Satta Batta | सत्तो बट्टा | Satta Batta King | Satta Batta Result 2020

Satta Batta is one of the most popular games around the globe. People do love this game and, hence, are always ready to invest a heavy amount of money in Satta Batta Game. Sattabatta is a lottery as well as a number based game and to play this game you have to choose a number and wait for the turn to see whether your number hit the resulting spot or not.

But before selecting the number to play the game of Satta Batta officially you must invest some money because without investing money you simply cannot be a part of the game of Satta king. The investment at the beginning is very important because of it the investment that will set the percentage regarding the winning money in the Satta Batta Game if your number hits the results chart.

You can earn lakhs but the chance of losing the invested money is always on the cards. People are making money as well as losing as the Sattabatta  is only a chance-based game and, hence, you have to be careful while investing your money into Satta Batta.

While the selection of numbers is not a simple task as it is required a lot of hard as well as tricky work to win back your investment. There are a lot of calculations are involved in the making and finalizing the process of numbers and, hence, you should pay focus while selecting the numbers Satta Batta Lottery.satta batta 2020

If you do not have any knowledge about the calculation of Satta Batta then you should take guidance from the Satta Batta guiders. Yes, you heard it right! Satta matka is one of the largest operating businesses in India and, hence, several people charge a fee to offer their assistance to crack the sequence of numbers.

Origin Of Satta Batta

The game of Satta Batta finds its origin in India as it is invented in India on the models of western gambling of numbers. Initially, it was called the Ankara Jugar where people use to invest in the opening and closing of the rates of cotton according to the New York Cotton Exchange. But later on, it was changed in different categories like cards, slipping of numbers and generating random numbers.

When satta batta was introduced it was a lottery as well as number based game but now Sattabatta as changed completely. Now a day Satta Batta has entered into the zone of gambling and, hence, people use to call destiny or luck as the status of people is changed here very often. When we analyze the real impact of (satta batta) we find that a lot of people lose their money in investing in the Sattabatta while some people become wealthy in days.

It is true about Satta Batta that the nature of this game has been changing over yet the popularity could not stop. The popularity of the satta batta is enhancing with each passing day. It is because the stack holders are doing their best to roll this business and, believe me, guys, they are doing the best. This the reason while in the modern era Satta Batta is still one of the top-notch attractions of investment.

Satta Batta is a Legal Game

When we look at the overall impression of the Satta Batta we want to know about the legal status of the game. That’s why the question in our minds rises whether the satta batta is legal or not. If you are among one of those who want to know about the legality of Sattabatta then the answer is no as satta batta game is completely illegal in India. It is because the gambling structure is completely a state matter in India and when we closely examine the law we find it off the beat.

According to the Indian Law of Gambling, the government divided gambling into two categories including chance and skill. The games which are closely connected to the use of skills are legal and there is no need to bother being the owner of such business. But the games which are based on chance or luck are completely illegal and, hence, the government had put a fine as well as imprisonment as a penalty that will operate such illegal games.

And we see the structure of Satta Batta we find that Satta Batta will fall under the category of illegal status. But the truth regarding the Satta Batta is that the people who are part of this business are highly effective because they are handling such illegal business very well. They put an image into the mind of the modern people that is extremely acceptable and to invest.

People, now a day, operating Satta Batta illegal game because they think that Satta Batta is a game only and there is nothing to do with the legal status of it. But, of course, they are investing in satta batta not openly but by using the backdoors. But as an official status Satta Batta does not fall under the legal status according to government and, hence, Satta Batta or games like Satta Batta are considered illegal and banned in India.

What is Satta Batta?

Satta Batta or Matka Gambling is the heart of satta batta in India. People do love to play Satta Batta because they have become addicted to gambling and especially to Matka Gambling. It is the pure form of gambling in India which is set by the dealers of Satta Batta to replace the western impression of gambling.

satta batta
Satta Batta | सत्तो बट्टा | Satta Batta King | Satta Batta Result 2020

Yet they did not completely change the rules and regulations of the gambling and stay with the western rules in some sorts. In short Satta Batta is the pure Indian version of western gambling. It was the need of the hour to connect the people of India with something familiar which could easily penetrate the minds as well as hearts.

