The Best Heroes of Season 5 + What Doomfist Can & Can’t Fist


The Best Heroes of Season 5

D.Va D.Va D.Va! Even though Blizzard did give D.Va the ole “Nerf This” a few patches ago, the way the game has shifted, as well as the lesser known BUFF to Defense Matrix that allows you to cover teammates with it, means that she’s actually become the most useful hero in the entire game when played properly.

She wins many duels with DPS 1v1 but more importantly is capable of blocking the various flanking angles of damage that are so prevalent in the current meta.

The best answer to Pharah and the best nullification to Tracer harass in the game, D.Va is a force to be reckoned with and if you’re not utilizing Dva in the Korean Dva style yet, you really should, it carries games! Video and discussion by Your Overwatch


Doomfist – Can & Can’t Fist

In this video we break down the unique interactions Doomfist’s kit has with the other heroes in Overwatch. There’s quite a lot to get through but it is really interesting how some of them go against what you might expect to happen. You’ll have a much better idea of what you can and can’t do with Doomfist after watching.

If there’s any interactions that I’ve missed, let us know in the comments.

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PTR Patch Hightlight – July 6, 2017


Overwatch PTR Now Available

New Hero: Doomfist (Offense):

Equipped with charisma and ambition, Doomfist is a consummate tactician and one of the leaders of Talon: literally throwing down his gauntlet as he joins the fight. From his base in Nigeria, Doomfist is a commanding offense hero equipped with hard-hitting melee abilities. Driven by a belief that conflict is essential to humanity’s progress, he’s committed to advancing his vision of the future—even if the agents of Overwatch disagree with his methods.

Doomfist’s cybernetics make him a highly mobile, powerful frontline fighter. His primary attack is the Hand Cannon; this four-shot weapon fires projectiles from Doomfist’s knuckles one a time or in a single blast. With his secondary attack, Rocket Punch, he charges forward and delivers a devastating blow, knocking back any opponent it connects with and dealing extra damage if the enemy is hurled into a wall.

Seismic Slam smashes into a targeted area, knocking opponents toward him so he can deal further damage. His Rising Uppercut tosses enemies high into the air, while his passive ability, The Best Defense…, grants him shields every time he uses one of his abilities against an opponent. Lastly, his ultimate ability, Meteor Strike, causes him to leap high and drop into a targeted area, dealing massive amounts of damage.


To learn more about Doomfist, click here.

Loot Box Updates

We always want the experience of opening a loot box to feel exciting and rewarding, and in our latest patch, we’re working to improve that experience in two key ways. First, we’re drastically reducing the amount of duplicates you will receive when opening loot boxes. Second, to compensate for this reduction of duplicate items, we’re also increasing the overall amount of credits you will receive from loot boxes. On average, you should be earning just as many credits, if not slightly more, from loot boxes as you did prior to these changes.

To help us test this update, all players who log in to the PTR this patch cycle will receive five (5) PTR Loot Boxes. These are standard loot boxes that will only be available on the PTR. Any items earned from loot boxes or unlocked via credits on the PTR will not transfer over to your live account.

New Highlight Options

Our highlights system has received several major updates:

  • The game will continue to automatically generate highlights for you based on your recent gameplay. These auto-generated highlights—now categorized as “Today’s Top 5”—will be surfaced on a daily basis and persist for a full 24 hours (or until the game client is patched, whichever happens first).
  • Players can now generate their own highlights! The ability to capture 12 seconds of your own gameplay has been added to the game, and can be bound to a single button of your choice (or a button per highlight slot) in the Options menu under “Request Highlight.” These player-generated highlights will be saved under a new section called “Recently Captured” and will persist until the game client is patched. Players can have up to 36 recently-captured highlights stored at one time.
  • With the above, players can now record any of their “Top 5” or “Recently Captured” highlights, exporting them as a video file to their gaming platform’s designated media library (on console) or directory (on PC). On PC, players will also have the option to select the quality at which these highlights are exported, supporting up to 4K at 60 FPS for Windows 8 or higher operating systems, and up to 1080p on Windows 7.

