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Sophia Ansari is one of the most popular TikTok users. With over 1 million followers, Sophia’s account is a must-watch for anyone looking for hilarious and creative videos. Sophia is an American teen who rose to fame on social media app TikTok. Since making her debut on the app in early 2018, she has racked up millions of fans for her comedy sketches, vlogs and singing covers. She also has a strong following on Instagram with over 400,000 followers. In this article, we take a look at everything you need to know about Sophia Ansari including her wiki, age and height. We also explore her family life and hometown as well as some of her most famous videos. So, without further ado let’s

Sofia Ansari Biography, Wiki, Wikipedia

Popular social media star Sofia Ansari was born on April 30, 1996 in Gujarat India. She is 25 years old and belongs to a Muslim family who completed her tenth studies there before moving back home for college where she graduated with honors from Indic University of Management Sciences (IUSM). After graduating high school at age 18yrs+,Sofya took up an opportunity abroad working as Brand Marketing Manager for TikTok’s Indian operations until 2017 when they were shut down due to new changes coming through law stating no company or individual can have more than 5% shares within one brand across all categories including fashion accessories etc.. After returning home after work every day during weekdays

Sofia Ansari is one of the most famous Indian social media stars on TikTok and Instagram for her dance moves, short videos & clips. She also has huge fan followers across different platforms like MX Takatak (an entertainment app), Snapchat or Facebook with 6+million likes each alone! Her versatility doesn’t stop there; in addition to being a talented actress/dancer who loves traveling etc., you can find more information about this amazing talent by reading through our article below

Sofia Ansari Wiki, Bio, Biography

Personal Info Details
Real Name Sofia Ansari
Age 25 Years
Date of Birth 30 April 1996
Profession Tik Tok Artist, Model, Social Media Influencer
Net Worth Rs. 70-90 Lakhs per year
Career Start and End 2018 to Present
Family Father – Unknown
Mom- Unknown
Nickname Sofia
Hometown Gujarat, India
Place of Birth Gujarat, India
Current City Mumbai Maharastra, India
Phone Number Unknown
Whatsapp Number Unknown
Email Unknown
Educational Qualification Graduated
School Unknown
College Unknown
Boyfriend / Husband Name Unknown
Height 5 ft 4 in (163 cm)
Weight 52kg
Figure Size 34C-24-33
Bra Size 34C
Feet & Shoe Size 7
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Brown
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Ethnicity Indian
Religion Muslim
Nationality Indian
Hobbies Dancing, Travelling, Shopping
Instagram @sofia9__official (6.5M Followers)
Twitter @sofia9__official (Followers)
Facebook @sofia9__official (Followers)
TikTok @sofia_ansari9__? (5.6M Followers & 94M Likes)
Mx Takatak Id @sofia_ansari9__
Snapchat @sofiaansari99
Reddit @sofiaansari
Videos on Youtube @SofiaAnsari (85K Subscribers)
Official Website None
Movies None
Awards None

Who is Sofia Ansari?

Born on 30 April 1996 (age 25 years), Sofia Ansari is known for her role as a social media influencer with over 2 million followers across TikTok and Instagram. She has been interested in dancing since childhood, which led to an interest in acting soon after; she started posting videos online starting from 2017-2018 via the app “Tiktok.” Her first viral video came about due to tiring rapid growth — it took only six months before reaching 10mil views! Nowadays you can find this talented actress playing various roles including one’s related music genre such

In just three months, she had a million fan followers. But then the Indian government banned Tiktok for violating their terms and conditions–and that’s when Sofia started uploading videos on other social media sites too! She became popular days after reaching 6-plus Million Instagram viewers as of May 2021 After gaining so much attention from fans all around India because they loved seeing what this girl was doing, sponsorships came knocking at her door. Nowadays most people know about twisty curly hair tools or beauty courses thanks to commercials featuring “the gorgeous” Miss San Francisco 2010…

Sofia Ansari Height, Weight, Fitness

With her beautiful face and body, Sofia Ansari is one of the most popular social media stars in America. Her slim waistline has helped to make this happen for her as well! She takes care not only about fitness but also dieting so that she can maintain a healthy lifestyle which helps with self-confidence when you’re on Camera or on Stage alike. A 5’4″ girl who weighs around 52kgs (115lbs) isn’t always going to be able to get those perfect photos unless they do some editing themselves after posting them online – like Photoshop tool edits where people add extra pounds onto their frame just because its easier than taking time out from work every day…or spending money getting professional pictures done sometimes

Sofia Ansari Salary, Net Worth

With over 5 million followers on her social media channels, TikTok and Instagram respectively, it’s no surprise that Sofia Ansari is one of the wealthiest people in India. The 16-year-old has been able to amass such a large following through hard work as well as a natural talent for posting aesthetically pleasing content which often featured fashion designer collaborations by designers like Prabal Gurung & Jason Wu! She did not share details about how much money she makes from all these sources but estimates put an annual Net Worth around 80 Lakhs Rupees (around $1 Million).

Sofia Ansari Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook

As of May 2021, Sofia Ansari’s Youtube channel has 85K subscribers. Her fan followers on TikTok and Instagram numbers are 5.6M each! She posts every day about personal lifestyle photos as well as professional photoshoots for modeling opportunities or just documenting her life in general because she knows that people love visual content like this from time to time even though it might not seem interesting at first glance but will be absolute gold once you get invested into the story being told by these pictures.

Sofia was born in New York City where she spent most of her childhood (until college) until later moving overseas due to family obligations – so far away from the home city which made

Sofia Ansari Tik Tok: @sofia_ansari9__? (5.6M Followers & 94M Likes)
Sofia Ansari Instagram: @sofia9__official (6.5M Followers)
Mx Takatak Id: @sofia_ansari9__
Sofia Ansari Snapchat ID: @sofiaansari99
Sofia Ansari Twitter: Click Here
Sofia Ansari Facebook Page: Click Here
Sofia Ansari Youtube Channel: Click Here @SofiaAnsari (85K Subscribers)\

Sofia Ansari Contact Details

You can contact Sofia Ansari through social media profile private messages. But, She did not share her personal phone number or address publicly on any of the platforms where she has an account listed and so most people will have to use other methods if they want it known that they are looking for someone in particular with this information- such as a traditional mail service (i.e., US Mail) Wow! What else do we know about our dear CEO?

Sofia Ansari Family

The housewife, Sofia Ansari is a 36-year-old woman who has been taking care of her family since before she could walk. She fiercely protects them from any harm that may come their way and would do anything for them including going into labor with barely enough time to grab something on your way out!

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