The Pakistani woman: Where does she stand and where is she going?

What is a Zainab alert bill

Zainab alert bill passed in Pakistan for protection of children The purpose of the bill was to create a mechanism for dealing with the abuse and murder of children under the age of eighteen. 99% of the people of Pakistan were in favor of “death penalty” for the crime of child molestation and murder. The clear majority of the scholars were also in favor of the early punishment of the “slaughterers” for the murderers after child molestation, because from the Islamic point of view there was no other way for the murderer to be punished for “slaughter” unless the deceased’s heirs. Don’t accept “Diet” and forgive. As “slaughterers” there is a legitimate right to inherit the children killed after the abuse.I was surprised to learn that supporters of the so-called “Woman March” seized this right at the stage of the preparation of the Zenb alert bill.

Who do not want to resist it despite full awareness of the agenda of the slogan “My Body, My Will” for motherhood-free society, How ?

These right-leaning liberals are the only liberals who do not want to resist it despite full awareness of the agenda of the slogan “My Body, My Will” for motherhood-free society, but it is precisely these liberals who are currently “human rights” and “rights.” At the same time, women and children are being stripped of their rights by the religion that Islam has taught. The strange spectacle is that the rights of those who seek freedom are stripped of their rights.Brothers ask the liberal class what authority did you have to slaughter the heirs of a “murderer” of abusive children? ??? It is being reported that when Zainab was on the Bill Bill standing committee, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari opposed the “slaughter”. It is Bilawal Bhutto Zardari who supported the “Woman March”, if it appears that the slogan of “my body is my will”. The slogan is “The Body of My Choice” and a writer named Robin Stevenson has written a book on it. All this effort had nothing to do with femininity, but rather to legalize the “abortion” of women who were already married.

In Pakistan too, the situation is no different. The slogan of “Marriage is my will” is a solemn attempt to legalize marriage and abortion, abortion and homosexuality. Ascension against women “family system” is the trick of spreading the foundation and establishing a motherly liberal society, and for this purpose a handful of liberal women in Pakistan are allegedly called by NGOs Islam and Pakistan by enemy countries. Funding is also being made which 99% of women in Pakistan have also adopted this approach.

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