Summer Event: Is Lúcio Ball Back?!


Overwatch Summer Games new music, GET! A PTR update brought this music and some new Winston interactions and voice lines for Horizon – as well as some mysterious it all here!

Overwatch Summer Games 2017 HYPE! Some new music, which will probably be Overwatch Summer games related, has been found in PTR sound files – I’ve gone in and checked it is there myself, thanks to Sombra (no kidding) for finding it first!

I have a fun speculate about Summer Games 2017, I share a few new interactions from the patch (Winston has some epic Horizon/space speeches!), a Necropolis interaction or two (heard these?) and ponderings as to whether some mysterious music in the PTR is Uprising music, or new music for perhaps a new event in future…

Do let me know what you’d like to see for Overwatch Summer games 2017 in the comments 😀 Lore returns in next few days! – Hammeh – Overwatch (FailCraft)

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Have They Finally Killed Off Aimbot Programs?


Players in the Korean Overwatch forums have noticed a “hidden” change along with people across the internet. According to a Reddit translation from user a16425, outlines on enemies have begun to slightly change color after every match, making aimbot programs useless.

As we’ve seen before, cheating and hacking in the Korean Overwatch scene is an ongoing concern, with Blizzard banning nearly 23,000 accounts in February due to these violations. The problem are worldwide, but have they finally killed off aimbot programs in Overwatch?

Read more about it over at PvP Live >>

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Developer Update | Highlights Update


Game director Jeff Kaplan provides additional detail about improvements coming soon to our Highlights feature! Test out these changes now on the PTR:

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Blizzard at DreamHack Summer 2017


Join us as our host Soe takes for a tour of DreamHack Summer in Jönköping, Sweden.

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Twitch and Blizzard Join Forces

side_stream_twitchTwitch and Blizzard are officially teaming up in a bigger way than ever before. We might not have Pharah and Mercy beat, but this combo has to be close.

The brilliant minds at Blizzard have given gamers a lot of gifts. From their genre-defining titles to compelling characters and stories, we’ve been lucky to experience some unforgettable gaming moments over the years. We still fondly remember taking our first steps into the world of Azeroth, holding off an aggro deck until top-decking EXACT lethal, or that one time we landed a game-changing Graviton Surge.

In fact, Starcraft II was one of the main inspirations for building Twitch (when we weren’t microing hydralisks until our fingers felt like falling off). And since then, we’ve streamed Blizzard’s game launches, crowned their world champions, and celebrated alongside the community at BlizzCon — which makes today’s reveal that much sweeter.

Continue to read over at Twitch >>

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Redeem A Free Golden Loot Box At Twitch Prime


If you’re signed up to Amazon or Twitch Prime, there’s some free Overwatch loot waiting for you right now, and you’re guaranteed to get a legendary.

Over at Reddit, there have been claims that the box guarantees no duplicate, though we can’t find any evidence to back that up.

You only have a limited time to grab the deal, so head over to the Twitch Prime page now and redeem.

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Overwatch World Cup Group Stage: Sydney | Tickets Available!


Join us 21–23 JULY for the premier esports event for the ANZ region—the Overwatch World Cup Group Stage: Sydney! Tickets now on sale through Ticketek:

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Hammeh: “New Maps? Likely rubbish!” + Bastion Lore!


Usually when theories and datamined information are leaked, our friend and storyteller Hammeh are one of the first Overwatch gamers to dive in. The latest theory and “leak” about the two new maps had him go to the twitter account instead of making a video, saying;

FYI, Reddit ‘New Map’ Data mine post from today = likely rubbish. They mention file names when ow files are numerically labeled.. – Hammeh [Twitter]

With that said, we believe in Hammeh since the evidence are too scarce. Hopefully we get a better source when it comes to leaked maps and heroes next time, and believe us when we say that Hammeh are going to be there, giving us all the information needed.

Thanks Hammeh. Follow him: Twitter / YouTube / Patreon

Bastion Interactions, Lore and Voicelines

side_bastionOverwatch’s Bastion – in its lore, a symbol of peacekeeping, before become something much more sinister in the First Omnic Crisis. Explore Bastion lore and story through its voice lines and interactions in Overwatch in this video!

Overwatch origins and lore wise, the SST Laboratories Siege Automaton Bastion was one of many designs of Robot that were invented by, and served and supported humanity in an Overwatch alternative future. As Omnica Corporation apparently invented what could have been the greatest change to manufacturing since the Production Line in the early 1900s, its bold claims – and the image and reptuation of the Bastion, OR14, Titan, and many other robot and Omnic designs, was to come crashing down in the First Omnic Crisis.

What does Bastion think of Orisa, the prospect of being a research assistant, and more? Could its ability to overcome its programming hold clues to the nature of omnic “free will”? Is it actually just a posh English gentleman in disguise?

I discuss all these important (and silly) questions and more! Channel: Hammeh – Overwatch (FailCraft)

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The Truth About Hero “Counters”


Counter picking and assumed counter strategies in matchmaking often take the first step to countering something in Overwatch Gameplay, winning a duel with it, but often falls short of commanding the deeper rules of engagement that complicate things.

In this video Freedo explains why it isn’t enough to think of simple 1v1s to deal with a strategy the enemy is going for, but instead to cut to the heart of what their strategy is doing and set up engagements that give your team an edge.

Heroes definitely have edges against one another in Overwatch, but because of the various types of maps or teammates to cover blind spots that occur, countering strategies needs a broader team engage focus rather than a match up one, most of the time. Channel: Your Overwatch

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Rarest Voice Lines in Overwatch [Curse Entertainment]


From cut dialogues, ideal animations or just rare alternatives, we have the rarest voice lines in Overwatch. Roadhog says thank you, McCree whistles, Tracer comes face to face with herself, Winston should have put up a shield. D.Va calls out a hacker. Channel: Curse Entertainment

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