Could We Get A Competitive 3v3?


Short answer is: Yes, we might!

Glad you’re liking it! We will consider creating a competitive version. I think it’s still a little early to tell if the mode is stable and balanced enough to host a competitive version. We’re keeping a really close eye on it and playing it ourselves. – Jeff Kaplan [source]

Have you tried the new maps where you battle agains 3v3? It would be a shame if all of them couldn’t be added for Vs. AI, practice mode battles and custom games. Currently they are experimenting a lot and all the feedback will really shape how all of this unfold. Many fans are wishing for competitive modes with 3 v 3, others the option to just spectate it under the custom games. What’s your opinion?

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Elimination Game Mode Overhaul


Overwatch ‘s Elimination game mode got a big overhaul in the 1 Year Anniversary update yesterday.

Optimizations to sudden death as well as mode set changes to duel and 3v3 changed the modes into Limited Duel and Lockout Elimination respectively.

The updates as well as new maps added some new elements to Overwatch gameplay and in this video Freedo breaks down how to create synergistic 3v3 team comps as well as pitfalls to avoid in 1v1 duels. If you enjoyed the video, don’t forget to rate it! Video by Your Overwatch

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7 Secrets about Overwatch’s Offense Heroes


Jeff from the Overwatch team gives us some new facts about the game’s attack-minded characters: Genji, McCree, Pharah, Reaper, Soldier: 76, Sombra, and Tracer.

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6 Secrets about Overwatch’s Defense Heroes


Jeff from the Overwatch team reveals a little-known fact about Bastion, Hanzo, Junkrat, Mei, Torbjörn, and Widowmaker.

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Every Dance in Overwatch


Check out every dance emote from Overwatch’s one year anniversary event! Video by IGN

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Castillo Map Tour and Easter Eggs


Two videos about Castillo, the new elimination map.

Castillo is our focus for today and it has by far the most lore out of the three maps to have hit the live servers this week. Overlooking the town of Dorado, Castillo once acted as a fort protecting the valuable bay waters. Now it acts as one of Los Muertos key staging grounds and everything falls under their sway, from the Calaveras bar through to the Police Station itself. They’re not only the nefarious group at work in the small community however. Castillo is also the lair of Sombra, infamous hacker and Talon operative – who knows what secrets she could be hiding here?

Video by Low Mana Gaming


And a video by Hammeh – Overwatch (FailCraft)


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Welcome to our Overwatch Anniversary! [Dev Update]


Party on the payload! Who’s in?

From now until June 12, we’re raising our glasses in a virtual toast to all the soldiers, scientists, adventurers, and oddities who’ve fought for the future during the first year of Overwatch! Join in on the celebration with our latest seasonal event featuring three new Arena Maps and over 100 commemorative Loot Box items—including skins, dance emotes, sprays, and more.

Here’s to you, heroes. Welcome to our Overwatch Anniversary!

Happy First Anniversary!

Celebrate one year of Overwatch and learn more about our latest seasonal event ( with game director Jeff Kaplan!

00:36 – Welcome to our Overwatch Anniversary event
00:49 – Jeff chats about new loot included in Anniversary loot boxes
01:38 – Dances for ALL heroes have finally arrived (yay!)
02:15 – Three new permanent arena maps are coming in this update
05:05 – New modes and revisions are coming to Elimination
06:42 – Jeff explains “Limited Duel” Elimination
07:33 – Jeff explains “Lockout” Elimination
08:48 – Jeff thanks the community for one EPIC year of Overwatch

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Hanzo, Reaper & Genji Buffed – Soldier 76 Nerfed.


In this video we I outline a lot of the game changes that accompanied the anniversary event in Overwatch.

These include changes to the elimination mode, adjustments to genji, hanzo, soldier 76, orisa, reinhardt, reaper as well as changes to how the killfeed works. There’s actually a lot that’s changed especially if you play Overwatch on console.

Information and video by Your Overwatch

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Skin Deep: Anniversary Special – Lore Behind the Skins


Happy birthday Overwatch!

Yes, with today’s Anniversary event came a whole bunch of new skins, and every single one of them a legendary. From the hotly anticipated new skins for Symmetra and Hanzo through to the smooth class of Jazzy Lucio or the questionable conduct of Graffiti Tracer, these are some of the finest skins to come out of Blizzard’s art department yet.

While very few of these skins has any real connection with the lore of the game, each skin does still have some backstory to it that inspired the creation of what we see today. So join Dantier as he dives into the detail behind what you’ll be getting out of your lootboxes for the next three weeks! – Information and video by Low Mana Gaming

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What Overwatch Year 2 Needs!


With the anniversary event starting tomorrow and the offical anniversary on the 24th, year one has official closed.

We loved the pace that new events came out at, and are actually surprised to hear Jeff Kaplan say they may slow them down. Hopefully, this is a year of progression, with plenty of new skins, perhaps new gamemodes (if they ease up on self-imposed restrictions) esports getting in full swing with the support around it to succeed and perhaps… a Team Queue?!

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