Rows of Facts Teenagers Kill Children in Big Rice Fields

The last one is astonishing.

A teenager shocked the public after claiming to have killed a 6 year old child. Moreover, the perpetrators went to the police station to admit his actions.Quoted from, Sunday 8 March 2020, the perpetrators visited the Taman Sari Police Station, on Saturday 7 March 2020. The perpetrators with the initials NF claimed to kill the victim and keep his body in a closet.The following is a series of facts about murders committed by perpetrators.

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That Desire Appears When …

Head of Jakarta Metro Police Public Relations, Senior Commissioner Yusri Yunus said, according to NF’s confession he had the desire to kill someone.This desire arose when NF’s house was empty and at the same time there were victims who played at his residence in the Sawah Besar area, Central Jakarta.“It felt like I wanted to kill and when I saw the victim, the victim was called to get a toy in the bathtub,” Yusri said.Finally, because they are used to playing there, the victim obeys the request of the perpetrator. Yusri explained, because the victim was going to be wet, he could open his pants.”When the sink is submerged for up to five minutes,” he said.

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Mouth Gagged

The perpetrator gagged the victim with two fingers while drowning the victim. The goal is that victims do not scream. This makes the victim’s mouth bleed.“Then he put it in a bucket, then covered it with sheets,” Yusri said.After that there was an intention to dispose of the victim’s body, but NF was afraid of being found out. Since the area is narrow and densely populated.

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Hide the corpse of the victim

On Thursday night, March 5, 2020, NF finally took the victim in the bucket to her room and put it in the cupboard. The victim who was still in the bucket was tied and gagged with a tissue. The victim is covered with clothes in the closet.”At night he still sleeps in his room. Tomorrow morning he goes to school and then he brings ordinary clothes,” Yusri said.Only after Friday morning, March 6, 2020, NF admitted to the police that he had killed a boy.At first the police did not trust the perpetrators’ confessions. But the police also checked into the crime scene in the Sawah Besar area, Central Jakarta and sure enough, Yusri said in the closet there was a body being tied up.“From the Polsek and Polres checking to the crime scene it turns out that there really is a corpse of a 6-year-old girl bound and gagged with tissue,” Yusri said.

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Inspired by Film

Central Jakarta Metro Police Chief, Heru Novianto, said the NF was inspired by the violent scenes of the film . “The recognition of an NF he did with awareness and he was inspired by the film,” Heru said.The film being watched tells the methods of taking one’s life. For example, by sinking into the bathtub. NF mimicked this method to the victims.”The child was invited to the bathroom and then told to take the toys inside. After the child was in the tub just drowned until the victim died,” he said.Heru said, the victim’s body was initially wanted to be thrown away but because it was late in the afternoon it was stored in a cupboard.

“The next day when he wanted to throw him confused,” he said.The perpetrator finally reported to the Taman Sari Police Station. To the police, the perpetrator claimed to have killed. “We checked into the closet there was a corpse figure,” he said.In addition, it is known that NF likes the horror-thriller genre titled Chucky and Slenderman.

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Skill Heart and Smart Outpouring

Besides killing, it turns out the victim also had time to make sketches. This was revealed when the police finished the crime scene (TKP).”What he did today has been drawn. This is a picture of a woman bound by the words Keep calm and give me,” said Deputy Chief of Jakarta Metro, AKBP Susatyo Purnomo.Susatyo said the real culprit had good intelligence. His English skills are also quite good. “He expressed various feelings in various writings such as I Hope, and Please Dont Me Make,” he said.Aside from the crime scene, Susatyo explained, his party had also examined four people as witnesses. “All his findings will be compiled to be synchronized with the opinions of psychiatric experts,” he said.

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