Unit Lost: “Barrierwatch”


Stylosa talks about the PTR changes that might end up being live one day. With recent abilities being changed on Zenyatta, Winston and Orisa, the barriers have a bigger role in the game.

The greatest threat against barrier in Overwatch might be Sombra as she can “nullify” them in an instant, doing both hacking and releasing ultimate electro magnetic pulses across the arenas. With more variety with the latest hero in focus, Orisa, the changes that are made now might reflect on the upcoming new heroes that will arrive later this year and even next year.

Development is going strong, but Orisa might stay on the PTR a couple more days or even weeks.

“Welcome to BarrierWatch, the latest game from Blizzard Entertainment! More barrier means more Sombra, and I’m cool with that!”Unit Lost – Great British Gaming

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