Satta Batta or Matka Gambling was started in India in 1962. Several names are connected to the finding pillars of Satta Batta.

Gambling came in India from China and some Western countries and within no time it had become part of Indian society.

Initially, the satta batta in India was connected to the opening and ending numbers of the cotton rates which came from the New York Cotton Exchange.

After the bane on the gambling from the government, which was imposed through the 1961 Law of gambling, Satta Batta was started by the founding founders of the Matka Gambling.

Within no time the Satta Batta became famous and a huge chunk of people came under the spell of this format of gambling.

Despite being the fact that the government banned the lottery in India yet Satta Batta flourished over time. Satta Batta like a glimpse penetrated the society and the centers of the cities and no one could have the ability to stop it.

After 2000 the people were in no mood to operate their routines without gambling in Satta Batta. It is because the Satta Batta then had created the impression to change the lives of people overnight. And people started to invest in Satta Batta to change their fate with the help of some magic.

In current times the digital platforms have made access to the Sattabatta  or Matka Gambling is so easy that almost millions of people around the globe are investing in Satta Batta. Some of them are gaining benefit and most of them are losing what they already have.

And, Satta Batta, without any doubt is fulfilling the targets more than their expectations as now a day Satta Batta as a huge fan following around the globe. Here is the overview of the spreading of the Satta Batta in India.

Why Satta Batta is so Popular

Satta Batta is without any doubt the most effective game in India as a huge number of people are connected to this particular game. But the truth is that it is illegal as well as banned into the borders of India yet is famous why. This is the question that everyone asks all the time. If you are among those who are in seek to know the answer to this question then here is the answer.

And the answer is that modern people think differently as well as smartly and know very well that how to sneak into the pages of law. They knew the ways to operate illegally without being caught. More importantly, technology has made all the access very easy and people in modern times are investing in illegal games like satta batta right from their homes. That is the reason Satta Batta is very popular among the people despite being the fact that it is completely illegal.

Satta Batta offers easy access. Yes, the makers of Satta Batta have indeed made access to the Satta Batta very easy so that everyone can play Satta Batta.

To play Satta Batta you do not need to be rich. It is because the business holders of Satta Batta knew that most of the people who are regular players belong to the common class and that’s why you can even play with 10 rupees.

In India, a large chunk of people belongs to the common class and the shareholders of Satta Batta know this fact very well. That’s why they are selling the promise to be rich with just a blink and the people are just hoping against the hope to become rich by adopting the shortcut of satta batta.

Satta Batta is so famous because it has become the talk of the town within no time. Right from its start Satta Batta has captured a huge market to flourish and people from all walks of life just fall into the trap without knowing the hidden trick.

Although many people have destroyed their money in Satta Batta yet some people made a healthy amount from the Satta Batta. That’s why most of people think that maybe they get lucky next time and, hence, despite being looted they are still playing Satta Batta.

Although Satta Batta is illegal yet the government is not doing anything serious to stop the functioning market of Satta Batta. That‘s why people are involving more and more into Sattabatta.

It is almost been 60 years that Satta Batta is playing across the country of India as well as some parts of the world. Now the people whether like Sattabatta or not they have become addicted to Satta Batta.

Further, Satta Batta has many branches that are being able to catch the attention of millions of people. For example, Satta Batta Gali, Satta Batta Darbar, Satta Batta Faridabad, Satta Batta Ghaziabad, and Satta Batta Disawar are some of the important branches of Satta Batta which are currently enjoying the huge fan following within as well as outside borders. Here are some of the attractions which are responsible for the popularity of Satta Batta.

Different Types of Satta Batta

Satta Batta has created the right music among the audience and, hence, everyone wants to sing to that music. People are really into Satta Batta that they even divided it into several branches as well as types. These branches of satta batta are named after the areas in which they are playing or operating.

We all know that it is very important to catch the attention of people there should be some change in the product and, hence, the owners of Satta Batta did the same. They just change the name according to the area with a few modifications so that they could penetrate the minds as well as the hearts of the people. Here are some of the important names of the Satta Batta Family.

