How could you! Positive Nurse COVID-19 expelled from the residence

Nurse named Clara Serrano, 31, said she was expelled by the owner of the flat after being told that she was positively infected by the corona virus.

In the country, some areas are known to have refused the body buried by the procedure of patient Covid-19. Finally, it is crowded and viral residents in Cianjur Regency who reject the body.Even the corpse was forced to be buried in another area because residents actually refused.

In addition to rejection of the corpse, many observations on social media, nurses, and doctors are also many who were expelled from their homes or boarding houses because of the positive corona virus.This social phenomenon is very unfortunate actually. Because of the minimal knowledge in the community.It turns out the same thing happened in Spain. What is the story, let’s look at the story below from the Daily Star :

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Nurse was sent to the Covid-19 Ward

A nurse in Madrid, Spain, tested positive for Covid-19. The nurse named Clara Serrano was 31 years old. Serrano admitted that he was kicked out by the owner of the flat after being told that he was positively infected by the corona virus.Serrano arrived in Madrid on 11 March. Then he was sent to the hospital to help medical workers deal with Covid-19 patients at the City Hospital of Quintanar del Rey, Spain.He explained that on March 19 he had begun to feel the symptoms. After being tested finally the results came out on March 23 that he was positive of the corona virus.

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Positive Nurse COVID-19 2020
How could you! Positive Nurse COVID-19 expelled from the residence

This Madrid nurse was forcibly evicted

Serrano said on the same day, when he was still shocked by the undesirable condition, the flat owner sent him away from the flat.Though friends in his flat did not mind that. Because there is already an agreement to use the kitchen and toilet alternately.He even disinfected the room after he used it. In addition he also only uses one special bathroom.

But apparently the flat owner insisted on expelling the nurse by force. Even though in a chaotic time like that, Serrano felt very scared.He tried to explain to the owner of the flat that he would leave soon but not in the near future. The owner of the flat continued to press Serrano to pack up and leave.

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Serrano Receives Assistance from the Nurses Union

Fortunately, Serrano got help from the Satse nurse community and the Madrid Community to get a place to stay.Serrano finally stayed at the Colon Hotel in Madrid, which had been turned into a medical building.This nurse is also unclear whether to take legal action or not. The reason, one of Serrano’s colleagues, who is also positive Covid-19 experienced the same thing.

Even his friend had to sleep a few nights in the car because the owner of the flat was driven out. Even though his friend was in a high fever condition.Until finally he was able to get a room at the Marriot Auditorium Hotel which also turned into a medical building.

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