PSBB Expanded, Metro Jaya Regional Police Add Checkpoints

The level of violations began to decrease, but there was a density at some point.

Directorate of Metro Jaya Traffic Police adds a checkpoint after the expansion of the Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) in Jakarta. There are 33 checkpoints in several DKI Jakarta border areas.”Now there are 33 check points , 11 at the border and at the terminal,” said Head of Public Relations of the Jakarta Police, Commissioner Pol Yusri Yunus, Monday, April 13, 2020.Yusri said, at this time the public began to understand the PSBB rules. The level of violations has decreased,” he said.

Even so, there are still people who do not obey the PSSB rules. The police only asked the driver to make a written statement not to repeat the violation.According to Yusri, some traffic points on the Jakarta border are still monitored by density. Such density occurs because it is working days.”Yes indeed (there is traffic density), this is today a working day, there are some places that are allowed to work. So we need to, like now at this border (Jakarta-Tangerang), indeed we have to have good coordination with friends from Tangerang, “he said.

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6 PSBB Monitoring Points in Bogor City Effective April 15

City of Bogor government has set a final isolation to suppress the movement of the community during the enactment of the Large-Scale Social Limitation (PSBB) on Wednesday, April 15th. This step is implemented at six points on the border with Bogor Regency.Deputy Mayor of Bogor, Dedie A Rachim, said there would be checkpoints or check points at six points namely at Simpang Pomad precisely on the Jakarta-Bogor Highway, Exit Toll Jagorawi precisely in Baranangsiang, Exit Toll Jagorawi precisely at Ciawi, Simpang Yasmin or Jalan Sholeh Iskandar, as well as in Bubulak.
It will be guarded by several personnel,” said Dedie.

For the point of traffic between regions, Dedie said that efforts would be made to reduce the mobility flow of citizens. This is in accordance with agreements that have been taken with regional heads.”Especially those who are not interested and are not related to excluded matters such as the medical, logistics, telecommunications, basic needs, distribution of goods and strategic industries,” said Dedie.

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PSBB Expanded
PSBB Expanded, Metro Jaya Regional Police Add Checkpoints

Maximize PSBB

Furthermore, Dedie said that he was preparing Mayor Regulations and Mayor Decrees for the distribution of social safety nets in Bogor City. He also appealed to the community to prepare themselves before the implementation of the PSBB.He also asked industry players to prepare facilities to facilitate the community. Like a restaurant setting up a delivery service by utilizing an online motorcycle taxi.

Likewise with the shopping system, which we previously pressed as much as possible on the market online or collectively,” he said.In addition, public transport operating hours are limited to 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. WIB While passengers can be transported as much as 50 percent of the maximum capacity of each transport.

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Bogor City Will Apply Partial Quarantine To Prevent Corona Impact

Deputy Mayor of Bogor City, DedieRachim, said that it would apply partial area quarantine to prevent the spread of corona virus. This method is carried out by closing certain areas that are considered to have a high risk of the spread of Covid-19.Dedie said the results of the President’s meeting with all the governors stated that regional governments could only apply partial territorial quarantine. Meanwhile, total quarantine is under the authority of the Central Government and is decided by the President himself.

Point is, no closures that can hamper agricultural production, fuel distribution, traffic of staples of the people, are prohibited by the President,” Dedie said, quoted.Partial quarantine is applied to the structure of the region at the lower level. The structure of the area covers sub-districts, villages or villages, to RT / RW.”We were asked to prepare for restrictive measures in certain areas that were higher in the deployment of Covid-19. So there would be no total lockdown,” Dedie said.

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Lockdown Scheme

Furthermore, Dedie said the area to be applied for partial quarantine was still being discussed in a meeting with the sub-district head and related offices. The application cannot be direct, because it must be preceded by mapping the area of ​​potentially scattered Covid-19.In addition, the RW Siaga Covid-19 structure will be formed. The function of this structure is to control migrants or residents outside the city of Bogor so that the origin and destination of arrival data in each RW area is obtained.

We are also implementing stricter restrictions on community movements and the prohibition of activities that give rise to community atherings.Bogor City Government itself has prepared two schemes if there is a decision to lockdown later. This scheme will only be implemented if DKI Jakarta officially enforces regional quarantine.Later, several roads that lead to the center of Bogor City will be closed. So that the movement of people to and from the city of Bogor can be stopped.

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