Satta Batta Disawar:

Here we are with the first big name in the family of Satta Batta and that is Satta Batta Disawar. The results of the satta batta Disawar opened during the start of the day at the exact time 5:15 am. Satta Batta Disawar is the right approach from the owners of the business of the Play Bazar as the people find themselves attached to the Satta Batta Game.

That’s what the shareholders want the active indulgent of a huge number of people to attain the due results? It is the impression of Satta Batta Disawar that when people should start some productive work to overcome the difficulties of life they indulge in gambling.

Imagine the condition of a person who just lost his bet during the early phase of the day. Yes, sometimes you get lucky but most of the time you indeed lose. That is how Satta Batta with its first impression pushes people deep into the Satta Gambling and forces them to do what the makers want.

Satta Batta Faridabad:

Here comes the second punch of the Satta Batta Game right at the closing of the day. It is amazing to see as well as observe how the dealers of the ‘Play Bazar’ are creating a net to capture the people who want some magic in their life without any delay or obstacle. When people are right on the way back to their homes from their busy as well as hectic day routine then.

the result of the Satta Batta Faridabad hit the table right at 06:15 pm. First was during the start of the day at the closing of the day to push people very deep into gambling the owners the gambling business just playing with the routines plus emotions. And, guess what, they are truly capturing the attention of society at large.

Satta Batta Faridabad is one of the largest invested gambles of the ‘Playing Bazar’ because most of the common class takes part in the gambling of Satta Batta Faridabad. If we see closely we can easily observe that this is the Satta Batta Faridabad that provides the start to the long chain of gambling during the evening as well as night time. People who are addicted to the Satta Batta start right from the Satta Batta Faridabad and finish the late night.

Satta Batta Ghaziabad:

Then comes out the result of the third more important name in the field of gambling and that is none other than Satta Batta Ghaziabad. The results of the Satta Batta Ghaziabad announced at 08:00 pm right after one and half hours of the announcement of the Satta Batta Faridabad.

The makers know how to make people addicted to this sneaky game and, hence, they utilizing the true emotions of the people. People are right back at home at 05:00 pm and there is not much to do except playing the Satta Batta. That is why the dealers of the (Satta Batta) opened the lottery thrice from 06:00 pm to 11:00 pm just in 5 hours.

This is how they capture not only the gambling market but also the people who want some magic in their lives. Satta Batta Game is that’s why very close to the hearts as well as minds of the people as they have become addicted to the Satta Batta. They are ready to put or invest whatever they have in terms of money or other valuables.

Satta Batta Gali:

Here come the results of the final lottery of Satta Batta and the name of this lottery is Satta Batta Gali. This is a very important lottery for the people because they think that’s the last chance to overcome losses of the entire day. But this could not happen all the time as the people can’t get back what they have lost already except few.

It is the Satta Batta Gali that put an impression over the people to go deep into the Satta Batta Gambling because Satta Batta Gali follows all the other three sections of Sattabatta. People make numbers again and again and that’s why they think that this time they will be going to break it.

But the obvious result will come in the shape of loss only. But still, the people feel comfortable to invest in the Satta Batta Gambling because they think this is the blank check which will pay back all of their losses. But the truth is different because investing in Satta Batta Gambling is not a blank check but a bogus one that cannot be cashed ever.

How to Play Satta Batta

You want to play Satta Batta as you heard it from your friends or someone else and you find it extremely fascinating. Now the question in your mind is how to play Satta Batta. If you are among those persons who are interested in Satta Batta playing then you are with the right broker as here right on this page we are going to tell you about the method of playing the Satta Batta.

You are amazed to know that Satta Batta is like a lottery and Indian version of the western gambling and, hence, you do not need worry to follow the rules because they are very few. Satta Batta is a number based game but in Satta Batta, you have to select numbers from the cards which are in Satta Batta. You can say that Satta Batta is the holding device of numbers. You can select numbers and can bet on them as much as you want to.

You can invest from 10 rupees to thousands of rupees. But most of the important thing that everyone must know before going to invest in Satta Batta gambling is that Satta Batta is purely a luck based game. Some people became rich with a single shot but there are lots of people as well as who are trying to win but they are not lucky enough to make the shot.

