The Truth About Grandmasters Rank & How To Rank Up With Bad Mechanics


In overwatch, grandmasters & top 500 seem to be the final goal that any player would want to reach, but in this video we explain the different problems that exist through all ranks, including GM.

Video and discussions in both videos are made by Your Overwatch


In this video we discuss the things you can do to improve your reading of the game and help develop your Overwatch gamesense. If you’re the kind of player that can struggle mechanically, these details are a path that you can follow to improve your game and help you rank up in Overwatch.

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Overwatch Tournament – April 8 – Taipei eStadium


If you are a fan of Overwatch and in Taiwan, this might be something for you!

A grand opening of Overwatch e-Sport Stadium is located in Taipei’s gaming venue “Blizzard Art Gallery (Blizzard Estadium)”. Both exciting international events and local events will be presented here.

The stadium will give 250 fans the chance to see their team go up against massive competition. The event will have snack bars and shops filled with various bits of Blizzard merchandise. With t-shirts, hats and various other bits of memorabilia on sale.

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Hammeh: April Fools – Jokes Roundup!


Overwatch April Fools has returned for 2017! Here’s a roundup of the jokes and events around Overwatch April fools that have been shared so far – speak like Reinhardt, go on an Overwatch Tour and more!

Blizzard always bring a good April Fools game, and this year will be no exception! Here’s the Overwatch April Fools events so far, with an in-game change to Reinhardt, and a comprehensive tour package being offered by Overwatch’s Korean website, which I’ve tried my best to (google) translate for you! There’s also a few cool bits on other non-blizzard sites and reddits, and I’ll be doing another roundup for you should anything else release later today, as it’s the morning UK time!

Any April Fools Jokes you’ve enjoyed loads? Do let me know in the comments, whether they are Overwatch April Fools, Blizzard April Fools or otherwise!

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Healers Gain Less SR! / No Easter Event? / When To Blame The Tank


It would appear some healers are still gaining less SR in overwatch right now but blizzard are looking to fix it, also there is a new event coming but it isn’t Easter. Videos and talk by Your Overwatch


Tanks in overwatch are the prime source of initiation in team fights and in this coaching episode, freedo breaks down how to initiate properly and not throw your barriers away to early and if you do, what it means to the outcome of the game.

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5 More Reasons you Suck at Overwatch Competitive


Warning: Explicit language

“The game of Overwatch is evolving, and even the lowest ranks are starting to pick up on the meta, think about ultimates more and deepen their general knowledge as time passes. However, there are just some mistakes that people seem to miss – I’ve highlighted 5 of the big problems in Overwatch that a lot of players suck at.” – Rag Tagg

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Hammeh: World Cup 2017, Genji HOTS Leak, New Statues + Figures?


Lots of interesting things in the world of Overwatch News to discuss! We’ve got the details on how Overwatch World Cup 2017 will work, and it’s amped up from last year – Lucio would approve!

Hammeh – Overwatch (FailCraft) – There are also some tweaks to voting and team selection – a committee will now select the teams, and countries participating will vote on the committee. With live events x4 this summer, it’s going to be a great time I think – GO UK!

Also, a little news on the Widowmaker new statue, and why we may actually have clues as to two upcoming hero statues that may be more likely, thanks to an eagle-eyed Redditor!

What do you think of the Overwatch World Cup Format? Do you watch competitive Overwatch at the moment? If not, this is a great time to get involved!

Also, do let me know if you’re going to pop over to Heroes of The Storm for what looks to be this Overwatch map and event in April…quite excited for that!

  • 00:30 – Overwatch World Cup 2017 Announce!
  • 01:30 – Phase 2 – Voting for OWC National Committees – why this is new this year!
  • 4:00 – Phase 3 – Live Events for OWC Qualification
  • 005:33 – Widowmaker Statue/Figure – but could we know the next two incoming? 🙂
  • 06:35 – Heroes of The Storm 2.0 – patch news, and Overwatch map/Genji event leak. Could be on the way as a HOTS new hero.
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Player Card Revamp?


We can take a look at cards that don’t feel good and adjust the tuning. A screenshot of the cards helps us a lot (so we can see what the other cards were) – Jeff Kaplan

“The Overwatch team has said multiple times that esports improvements are coming to the game, and improving the Player Card system could play into that as a larger revamp of its in-game statistics.”

PVP Live made an article, worth your read, check it out! >>

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What are Overwatch’s real character classes?

role_class wrote an article, talking about the classes and what they really mean..

Overwatch splits its classes into four categories: offense, defense, tank, and support. The game tells you to make team loadouts with an even spread of heroes, but pro teams rarely follow this advice. In fact, professional Overwatch teams routinely see warning messages before games stating that they don’t have enough offense or defense heroes. Why is this?

Continue to read it all over ag >>

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Overwatch Inspiration Translated To Heroes Of The Storm


Overwatch have given Heroes of the Storm developers something to chew on and it is now time for it to be revealed.

Not directly Overwatch related, it is still a nice touch to see how “a good feature” ending up in other games within the realms of Blizzard Entertainment, after all.. Some Overwatch heroes DO exist in the Nexus.

“A whole new era for Heroes of the Storm has begun! Join us as we walk through all the changes coming to the game in the game-redefining update we’re calling Heroes of the Storm 2.0, including a new progression system, collection, loot chests, and much more!”

For information on Heroes of the Storm, visit the link: Heroes of the Storm 2.0 –

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Your Overwatch: Everything Counters Orisa


With orisa being in just about every overwatch game right now & having questionable impact we thought it would be a good time to poke some fun at the fact she is SUPER easy to counter. Video and discussion by Your Overwatch

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