abroad

The South Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said there were at least 886 people exposed to the corona virus that had just come from abroad.South Korea has been aggressively testing, tracking and treating it since the corona outbreak struck. However, this country did not impose a lockdown and succeeded in suppressing the spread of the corona virus.Some say this can be done because of South Korea’s experience in experiencing previous epidemics such as Sars. And an increase in the quality of the health system.So far there are 10,480 cases of corona and 211 deaths in South Korea.

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Corona Covid-19 case has dropped dramatically in South Korea. How do you do it?

News about the spread of the Corona virus to this day continues to meet all media platforms in the world. However, there are surprising new facts coming from South Korea.At present, South Korea has experienced a drastic decline in the Corona case. The number of people infected with the Corona virus every day is less than people who recover.As of March 25, 2020, the number of infected victims was 100, and the number recovered reached 223.

South Korean Residents 2020
South Korean Residents 2020 Must Use Detectors Covid-19 Isolation

That fact does not free up the opportunity to spread the Corona virus in South Korea. However, a significant reduction can be a measure of the effectiveness of Corona virus prevention efforts.Reporting from the New York Times , here’s how the South Korean government did in reducing the spread of Corona virus:

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Government Is Very Responsive

In dealing with the Corona case in South Korea, the government is very responsive to this case.Within a week after the first case was diagnosed at the end of January, government officials met with representatives from several medical companies.They urged the company to immediately start developing coronavirus testing instruments for mass production.

And in two weeks, thousands of test kits were sent every day. South Korea produces 100,000 kits per day.Officials also quickly imposed emergency measures in the city of Daegu, a city of 2.5 million where transmission spread rapidly through a local church.”If the government responds to this case more slowly, we can be sure the spread will be far worse,” said Ki Mo-ran, a South Korean epidemiologist.

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South Korea conducts mass tests

South Korea has conducted more than 300,000 tests, more than 40 times the United States. This is done, in order to immediately isolate and treat many people after they are infected.”Testing is important because it leads to early detection, minimizing spread, and can treat this case more quickly,” said Kang Kyung-wha, South Korea’s Foreign Minister.

So that hospitals and clinics are not overwhelmed, South Korea has opened 600 Corona Virus testing centers. It is designed to screen as many people as possible, and keep health workers safe by minimizing contact.At 50 drive-through stations , Corona Tests are carried out without having to leave their car. The public was given a questionnaire, a remote temperature scan and a throat check. The test process was only about 10 minutes. Test results can come out in a few hours.

Tests are also conducted at several walk-in centers , where patients enter rooms that resemble transparent telephone booths. Then, health workers will check the throat with gloves attached to the wall of the room.The government also circulates a message to the people of South Korea to do the test if they or someone they know has symptoms.In addition, offices, hotels, restaurants and other large buildings also identify temperatures using thermal cameras.

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Contact Tracking, Isolation and Monitoring

When someone is tested positive for Corona, the health worker will trace the patient’s travel history to test (if necessary isolate) anyone who contacts him.With this tracking, health workers can identify the possibility of early transmission.South Korea is developing contact tracking tools so that health workers can track patient movements using security camera records, credit card records, and even GPS data from their cars and cellphones.

When the Corona Virus outbreak began to increase, the government also sent mass messages. South Korean people’s cellphones will vibrate with an emergency warning. This will appear every time a new case is found in their district.The website and application also specify the itinerary of people who are infected – which buses they take, when and where they get on and off.

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