Predicted Scientists Corona Vanish 100 Percent from Indonesia in September

This is the calculation.

During the corona period, there was one thing that was often questioned by the people of Indonesia; When does this pandemic end? Scientists from the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) issued predictions about the end of the Covid-19 corona virus. They predict on September 1, 2020 all cases or 100 percent of corona will be used up in Indonesia.The end of the corona virus pandemic in Indonesia is predicted to occur on June 4, at which time the number of Covid-19 cases in Indonesia will reach 97 percent of what had been estimated.

Then it increased to 99 percent in mid-June 2020. and 100 percent on September 1.Globally, their system predicts the pandemic will end this December. But the expected end date varies greatly between countries, from June in Singapore to September in Italy.This prediction was made using the technology of artificial intelligence ( artificial intelligence ) based on the mathematical modeling used data SIR ( susceptible – infected – recovered )This SIR modeling regresses data on people suspected of having Covid-19, positive patients and cured patients compiled from Our World in Data.

The data results in a simulation of the Covid-19 pandemic curve in a number of countries that will always be updated in accordance with the development of the Covid-19 data in each country. Changes in data will have an impact on changes in the final pandemic prediction simulation.On the SUTD website it is written, this data is for educational and research purposes and may contain errors. Data will be entered daily.
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Good news! Covid-19 Vaccine Injected, Corona Virus Experimental Monkey

An experiment conducted by researchers at Oxford University provides a glimmer of hope for the treatment of Covid-19 caused by the corona virus.The vaccine developed by a well-known university in the UK was able to protect six experimental monkeys from corona virus infection in large numbers.

Researchers at the National Institute of Health at Rocky Mountain Laboratory injected six rhesus monkeys with the vaccine from Oxford.After that, the six monkeys were left exposed to large numbers of Covid-19. So many viruses have caused other monkeys in the laboratory to get sick, the New York Times reported.

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After 28 days had passed, the six monkeys injected with the vaccine from Oxford were in good health.

According to Dr. Vincent Munster, who led the Oxford vaccine trial, said rhesus monkeys are the closest mammals to humans.Now the vaccine will be tested on humans. The trial involved more than 6,000 people by the end of next month.If the trial proves to be safe and effective, researchers are optimistic that the vaccine will be available in September 2020.

Previously, the Jenner Institute in the United Kingdom had begun developing a vaccine for the corona virus. They conducted a trial for a type of virus early last year that proved to be harmless to humans.SinoVac, a research company based in China also made progress after testing rhesus macaques.The company has also recently begun clinical trials of the corona virus vaccine against 144 humans.

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Covid-19 Body Autopsy Reveals Corona Virus Causing Broken Heart

An autopsy on the first death of a Covid-19 patient in the United States shows a very surprising finding.According to reports, the 57-year-old victim died of a heart fracture due to corona virus.Patricia Dowd from San Jose, California, died at her home on February 6, 2020. At that time Patricia experienced flu-like symptoms.

Predicted Scientists Corona
Predicted Scientists Corona Vanish 100 Percent from Indonesia

Later, after an investigation into his death, doctors discovered that Patricia was infected with the corona virus.This means that the first death of a Covid-19 patient occurred a week earlier than expected so far.

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Heart Disease Causes of Covid-19 Patients Rupture

Patricia’s death was initially thought to be a result of a heart attack. But an autopsy report showed that the corona virus had spread to the heart muscle.The virus infection caused a valve in Patricia’s heart to burst, The Mercury News reported.

The immune system attacks the virus. During the attack the virus, the immune system also damages the heart until it finally ruptures,” explained Dr. Judy Melinek, forensic pathologist who was not involved with the Patricia case.

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Normal Heart May Not Break

According to Melinek, cases of heart rupture are more common in people with high cholesterol levels or abnormalities in the heart muscle.But the case of Patricia was very unusual, considering that the weight and size of the woman’s heart were normal.

There is something mysterious why a normal heart can burst. A normal heart cannot break,” Melinek told The San Francisco Chronicle .Patricia was reportedly in good health and exercising regularly before she fell ill.

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Same Case in China

Research in China previously mentioned a link between Covid-19 infection and heart disease.In that study one or two more than 5 Covid-19 patients who died had heart damage.

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