Sources of Early Saturday Boom Due to Asteroids? Here are the facts

Head of LAPAN stated that no asteroids had fallen into Indonesia.

Sound of thumping shocked the people of DKI Jakarta to Depok, Bogor and Bekasi early on Saturday morning, April 11, 2020. In the morning, a number of viral issues related to the eruption process of a number of mountains such as Anak Krakatau and Mount Merapi.Later, another issue emerged that called the thump was due to an asteroid crossing the earth. The news spread through the WhatsApp conversation application.Next the message sounds.

Answered already, who heard or felt the sound of a bomb like a nuclear bomb in the sky Jkt like, depok, bogor, lt’s great BSD tangerang and so on … apparently this has been reminded by NASA. So it has nothing to do with AnakKrakatau eruption.The message maker also included an article from British media The Sun which contained reports that four asteroids were passing through the earth. The article was made as a sound amplifier can emerge due to the asteroid.

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LAPAN: Not Logical

However, the argument in the message was countered by the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (LAPAN). The head of LAPAN, Thomas Djamaluddin, stated that the sound of a bang could not be due to an asteroid.. Yesterday there were no asteroids falling in Indonesia. So there is no link between the sound of an asteroid,” Djamal said.Djamal said the contents of messages circulating in the community via WhatsApp were not true. He guarantees that the news is a hoax.

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Sources of Early Saturday
Sources of Early Saturday Boom Due to Asteroids? Here are the facts

Alleged origin of the Mysterious Bang in Jabodetabek Expert Version of Earth and Space

Mystery of the boom that struck the Jabodetabek community on Friday night until early Saturday morning, has not yet been solved. The lack of information obtained, only led to various speculations.Earth and Space Laboratory Expert at the Department of Physics Education of the Indonesian University of Education, Judhistira Aria Utama, suspects that the sound of the boom came from an underground landslide.

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What underlies that conjecture?

It may be sourced from underground landslides. Avalanches triggered by rock deformations that exceed the limits of rock elasticity will be accompanied by the release of energy that is heard as a booming sound,” Judhistira said in his statement. quoted from  Saturday, April 11, 2020.But he could not be sure which boom came from which area.

“In fact, PVMBG and BMKG have also denied the possibility of an earthquake (no large force earthquake is happening) or a volcanic eruption (there were no reports of a boom from the eruption volcano observation post),” said Judhistira.Judhistira also disagreed when the boom came from atmospheric events that occurred in the atmosphere. He explained, there were no people who reported seeing flying objects at the speed of sound.

“If it is assumed that the source of the impact of an atmospheric event is in fact no one has seen a flying object moving at the speed of sound. Likewise, no witnesses have seen a large meteor called a fireball or bollide,” Judhistira said.

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Judhistira claimed not to get confirmation military whether there were training activities last night or not.

Military has also not confirmed the presence or absence of armed training,” he concluded.When tried to contact, the TNI had not yet confirmed the presence or absence of training on Friday 10 April last night until early Saturday morning which could potentially cause a boom.

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