Biggest Mistake on Defense


In this video, Freeedo breaks down gameplay examples as the basis for his outlining of sound defense in Overwatch. Many of the principles he explains seem relatively straight forward, but a deeper grasp of these fundamentals will help you in your matches and he is sure to explain them in ways only he can…

Video and discussion by Your Overwatch

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Comic: Uprising leak!

lore_kingsize_comicOverwatch’s new comic, “Uprising”, has had its title confirmed and a few panels spoiled ahead of its release later today! I run through a quick preview of what we might expect for the lore, story and event – tune in later today for a full analysis video!

Hammeh – Overwatch (FailCraft) – The Overwatch Lore event, King’s Row Uprising, now has a new Overwatch comic, Uprising, releasing later today to match! CONTAINS MILD, PARTIAL SPOILERS of text-less comic panels – come back later today for a full analysis if you want to stay spoiler free!

Here’s a quick preview and a few initial thoughts as to what we could see for an Overwatch brawl/overwatch event, or PvE mode, as well as looking at the comic cover, a few panels without text (preview panels), and also the description teaser on the Madefire website!

Are you excited for Uprising as a comic, and the wider King’s Row Uprising Event next week? Who are the mysterious Null Sector?

Do let me know your thoughts, and come back later for a full analysis of Uprising!

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Top 5 Worst Ultimates In Overwatch


In this video we go through the top 5 worst ultimates in Overwatch. We tried to rank these based on overall value and how often you can get that value. Let us know what you think are the top 5 BEST ultimates in the game. The list brought to you by Your Overwatch

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Overwatch Director Talks Abandoned Cat Hero, Patching Out Genji, And More

ok_jeff_meme_one_punch_man_by_thosephotoshops-deviantartGamespot interview: Jeff Kaplan is a man that wears many hats: He’s director of Overwatch–Blizzard’s acclaimed multiplayer shooter–a peanut butter enthusiast, and a beloved meme. Naturally, he’s got plenty of wisdom and insight to offer on each of these subjects, and more. During a recent visit to London, we caught up with him and talked about everything from the continuously re-balancing Overwatch and the possibility of introducing a map editor, to his YouTube stardom and beard woes.

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Overwatch Hackers Arrested


“Another Big Console Problem – Overwatch Hackers Arrested”

Another major story has hit the console players as well as some good news about hack-makers being arrested!

Sources below – Video and info by Overwatch Central

MashTracerTV | BBC Hacker Article | Korean hack-maker arrested

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Lore Event Confirmed, New Comic, New Hints At Doomfist


Overwatch news is in overdrive as Jeff Kaplan’s done a series of interviews on the King’s Row Uprising event, announcing a new overwatch comic, confirming new skins and potentially a new hero too! Get all the details here!


“Overwatch is getting a new comic, as well as having the lore event – king’s row uprising – confirmed as being post Omnic Crisis and in the usual style of having a playable element, with skins too! That’s a whole bundle of goodness!

Here I round up the 4/5 news articles and snippets that have released just today, with lots of Jeff quotes, as well as speculating what we might see from the next few weeks of Overwatch, and the event. There’s also a confirmation that campaign mode probably wont happen in “this version” of overwatch – but that’s not a bad thing in my book, and I explain why quickly!

Also – Jeff commented that a Overwatch new hero is…quite far along again in development. Could we see them in time for Overwatch’s first birthday next month?

Do let me know your thoughts on the event, a new comic, what skins you’d like to see too! Roll on the next few days and next week!”

Video and info by Hammeh – Overwatch (FailCraft)


“In this video we talk about a recent news interview that Jeff Kaplan gave regarding the future of Overwatch to several outlets while in London for the BAFTA awards. These include the upcoming Kings Row Uprising event, the possibility of another new hero, Doomfist and the latest story comic tie-ins…” Video and discussion by Your Overwatch

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40 Map Tricks Grandmaster Players ABUSE That You Don’t


Overwatch Curios takes a look at map tricks used by Overwatch Grand Masters in Competitive Play. Follow them for more cool in-depth video discussions and curious.

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Event: Kings Row Uprising


Initiating archive declassification… Mission files unlock: April 11 [Twitter]

New Omnic Lore Event Teased? King’s Row Uprising Analysis

Overwatch may have a new event incoming – the King’s Row Uprising, with Omnic involvement, in a teased video! Whether it’s new skins and an Overwatch PvE event, or a lore event, I analyse the teaser piece by piece for details!

Hammeh – Overwatch (FailCraft): What do you think of the teaser? Will we see an Overwatch Lore centric event for the first time, or a more standard “overwatch event” with new skins, an Overwatch brawl, and perhaps the usual collectables? Maybe a combination of both?

There’s some pretty sinister undertones to robot registration, don’t you think? Also, the Turing Green complex or poster….many questions! Not long to wait…

Your Overwatch: In this video we discuss the new Kings Row Uprising leak from the Australian twitter for Overwatch. Could this be a countdown to a new spring event? Will there be skins? Is this also a time table for a new Overwatch hero? Maybe as it’s set in the past would it be Doomfist? Time will tell, this is just me tin foil hatting some conspiracy theories by breaking down the images leaked…

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Ragewatch: Gravity


RageWatch – Gravity” is a sick way of storytelling, letting you chill with the trap and flourish your mind in the killstreaks.

Rage Watch have done another cool video, and this time it have a random set of skills with video editing well worth the minute it gives.

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Oslo Lions disband to become free agents


Promising tier two European team Oslo Lions has disbanded, releasing their former players as free agents. Individual players from the full Norwegian roster are currently pursuing opportunities elsewhere within Europe and North America, most recently with Decod and Invision joining ex-ALTERNATE aTTax. [source]

“We are no longer a part of Oslo Lions. The team has chosen to split up and seek other opportunities. Differentiating priorities and lack of resources in the Norwegian scene make it difficult to support a team that wants to be on par with top-tier international teams. We would like to thank Oslo Lions for their support throughout the five months we played under their banner. Sadly, ambitions differ and it has been hard for both sides to develop under these circumstances. We wish Oslo Lions the best in their endeavors.” [source]

Read more about this here >>

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