Returning from Bali, Pakurejo Residents’ Group was questioned

A group of residents from Pakurejo Village, Bulu District, Temanggung Regency who had just returned from Bali and Madura Island, were examined by health workers, to prevent the transmission of the corona virus. Their bodies, clothes, and luggage were sprayed with disinfectant liquid, including the driver, the driver and the bus they were riding in. The body temperature of dozens of people was also examined using an infrared thermometer.The Head of Pakurejo Village, Agus Zahrodin said, the group used a bus fleet, leaving on Friday (13/3). As many as 33 residents went to the islands of Bali and Madura, as well as to Demak to make a pilgrimage. Their departure was not because of desperation, but indeed when they left there was no appeal or circular letter from the regent (SE). SE The new Regent spreads to the public via the message WhatsApp Sunday night (3/15) around 23:00 WIB.

“Our residents departed Friday afternoon, to make a pilgrimage to the tombs. But when we left there was no appeal for the Regent’s Circular Letter (SE), which was only delivered on Sunday (3/15) night, so we departed calmly. SE, the Regent, I just reported to the District Head yesterday, now all pilgrimage events have been canceled, “he said, Tuesday (3/17).Head of Bulu District, Usdimanto said, after receiving a report from Kades Pakurejo, his party immediately reported to the regent and then conducted a screening. He also appealed to residents so that in the future there should not be any activities involving many people. Because there’s a corona outbreak.”They went to Bali, right there, they are prone to enter the red zone. But hopefully all of our residents have no problems, okay, there are no symptoms leading to the corona virus. We urge that there should not be activities involving a large mass, “he said.

' Group was questioned 2020
Returning from Bali, Pakurejo Residents’ Group was questioned 2020

Bulu Puskesmas doctor, Lany Ester said, the results of body temperature tests of dozens of residents of Pakurejo were still normal, and there were no residents who experienced symptoms of heat, fever, sore throat, coughing. However, they were still asked not to play for the next 14 days.”From the examination, no one experienced symptoms leading up to it, everything was fine. But we still ask for 14 days to go nowhere and we continue to monitor it,” he said.Fortunately, other health workers said, if there are residents who experience symptoms of cough, runny nose, fever, can immediately check themselves or report through the existing government hotline, can also report to the nearest health center or hospital. Also asked to increase endurance by drinking warm water, eating nutritiously, multiplying fruits and vegetables, and getting enough rest.

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