But it does not mean that they do not know how to play Satta Batta but the truth is that it is the nature of the game of Satta Batta. Satta Batta is not a predictable game that people who are regular players are in the position to win more as compared to the newcomers. As Sattabatta is a game of chance, it is sometimes the newcomers who get the best sot and win an unpredictable amount of money.

How to Play Satta Batta Online

It is the most important question which everyone should ask as well as know before going to invest in Satta Batta. People are now well aware of the fact that what is Satta Batta and what is the process to operate it. But they did not know where to go online so that they could take part in Satta Batta and win real cash.

There are lots of websites to play Satta Batta online but we prefer the official website sattamatkafixx because it is the most authentic as well as widely used website to take part in Satta Batta Online. Here you will find not only the best as well as easy options to play but also the information and ideas about Satta Batta.

Once you will the regular visitors of this site you will find the track of cracking the sequence of winning numbers quite regularly because it is designed to help the people who want to play Satta Batta online for real. So, if you are interested in Satta Batta a game of fascination then you must not scroll here and there to waste your time.

Go directly to the official website of Satta Batta and find what is fascinating as well as beneficial for you right in the mug of Satta Batta. Be the part of Satta Batta and know whether Sattabatta is your cup of or not because without going directly into the sea of gambling you cannot be so sure what is in it for you.

Now a day, millions of people are playing Satta Batta online as they find it very close to their hearts they have become addicted to the Satta Batta.

Tips and Tricks to Play Satta Batta

There are many sites in the market that claims to provide accurate numbers regarding the Satta Batta Gambling. They are providing this assistance not free but asked for a membership that can be acquired by paying the initial dues that are set by the brokers. Remember one thing these brokers are not true all the time and sometimes,

they got true and most of the time the numbers given by those gambling pundits are missed by a little margin. You can predict the winning numbers of Satta Batta in several ways but in my observation, it is a game of chance. We all know that Satta Batta is a game of numbers and, hence, involved high probability regarding the results.

Several people got lucky most of the time and cracked the hard nut of Satta Batta Gambling and became rich within no time. But you know there are lots of people who want to go with the calculation no matter what will be the result of their calculation. I have an advice for them as well. If you want to play Satta Batta with the help of calculation then you must stick to the calculation of one Guru in spite of following many Gurus.

It is because when you follow one same Guru the chances of your winning are more as compared to those who are just fluctuating here and there with the calculations of every Guru. In its true sense, Satta Batta does not have many tips and tricks and you just follow the intuition as well as guidance to crack the hard nut of Satta Batta.

How to get Satta Batta Result

Yes, it is one of the most important questions for those who are the active participants of the gambling king the Satta Batta. People do often fall into the hands of fake makers of the results regarding Sattabatta. That’s why are searching for a platform that is effective and very easy in access so that people could easily connect themselves to that platform.

Several websites claim that they are the best sites to crack the original result very fast as compared to other sites. But do not go with the flow and be a part of such fake platforms because the getting off results of the Satta Batta is not that difficult. You can get the results of Satta Batta Online very easily without any obstacle or any registration.

If you still want to know about the best websites which are the best ones to provide the accurate results of Sattabatta then here is the answer Result Chart Satta, Result Play Bazaar, Chart Satta Bazaar, and Satta Batta Chart. Do not be afraid as these all are the most effective as well as promised websites to check the correct results regarding Satta Batta.

There are millions of people who are visiting these sites daily and getting the best regarding their needs. Just go and pay a visit to these valuable sites regarding the results of Satta Batta and share your experience with us.

Final Words About Satta Batta

To wind up the subject matter of gambling it is pretty much on cards that you are now well aware of the terms Satta Batta, satta batta, and Matka Gambling. Satta Batta  is one of the leading businesses of the black market which is generating millions of dollars daily within and outside India.

Satta Batta is a lottery-style gambling game that is based on numbers and people select numbers to win the prize. If the numbers are right then people become rich overnight otherwise they lose what they have already got. If you want to play Satta Batta then it is up to you as it is not legal in India yet one of the most famous gambles in the country.

People are attracting to Satta Batta by thinking it as a game only and nothing else. Be a part of Satta Batta but first make sure that whether Satta Batta is your cup of tea or not. If it is then drink it and if it is not then leave it.


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