China’s commander Shin Jin Phang in the fight against the Coronavirus

A man wearing masks at Wuhan’s hospital in Hubei Province, considered the epicenter of the Corona virus in China, says that at this time we must be confident and confident that we will defeat the Corona virus. This man shows great commitment in communicating with the medical staff and patients that Wuhan’s victory will be the victory of Hubei and that the conquest of Hubei will be the victory of the whole of China. Inchef Shi Jin Phang.

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Thousand More than 20 deaths have occurred. After the establishment of the People’s Republic of China in the nineteen-thirties, China faced a difficult problem in terms of Cod-19 healthcare. There is a problem. Shi Jin Phang calls this war a “people’s war”, and in the light of their instructions, all resources are being used from all over the country.China has made great sacrifices in the prevention and control of the Corona virus not only to protect its people but other nations of the world, medical staff sacrificed their lives while saving lives of others, cities were locked down , Business activities were suspended, public gatherings were canceled, and even the “two meetings” of China’s most important annual activity related to legislation and the country’s economic social development were postponed.

China's commander
China’s commander Shin Jin Phang in the fight against the Coronavirus

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These measures are welcome to achieve positive results in China in terms of controlling and controlling the outbreak. Today, the number of new virus patients is not equal across China, compared to just a month ago in the thousands. More than thirty thousand patients have been discharged to hospitals in Wuhan city after recovery, in the light of better conditions, all sixteen temporary hospitals in Wuhan have been closed, reflecting that China has primarily spread the virus. Has stopped.It is said that time of trial is the real test of leadership, and Shi Jin Phang, with his solid practice, showed the world that he is a great leader. Releasing timely important instructions, including a daily review of the boy’s situation.

He convinced more than one hundred seventy thousand government officials across the country through two teleconferences chairing various meetings, convinced that there was no other option but to win the battle against the epidemic. Prior to his visit to Wuhan, he met with the prevention and control of the pandemic situation in Beijing. Lakh reviewed the activities and called for scientific measures to be taken forward. The World Health Organization also acknowledged that China’s strong and decisive decisions help prevent the spread of the virus not only to China but worldwide. Of

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On January 25, at the special direction of President Shi Jin Phang for the outbreak, a central leader group was formed under the leadership of Prime Minister Lee Khu Cheng and all members of the group continued their activities in other areas, including Wuhan.In Hubei and Wuhan, the party chiefs were sacked for not having made any initial progress on the outbreak.Shi Jin Phang issued orders that all resources from across the country be utilized to overcome the pandemic situation and that it could be termed as China’s unique socialist system that more than forty thousand medical staff from all over China immediately reached the province.

Sixty-eight hospitals in Wuhan have been reserved for Corona virus patients, two new hospitals have been built in only a short period of two weeks, turning sixteen exhibit halls and sports centers into temporary hospitals. Provided complete management of therapeutic facilities to sixty thousand patients within just one month What Works.

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China’s significant reduction in mortality thanks to these measures has won the hearts of global public health experts. Chinese universities, research institutes and related industry organizations are working together to diagnose viruses, develop vaccines, and deliver medicines. In just 15 minutes, a blood test can be produced from a test kit produced in a matter of days. In a country with a population of one billion forty million people, the discipline that has been performed and following government guidelines I think its difficult. “People First” takes top priority in the corona virus prevention under President Shi’s inspirational leadership.

In the current era of globalization, the pandemic situation is not confined to a single country or region and still within weeks, the Corona virus has reached all the continents of the world. Chinese President Xi Jinping has made it clear that protection of the public health There is a shared challenge and all countries need joint efforts to tackle this challenge. For China, the idea of ​​a cohesive society for mankind can only be practiced when all countries, not just their own Take common steps to protect the lives of other peoples but also the global community. The ice does not wait for anyone, so the current situation requires that a unique solidarity and shared attitudes be preserved for the protection of humanity globally, which are listed in golden words in history and for generations to come. The torch could become the path.

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