Mercy Rez Tweak. Doomfist Troll. No Underwater Map? Twitter Avatars.


While we await the Overwatch Summer Games or Doomfist/a new hero, there’s loads of Overwatch news and eSports action to consider, as well as Mercy resurrection tweaks! Get a roundup of the last few days of news here.

Video by Hammeh – Overwatch (FailCraft)

1:08 – 1v1/6v6 changes, Mercy PTR Resurrection Tweak – Mercy OTPS?
3:55 – Overwatch League news – Scouting report email and its role in the building of competitive OW!
6:02 – Overwatch eSports this week – OGN APEX S3 and Overwatch Contenders – why, when and how to watch!
8:39 – Overwatch Ultimate hoodies from Jinx!

What do you think of Mercy at the moment, and her place in competitive teams and grinding Comp? Are you an eSports fans, or if not, will you give it a try? How about them hoodies? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments.


New Reaper Skin Coming! Doomfist Troll & more.

Fun arrangement of news items in today’s News Round up! Jeff confirms a new Reaper skin is in the works, Geoff softball rekts a forum poster, Geoff gives insight into the new hero development process and how Overwatch Gameplay is shaped, Jeff memes us about Doomfist (sigh), Horizon wasn’t intended to be announced to be delayed (it’s live) and Overwatch Contenders is onto the Playoffs this Saturday!

Video and talk by Unit Lost – Great British Gaming

Probably No Underwater Map

Jeff Kaplan: While we might add more water and swimming at some point, we made a very conscious decision to avoid water gameplay for a few reasons.

The main reason is that we rarely found swimming gunplay fun in other shooters that we played. While the immersion is great, the actual moment to moment gameplay is usually underwhelming if not gimmicky.

Another reason — and one we would easily go back on if we thought swimming added fantastic gameplay — is that every Overwatch hero is animated by hand using key frame animation. We do this because we believe our animators can get the most personality out of each hero with this method. We really believe in the art form that is animation. Many games use motion capture and/or a single-body, shared animation across many different characters. This isn’t the case in OW. Everything is done by hand. If we added swimming, every single character would have to get an intense amount of animation work for the base locomotion plus animation updates for every ability. The end result would also mean that we would get far less animation work on other parts of the game (emotes, highlight intros etc.). But the really big down side would be that every new hero we added to the game would take significantly longer for us to make thus resulting in fewer heroes over time.

So while conceptually we think swimming is cool and adds to the immersion and fantasy of being in a cool game world, the practical reality of it has made us hold off for now. Maybe in the future! [source]


Hero Twitter Avatars

Minimalistic Avatars for your Twitter from the official Overwatch presskit-site.

Check them out here:

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Randomwatch: Mercy Blaim. Top 10 Hated Heroes & More!


Soldier: 76 by Tomasi Akimeta [source]


Pharah & Mercy by Mikey [source]

Mercy Main Blame Game (Is It Really Her Fault?)

Mercy mains are taking all kinds of heat at the moment. But is she broken? Is it too easy to “stat pad” with Mercy, and blast up the ranks? Just what is wrong with Mercy? Video by Unit Lost – Great British Gaming

Top 10 Most Hated Heroes

Thousands of players voted, and out of all 24 heroes, these were the 10 most hated Overwatch heroes. Video by RejectedShotgun – Overwatch News

More Fun

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Tanks Beware! Reaper & Tracer Is OP


Your Overwatch discuss the latest changes which have made the offense heroes a tad bit more dangerous against tanks.

First up, is Reaper

Reaper has been an off meta pick for a while in Overwatch but with his newest buff to leach the life of his enemies, he is back in a big way! Watch out if you are a tank player and be careful if you are squishy, the edgelord is not to be underestimated!

Does Tracer need a nerf?

Jeff Kaplan discussed in depth some very interesting balance ideas in a forum post today that echos some core meta sentiments we’ve covered before; sentiment vs reality and the butterfly effect.

Freedo breaks down these concepts as applied to Tracer (and other heroes Jeff brought up). Is Tracer OP? Or have strategies not developed yet?

And is Reinhard useless now?

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Blizzard Answers Unsolved Mysteries of the Overwatch Universe


The Blizzard Universe is shrouded in mystery. Game designers Jeff Kaplan and Geoff Goodman are here to shed some light on the intricacies of the Overwatch world. Who paints Roadhog’s nails? What is playing on Torbjorn’s headphones? All of these are answered and more!

