Top 5 Most Powerful Heroes According to Lore


I had a chance to watch Disciple protect Point A on Numbani with Orisa yesterday with success. If you haven’t been paying attention, Overwatch Curious is on Twitch, check it out and hit follow if you like.

Here are Top 5 Most Powerful Heroes According to Lore. Video and information by Overwatch Curios

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Black Forest Map Lore & Easter Eggs


Just how badly hit was Germany by the Crisis? How is it faring now?

Low Mana Gaming: The most atmospheric map in the game and one with a greater feeling of both peace and sadness than any other, the Black Forest arena map may be light on lore compared to Castillo and Necropolis, but what it does say is well worth listening to.

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Randomwatch: Voice Actors Panel. Mural Painting. Gameplay.


MomoCon TV: Overwatch Voice Actors Panel

Awesome panel for our Overwatch voice actors went live a while ago and the VOD over at Twitch is available for you to watch right now! Meet the voices behind some of our heroes together with lore and storyteller Michael Chu. They answer questions like how they approached their characters and give us bits of lore and thoughts on the matter. They also make some funny lines and share a few laughs. >> See it here!


We’re all murals now

See how the artists of Apparition Media assembled the cast of Overwatch on the streets of Melbourne and Sydney! >> Twitter share a video!


Custom Game: Rooftop Widow-Off

Video by Mr. Fruit Gaming Channel

Best of Pharah Montage

Video by OverwatchTV

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New Cruiser, Sentai Genji Voice Lines And Hero Interactions


As Overwatch Anniversary has launched, with new skins and some new voicelines.

Hammeh – Overwatch (FailCraft): These are in the Overwatch client, including new lines for Cruiser, Sentai Genji, a new Pharah interaction, more kill lines, and some chilling Omnic / Null Sector lines that never got used in Uprising! I’m going through the files more, there will be more where this came from, but here’s a taster.

As always, let me know what you think of the lines, and check the playlists for more of these (much longer, too, including hero lore and interactions!) if you enjoy!

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Team Comp Guides: Don’t Counter Yourself + 50 Reasons You’re Not Climbing In Ranked


Team composition in Overwatch is very important and in this guide we break down the best ways to identify a problem and distinguish a bad hero pick, from a bad play! Video and guide by Your Overwatch


Some people cannot see past their choices. This quick fire list of 50 reasons you can’t seem to climb in competitive Overwatch will hopefully resonate with those of you who seem stuck in ELO Hell, which, many justifiably argue, does not exist. Video and guide by Rag Tagg

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Randomwatch: New Hero. 3v3 Ranked. Loot Box Problems.


New Hero “On the Horizon” (Jeff Kaplan Confirmed)

So the next hero is on the Moon? Interesting!

“In a recent live stream, Jeff Kaplan has confirmed that the next Overwatch hero is just “on the horizon”. Interpret that as you will. Currently, the biggest leaks have yet to be confirmed.”

Video and discussion by RejectedShotgun – Overwatch News

3v3 Ranked Mode? Loot Box Backlash

“In today’s news roundup we report on recent forum posts by Jeff Kaplan in pertains to making the new 3v3 elimination mode into a competitive game type.

The problem of MMR in quickplay making games too hard, toxicity and the reporting function as well as the new Anniversary Event Loot Boxes which have caused a bit of a backlash for those trying to enjoy Overwatch Gameplay.

This recent event has sported some of the most exciting skins, but also the downside that they’re all legendary and cost 3000 credits, making collecting them as well as the 24 dance emotes (750 per) quite an expensive affair. Are the loot box items fairly priced for this event? Let us know what you think and don’t forget to leave a rating.”

Video and discussions by Your Overwatch

Overwatch Anniversary Broken Loot Boxes

“Overwatch Anniversary is a great event, but..

It’s also the only event to date to only feature legendary skins (costing 3000 credits), this makes getting duplicates feel even more terrible. Dance emotes should be none event specific too.”

Video by Unit Lost – Great British Gaming

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Broken Loot Box. Event 7 Found.


Overwatch Anniversary is in full swing, but eagle eyes have spotted EVENT 7 and Overwatch Golden Loot boxes in the game’s models! Grab a quick summary of the news and what it might mean here!

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New Hero And Moon Map Hints


Overwatch fans have wanted a new hero since the release of Orisa and recently Jeff Kaplan hinted one would be coming sooner than later, these hints could also point towards a new map too! Will it be Doomfist or a moon map? Only time will tell.

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Necropolis Map Lore & Easter Eggs


Overwatch Lore runs deep in Necropolis – secret base of Ana Amari and Soldier 76 at this point in Overwatch Lore timeline!

Hammeh – Overwatch (FailCraft): In Overwatch Lore Tours, I run through Necropolis’ lore, history and easter eggs, then speculate what the rest of its story might be!

Necropolis is a map rich with details and lore explaining where Ana may have been recently, where Soldier 76 is right now, and what they might be up to next!

Why is Reaper going all these places, and what has he been doing? Where will Ana and Soldier head next? Is Morrison a bit of a drunk now? So many questions!

What do you think of Necropolis, map lore and story wise?

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Are Anniversary Loot Boxes Unfair?


There has been a lot of discussion lately about the fairness of Overwatch’s loot boxes.

Video and info by RejectedShotgun – Overwatch News

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