Mr. Fruit: Bumper Cars & Ghostbusters Custom Game


Bumper Cars Custom Game

Ghostbusters Custom Game

Who you gunna call?

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Your Overwatch: Is Roadhog Still Broken?


Roadhog is at a very “odd state”, discussions have been wild on the official forums and still are. Your Overwatch talks about how they have given Roadhog 3.0 with his latest hook and attack abilities a chance, what they like and don’t like about it.

Your Overwatch: In this video we discuss the state of Roadhog in Overwatch. Has he been ruined or has the change to his spread made him better overall despite the longer cooldowns?

Meta Discussion engaged!

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Muselk: The Teleport Trap


Entertainment from Muselk and friends. And a note from Muselk: “I just realised I confused zelda and mario at the end there… God I should sleep…” Drop a follow if you enjoy these videos.

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Bastion buffs and Blizzard’s Balance Philosophy


Icarus discussion and analysis the Bastion buff and talks about Blizzard Entertainment’s Balance Philosophy.

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Your Overwatch: Advanced Sombra Guide – High Value Hacks


Your Overwatch: Sombra after a handful of buffs is now going to be a force to be reckoned with and a hero you should consider putting into your hero pool. With a shifty backline harass playstyle along with a devastating ultimate when used correctly, Sombra can be a gamechanger and with a 4s cooldown on Translocator you should have the tools to take the positioning and stay alive to make an impact with Sombra. In this video, FREEDO breaks down Sombra gameplay to describe what you should be attempting to do when playing the stealthy hacker.

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Hammeh: Lore, Story And World Building Facts


Overwatch lore, story, worldbuilding and development has been talked about a lot recently by Jeff Kaplan and Michael Chu at various games industry conferences – here’s a round up of all the interesting Overwatch lore, world and development facts, philosophy and stories from their presentations!

Overwatch’s developers haven’t only been updating us – they’ve been talking at various games industry conferences too! These presentations are often really interesting to look at the wider, games industry design perspectives of a title – and Jeff’s DICE Keynote Speech on Overwatch’s rise from the ashes of Project Titan, along with how the team made an optimistic version of the future, had some really interesting facts in it.

Michael Chu presented similarly to GDC (Game Developers Conference) on Overwatch’s world and story, again, with a few nice little facts and tidbits.

Get the round up of both here, along with a quick summary at the end of recent Overwatch news in the last few days, including a few pieces you may have missed!

This is long – please use the time skip codes below if you want to skip to a bit you’re more interested in!

Do let me know your thoughts in the comments on how this vid was for you! Too long? OK? Appreciate feedback on how it can be improved  – Hammeh – Overwatch (FailCraft)

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Ragewatch Montage: Overwatch OP Moments


RageWatch does these epic montages as one of his side-projects. We all like to kick back and relax sometimes and these videos does the trick since we all are interested in Overwatch. If you like what he is doing, drop him a like or a follow.

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Communicate and Win


Taking part in team communication is essential for Overwatch. In this video I’ll discuss and show examples of how to keep comms clean and precise. FACT – you win more if you communicate. –Unit Lost – Great British Gaming

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Does Reaper Need A Buff?


A reaper buff has been a talking point on the blizzard forums for a while now. Whether he needs a gameplay change to his wraith form or teleporter are up for question. – Your Overwatch

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Hammeh: Bastion “Binary” New Comic Analysis


Overwatch Lore and Story gets an omnic boost in Bastion’s “Binary” new Overwatch Comic – with details on Torbjorn and his involvement in the First Omnic Crisis too! Get all the comic details here in my analysis!

Hammeh – Overwatch (FailCraft): Overwatch New Comic time! Bastion emerges from the water in “Binary”, and we learn a nice amount about how Torbjorn relates to the First Omnic Crisis, Bastion’s nature since The Last Bastion, and how the world still sees Bastion units nowadays! There’s also quite the twist at the end – do go read the comic at before watching this video though, it’s an interesting surprise!

I have a good run through the whole comic, panel by panel, see what we learn, and then speculate as to what we might be given hints for!

What do you think of the comic, and the new comic lore we’ve learned about Torbjorn in particular? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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