Prince Charles is positive for Covid-19

Prince William and Harry’s father is undergoing quarantine.

The eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, tested positive for the corona virus (Covid-19). The news was issued by Clarence House, residence of the royal family.The 71-year-old man showed mild symptoms but is still in good condition. Charles is now isolating himself in Scotland with his wife, negative Camilla Covid-19.”Prince of Wales is positive for the corona virus. He is in good condition and is still working at home as usual. Currently he is isolated with the Duchess of Cornwall in Scotland,” said a written statement quoted by News Sky, Wednesday , March 25, 2020.

Clarence House did not explain how the father of Prince William and Harry was infected with the virus. A number of tests were carried out directly by the National Health Service (NHS) in the Aberdeenshire region, Scotland.At present the UK records 8,077 corona cases with a mortality rate of 422.

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UK Health Minister Nadine Dorries is Corona Virus Positive

UK Health Minister, Nadine Dorries, is diagnosed with the Corona virus, COVID-19. The diagnosis is the first case of a positive member of parliament who has the Corona virus.Dorries claimed to have taken all the recommended precautions after knowing the results. He has done his own isolation at home.According to the Hd website , the UK Ministry of Public Health has begun tracking people who have been in contact with Dorries. Through Twitter, the woman who started her career as a nurse wrote, “Nonsense but I hope I have passed the worst now.”

Dorries said he was worried about his 84-year-old mother, who lived with him. The mother, began to cough on Tuesday last week.It is not known how many meetings Dorries attended in Westminster or in his constituency in the last few days.

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Undergo Immediate Isolation

According to the Department of Health, Dorries first showed symptoms on Thursday, the same day he attended the event held by the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. Dorries began to isolate himself since Friday.The office of the British Prime Minister did not comment on whether Boris Johnson had undergone a medical.Currently officials at the UK Ministry of Health, including Health Secretary Matt Hancock, will undergo tests for the virus, along with other officials who have been in contact with Dorries.

Prince Charles 2020
Prince Charles is positive for Covid-19

Hancock tweeted that Dorries had done the right thing by isolating himself at home and hoping his condition improved.”I understand why people are worried about this disease. We will do everything we can to keep people safe, based on the best knowledge,” Hancock said.

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UK Arrests Social Distancing Offenders

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says police will impose national isolation to prevent the spread of the corona virus, Covid-19. The police will fine anyone who does not obey the ban on meeting more than two people.Boris Johnson said, individuals will only be able to leave their homes for important activities such as shopping. The government also ordered shops selling non-essential items to close.This order follows concerns that not many people follow social guidelines distancing .

Britons have been told that they can only leave home to shop for basic needs. ‘As often as possible’ and do one type of exercise a day. People will also be allowed to go outside to seek medical help, care for vulnerable people or to travel to workplaces ‘if absolutely necessary’, although it is not yet clear how this will be decided, “said Boris, reported, Tuesday, March 24, 2020.Boris said that decisive action would be taken for at least three weeks. He also ordered the closure of libraries, playgrounds and open gyms, and places of worship.

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Still Stubborn

Boris Johnson acknowledged that the move would disrupt people’s lives, businesses and jobs.”I can assure you that we will keep these restrictions under constant review. We will review again in the next three weeks,” he said.The British government has ordered the closing of pubs, bars, restaurants, theaters and other places that bring crowds of residents on Friday night.

Residents are only advised to do social distancing . But the photos circulating on social media, showed a large crowd of people flocking to the park on Mother’s Day.

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El Rumi: Covid-19 is more crazy in England than Indonesia

El Rumi said that the spread of the new corona virus, Covid-19, in the UK was worse than Indonesia. According to him, patients infected with corona virus in the UK soared.”One day rose 342 cases ?! The total per Monday, March 16 reached 1,543 cases ?! COVID-19 IS MORE CRAZY IN THE UK FROM INDONESIA ?! UPDATE ABOUT CORONAVIRUS IN THE UK !! ,” El Rumi wrote on Instagram.According to the young man whose full name is Ahmad El Jallaludin Rumi, the corona pandemic made his study activities at the University of London a holiday. He even had to return to Indonesia.

This week, all my habits have changed because of Coronavirus !! Starting from studying in college until I have to go back to Indonesia !!, ” added the young man of 20 years.El said that Britain was among the ten worst affected countries Covid-19. London became the worst city in the UK exposed to the corona virus outbreak.“The Kingdom is among the 10 worst affected countries of COVID-19 and London is the most severely affected city of COVID-19. As of March 15, there were 407 cases found ONLY IN LONDON CITY ONLY ,” El Rumi wrote.

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