Video by Ars Technica Videos

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Competitive Gets A Fresh Start?

New Ranked System!

competitive_play_side_short_logoRanking up in Overwatch can be frustrating for a lot of people but by the looks of a reply to us on faceit, we may be getting a new matchmaking system through the faceit website that could mean a lot for the game!

Let us know what you think here.

To clear things up for some people, this is a real reply and faceit have confirmed today they are working on this new rank system, therfore this is a legit thing we are covering, not speculation or misleading and it could be very exciting for overwatch’s future!

This could also be the FRESH START everyone has been asking for!

Video by Your Overwatch

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Randomwatch: Doomfist New Evidence? Coaching. Top 5 Carriers


New evidence of Doomfist being our next hero?

So ever since my last Doomfist video, more info on the PTR has been datamined and has confirmed for me, beyond a doubt, Doomfist is the next hero. This is Overwatch News. Video by RejectedShotgun – Overwatch News


Top 5 OP Heroes that Carry in Competitive

These OP heroes are the top 5 to carry with in Overwatch patch 1.12! Video and top-list by Overwatch Curios


Coaching: Reaper – Silver 1650 SR

Overwatch Reaper coaching! Welcome to OverAnalyzed! In this series, we as a community help our fellow players with tips and advice on how to become better players! Video and analysis by Unit Lost – Great British Gaming


RagTagg: Toxic Coaching – Bronze 1100 SR

Well I had fun on this one. If you want to send me your toxic coaching videos, go check one of my other uploads because I forgot to put it in this one…! =( Video, song and more by Rag Tagg

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Serious Bug: Infinite Ultimate Glitch


Might be hotfixed already, is it quickly enough?

Video and information by Overwatch Curios

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PTR: Highlight recording. Better loot. Matrix New Sound. And more!


Highlight Recordings & Better Quality Loot Boxes

In this video we talk about the massive news Big Daddy Jeff dropped on all of us today in his developer update. It’s going to be possible to manually save and export highlights in Overwatch.

This will be available on both console and PC. On top of that, Lootboxes are getting a massive adjustment. The rate of duplicates is significantly reduced and at the same time, the amount of credit drops players receive will increase…that’s a huge change for the skin economy in Overwatch.

Blizzard have really listened to the community and you can test out the new features on the PTR right now! So stop reading this and go do that… Video and talk by Your Overwatch

Crosshair Settings

Overwatch has finally included advanced crosshair settings currently being tested in the PTR. These options will open up a lot of ways to improve your accuracy as well as your gameplay! Video and talk by Your Overwatch

D.Va Matrix Sound Changes

On the current PTR (Version there is a new sound for D.Vas matrix when she is shielding from ultimates. (Sorry – no wakka wakka wakka!) Listen below, video by StealthSecrecy

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Doomfist in the crash logs!


Doomfist in Overwatch has been long awaited!

It looks like with an Overwatch Summer Games 2017 PTR Update, that we have clues he might not be far from releasing! Get the news and discover more about who might get what in the new Overwatch Summer Games here!


Overwatch Summer Games 2017 is probably not far away, given the files on the PTR – and, looks as though there are more clues in the files as to Doomfist’s release – it may not be far away!

Here, I cover the info that doomfist has been spotted in the name of Overwatch PTR crash logs…(multiple sources to check!), then show you where hero data is being hidden on the PTR right now, as well as some more information about who might get what in the Overwatch Summer Games 2017, Cosmetics Wise, and a new map or brawl potentially in the event too – lots of interesting stuff in the game files!

Do let me know what you’d like to see for Overwatch Summer games 2017 in the comments 😀 Lore returns in next few days!

Video and info by Hammeh – Overwatch (FailCraft)

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DeviantArt Event – Last Year’s 21 Days of Overwatch

punk_tracer_by_weoul_skin_artJoin us as we celebrate a full year of Overwatch fan art! Meet the latest heroes through exclusive new portraits, and relive past holiday events via a custom fan art gallery—from last year’s 21 Days of Overwatch through the recent Overwatch Uprising!

May 4–24, 2016: DeviantArt Event – Introducing the Heroes of Overwatch

Last May, artists from all over the world joined forces with DeviantArt and Blizzard to bring deviants the 21 formidable heroes of Overwatch! Deviants gathered on each of 21 days to see artists’ unique interpretations of the original 21 heroes, culminating in a fan art celebration featuring artwork from the community!

Celebrating one year of Overwatch in art >>

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