City and village in Pakistan Private Schools Marvel System Headache

The acquisition of knowledge in Islam was made compulsory for every man and woman, and that is why no human being can deny the importance of knowledge. And in this context, educating our children with the candle of knowledge is the top priority of every parent, and for that, parents make every effort to provide their children with a quality education. Talking to another country, there are radically different issues, but if we talk about our beloved homeland, then there are two types of education system, one is government education, and the other is the so-called private schools. System of education.

It is sad to say that most parents look different from the public schools education. What is the fact, it is a separate debate, the topic I am writing about here is the elements of the so-called private schools of Pakistan. , Who are playing with the future of children in the name of education quality, and are fooling their parents.There are many aspects that can be highlighted, but the following issues need to be addressed. Of course this is a list that has been written over and over again, but I think that saying it over and over again may make a difference.

Probably, my heart goes out

Demanding Fascinating Faces

Demanding Fascinating Faces: While private schools do not allow students and their parents a chance to return to different pretexts, the most worrying thing is that at the beginning of every month, parents have to pay thousands in fees. Rupees have to be deposited in schools so that their children can be educated. It would not be wrong to say here that it is not just the fault of the schools but also the parents, that they think indifferently, they continue to call public education bad and eventually the private schools get hung up with the mafia.

Time-wasting equipment In addition to education

 Time-wasting equipment  In addition to education, private schools are also celebrated on certain days every month, which are not related to highlighting children’s mental development, but which are directly related to the school administration’s pocket. Is from, yes! Kids are celebrated on Color Day, Variety Day, Unknown Day, and then on those days, children are forced to dress up in expensive costumes and attend shows at these schools. Unable to understand how such days have an impact on children’s mental development.

Private Schools Marvel System Headache
City and village in Pakistan Private Schools Marvel System Headache

Misconduct from Teachers in the private school

Misconduct from Teachers It is a fact that where the private school mafia is betraying the future of children and robbing their parents with both hands, the administration of such schools is oppressing another one of its teachers. They have a modest salary and feel it’s their duty to get extra services. Even after the holidays, poor teachers are forced to do clerical work at school, rather they are forced to do so. And when a teacher is late or leaves school for an unforeseen reason, he or she is treated as if he or she has committed a grave offense. Not honoring a teacher, as part of their routine, if the administration does not honor, what will the students respect?

Characters – Finally: I’d like to pass some suggestions;

The government should be the oversees direct private schools,

Establish an effective authority that oversees direct private schools, and is directly accessible to parents, plus a regular, standardized checklist that will ensure effective school registration. ۔ And regular private schools should be checked up every year.Parents need to be aware that their children’s future is not just from attending expensive schools, but rather from quality teaching and excellent guidance.

In addition, parents should speak up against their abuse so that such schools can be fortified.Teachers should raise their voice against such excesses of the school administration, and instead of fearing such elements, seek the help of the government, so that other teachers are encouraged. May Allah guide us. Amen.

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