The Lack Of Community Is Far Worse In EU Than On NA Servers


Many talks about toxicity, the amount of hackers, the rage and the lack of communication.

The toxicity on NA vs. EU seems to be about 300% less, the communication is awesome and the games are more fun that way.

To you guys that actually are playing on NA, feel free to try out EU sometime. But be aware that the communication is less to none and not everyone even write in English in the chat to communicate. The rage is stronger due to less experience, less actual help and good vibe as well as common knowledge. In other words, it might be considered “hell” to the NA players, but it might give some insight on how EU are handled by gamers across many countries during matches and perhaps give the community a better feel on how the games are depending which server, country, language and mentality they are offering.

Unit Lost / Stylosa made a video praising NA server. He have been playing on EU for some time now, and swapping to NA (USA), happily to say, he have gotten new feel for the game! He challenge everyone that knows and speaks English (and want to communicate by voice chat, not text) to try out the NA server for themselves, since it seems to be a greater experience.

Stylosa: “I’ve started playing on NA – compared to EU it’s rather eye-opening!” Video and commentary by Unit Lost – Great British Gaming

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