Shaykh Ali Jaber: Don’t Go Home, Don’t Let Corona Outbreaks Spread

Ali also did not go home to Medina this year.

Famous preacher, Sheikh Ali Jaber, asks the public to obey the homecoming ban set by President Joko Widodo. The ban is to break the chain of the spread of the Covid-19 corona virus in Indonesia.”Let’s not go home, don’t think about how we meet family. But we prioritize family health,” Ali said.

He claimed this year would not go home to his hometown in the City of Medina, Saudi Arabia. This decision was taken even though he had the opportunity to go home.”Please, congregants, don’t let this plague spread to our entire country, let alone going home. I am a Madinah, my parents are there. I have made a decision this year not going home even though there is an opportunity I can go home,” Ali said.With the current pandemic, it is required not to travel back and forth for mutual health. Even though he can’t go home, he said, it doesn’t mean breaking the silrahrahmi rope.

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Hospitality Must Keep Going

Imam of the Nabawi Mosque added, although he could not meet, the fellowship could be carried out in various ways such as video calls.”Parents are our heaven on earth. So we want to make friendship with them. We don’t want to leave them but conditions are breaking down,” Ali said.According to him, the danger if going home continues to be carried out and the risk of Corona Virus transmission can occur through People Without Symptoms (OTG) which are dominated by young people.

So going home can endanger relatives in their hometown.”He got sick he was positive corona. Returning home to shake hands with elderly parents. Maybe there are among families who are sick. That is where the disease is contagious and can lead to death of his parents,” concluded Ali.

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Minister of Religion: This Year Is Not Going Home, Going Home More and More

Minister of Religion, Fachrul Razi, appealed to the public not to go home this year. The reason, there is the threat of dangerous corona virus transmission.”No need to go home, because we always underline the homecoming, there are more mudharat in the current situation,” said Fachrul.He invited Muslims to carry out the obligations of Ramadan as well as possible. Similarly, running the Sunna Ramadan.

Shaykh Ali Jaber 2020
Shaykh Ali Jaber 2020: Don’t Go Home, Don’t Let Corona Outbreaks Spread

Fachrul said going home in the midst of a pandemic emergency could indirectly be the cause of the spread of Covid-19. Homecoming people, said Fachrul, can bring virus seeds to the village.”If we are going home, without us realizing bringing the seeds of the virus to the village. In the village we also have to be isolated, more harm than the benefits,” he said.

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Don’t Get Ready to Return to the Village

President Joko Widodo has banned homecoming activities not only for civil servants, TNI-Polri, or BUMN employees but all levels of society. Fachrul agreed with the decision.”The Ministry of Religion strongly agrees with this decision. The stipulation of the homecoming ban is determined by the government to be implemented from the beginning of Ramadan,” he said.

Furthermore, Fachrul advised Muslims to prepare themselves to undergo Ramadan. You do this by increasing the quality of worship.”Don’t get ready to go back to the village. We are just getting ready to break the fast, eat dawn, tarawih, tadarus, at home,” he said.

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Jokowi Officially Prohibits Mudik Lebaran 2020 Community

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) finally decided to ban the entire community from carrying out the Idul Fitri homecoming in 2020. A similar ban was previously imposed on civil servants, TNI-Polri and BUMN employees.”After the ban on going home to ASN, the TNI-Polri, and BUMN employees, we have done it last week (week), at today’s meeting I want to convey also that we will ban everything going home,

This ban on homecoming was set up as an effort to prevent the further spread of the corona virus. Jokowi said that Transportation Ministry data showed that 24 percent of the population still insisted on going home.”Therefore, I ask that preparations related to this be prepared,” he said.Previously, the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, who was also the Minister of Transportation Ad Interim, Luhut Binsar Panjaitan, said the government continued to evaluate the mudik policy in the midst of a pandemic. Policies can be changed depending on conditions on the ground.

“We will gradually, yes. It depends on the country. Don’t say the government is not strict either, no one in the world has the same formula (policy),” Luhut said last week.Luhut said the government could have banned going home if the situation on the ground was not possible. For example, there is the potential for an increase in the number of positive cases of Covid-19 due to going home.”Yes, we really do not want people to go outside Jakarta, so maybe there might be a future, or when, the government says there is no going home, maybe only, depending on the assessment of the current situation. If there is a significant increase or decrease, it might just , do not go home, “he said.

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Led by Luhut Panjaitan, the Ministry of Transportation examines the possibility of a mudik ban

Signal back and forth ban on the Lebaran 2020 season again blazing fast. This was marked by a planned meeting within the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) which was directly lead by Ad Interim Minister of Transportation, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan today, Friday 17 April 2020.

“Later, Mr. Luhut will ask me. If there is a statement going back and forth forbidden, what kind of scheme are we going to do? What is the model for public transportation? Later this evening will be closed,” said Director General of Land Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation, Budi suspected, the possibility to ban homecoming could be done if he considered the situation going forward. Moreover, the government has decided to shift the Lebaran holiday leave to the end of the year.

Possibility of a ban on going home is done if you look at the situation going forward,” Budi said.But Budi stressed that the final decision regarding whether there was a ban on going home would be discussed beforehand with the Ministry of Health. This government agency is the party that will make indicators of the situation that must be prepared if the government must ban going home.

From the Kemenhub side, Budi said his ministry would only regulate transportation movements, what vehicles were allowed and could not be active if homecoming was prohibited.”Indicators are being considered from all aspects. We will wait for the government’s decision. As for this, I get instructions from Mr. Luhut, if passengers are okay to do (prohibited). But if logistics vehicles do not,” he said.

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