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Glemda.com Trivia

  • Glemda.com/overwatch went live 17 Oct 2015, shortly after we celebrated 4 years of Diablo3pvp.se (which were a swedish official fansite to Blizzard Entertainment). The Diablo-site is also maintained and updated by the same crew. Diablo3pvp.se was discontinued and Glemda.com/Diablo were created shortly after (at the moment not finished project yet).
  • Our first news on Overwatch have the same date as the day the announcement went public. This is because all news up until 10 Oct were updated retroactive, meaning they went up on specially picked dates before we went online. This is however something we will keep to a minimum in the future and just update as the news and articles roll up.
  • Webmaster LimeDuke don’t like finished web templates (themes) and this is why he did the whole Overwatch site manually with the power of html, php, css and WordPress, same goes with Glemda.com and Diablo III (old project).
  • Confusion occur when we tried to register OverwatchEU on Twitter and Twitch. We later found out they were both used by Blizzard Entertainment. We changed our minds of having two different sites (Diablo3pvp.se and OverwatchEU) so we started Glemda.com with subcategories instead. Now OverwatchEU was gone and became Glemda.com/overwatch.
  • Before Glemda.com/overwatch went live we searched the web looking for a good community for EU-players. We found some nice sites but the ones that really shined were Reddit. Our vision is to give the top gamers the latest news but mostly give everyone an excellent forum for discussions. Main focus is EU but we cover the “whole world”.
  • Glemda’s name is based on the two first letters in the original crew behind the site; KlenIz (GLenn), LimeDuke (EMil) and Enkeria (DAniel) GL-EM-DA. The founder, the webdesigner, the manager / newswriter.
  • KlenIz, LimeDuke and Enkeria are not only Glemda.com founders but also massive Diablo III geeks since pre-alpha.
  • Glemda.com original crew are all from Sweden.
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