The Ana Nerf And The Orisa Changes [Meta Discussions]


Do not expect Orisa being playable this week as it has already been a week ago since she were announced (man, time goes fast!) and many gamers feel she needs to be tweaked. Latest official PTR patch states that she got a nerf with her Fusion Driver, dropping from 200 to 150 bullets until reload and her Supercharger raised. She doesn’t seem to be ready to go live just yet.

Three parts, three videos – pick your favorite or just go with the flow (.. like water – Hanzo).


Overwatch Curios and Hammeh – Overwatch (FailCraft) talks about the patch updates below.


“With Orisa’s new barrier in Overwatch soon, the Overwatch Developer Update recently did mention that the team were looking at ways to make sure this didn’t get too excessive. There’s a big slew of Overwatch PTR changes incoming very soon (perhaps today, 7th March!), with Sombra, Zenyatta, Junkrat and Winston getting beefed up – including a big change to Zenyatta’s discord orb!

Ana gets a heavy nerf slap to her survivability and self-healing, as well as damage output…RIP overpowered granna/grandma, perhaps. I hope she’ll still be viable 🙂 Orisa also gets some pre-release changes, to soften her ult and primary fire output a bit, even before leaving the Overwatch PTR.

Link below to PTR notes! What do you think of these changes – too much on Ana? The question is, would the community have been outraged at Bastion if they’d seen this coming down the pipe?

Orisa’s shield, and these changes, do give a lot more context to the way that Bastion was (temporarily) for a while.” – Hammeh – Overwatch (FailCraft)


Your Overwatch focus on Ana and the new meta.

“In this video, the three of us discuss the upcoming PTR changes and what effect they’ll have on the meta game of Overwatch. With Ana getting significantly nerfed as an offensive force, we discuss what will happen to support pick rates and how the changes to Zenyatta might result in him taking over…Eddy seems to be fine with this…”

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