To learn more about this feature, check out our recent developer update:


Custom Games and Game Browser

  • Clarified the text on the “Flag Carrier” options under the Capture the Flag settings for Custom Games
  • Removed the “Projectile Speed” and “Projectile Gravity” options for heroes who do not have projectile weapons

User Interface

  • Added ability to create customized reticles
    • Reticle options can be found under the “Controls” tab in the “Options” menu (click the “Advanced” expander under the “Reticle” heading)



  • Fixed an issue preventing “Best In Game” stats from being updated
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the user interface to incorrectly indicate that an enemy player has been hit when colliding with them
  • Fixed a bug that could allow projectiles that would normally pierce shields (i.e. Reinhardt’s Fire Strike) to pass through other surfaces
  • Fixed a bug that caused some players to lose audio during the match

Competitive Play

  • Fixed a bug that caused players to get a leaver penalty during offseason matches, even after the in-game banner advised it was safe to leave the match

Custom Games and Game Browser

  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from joining custom games as a player when the number of spectator slots was set to 12
  • Fixed a bug that removed the “Healing Dealt” modifier for Mei, Reaper, and Roadhog in Custom Games settings


  • Fixed a bug that caused pilot D.Va to be visible in the MEKA cockpit before the Call Mech entrance animation played
  • Fixed a bug that could cause eliminations from Junkrat’s Total Mayhem to be mislabeled in the kill feed
  • Fixed a bug that triggered Junkrat’s ultimate callout, even when he was unable to actually use his ultimate
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Roadhog’s Chain Hook to latch on to Orisa’s Supercharger
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Sombra to take damage after activating her Translocator


  • Fixed a bug that prevented Soldier: 76 from placing his Biotic Field in certain locations on Eichenwalde’s first point
  • Fixed a bug that caused AI-controlled players to perpetually move toward the objective on the Gardens point in Oasis
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Training Bots from facing the right direction and returning to their original location after being moved by player interactions on the Practice Range
  • Fixed a bug with that was causing unusual camera angles for Highlight Intros on Route 66
  • Fixed a bug that could cause D.Va to fall through the floor while boosting into the ground in a specific area on Volskaya Industries

User Interface

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Heroes of the Storm promotional portraits to appear locked, even after being unlocked
  • Fixed a bug that could cause an error message in chat if you attempted to spectate a new player while already spectating another player
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the chat window to be placed too high on the main menu, blocking menu options
  • Fixed a bug that prevented text from wrapping in the Report Player text box


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Doomfist Abilities & Biography



Doomfist’s cybernetics make him a highly-mobile, powerful frontline fighter. In addition to dealing ranged damage with his Hand Cannon, Doomfist can slam the ground, knock enemies into the air and off balance, or charge into the fray with his Rocket Punch. When facing a tightly packed group, Doomfist leaps out of view, then crashes down to earth with a spectacular Meteor Strike.

  • Hand Cannon Doomfist fires a short-range burst from the knuckles of his fist. Its ammunition is automatically regenerated over a short time.
  • Seismic Slam: Doomfist leaps forward and smashes into the ground, knocking nearby enemies toward him.
  • Rising Uppercut: Doomfist uppercuts enemies in front of him into the air.
  • Rocket Punch: After charging up, Doomfist lunges forward and knocks an enemy back, dealing additional damage if they impact a wall.
  • Passive: The Best Defense: Doomfist generates temporary personal shields when he deals ability damage.
  • Ultimate: Meteor Strike: Doomfist leaps into the sky, then crashes to the ground, dealing significant damage.


doomfist-screenshot-004 doomfist-screenshot-002 doomfist-screenshot-001 doomfist-screenshot-003



  • Real Name: Akande Ogundimu, Age: 45
  • Occupation: Mercenary
  • Base of Operations: Oyo, Nigeria
  • Affiliation: Talon


Origin Story: > Video <

“Only through conflict do we evolve.”

Recently freed from imprisonment, Doomfist is determined to plunge the world into a new conflict that he believes will make humanity stronger.

Akande Ogundimu was born into a well-regarded Nigerian family, heir to its prosthetic-technology company. A highly intelligent and charismatic figure, Ogundimu helped to expand his family’s business and position it for the future while dedicating his free time to his first love: competitive martial arts. He trained in traditional African fighting styles, including Dambe and Gidigbo, as well as in wrestling and other modern combat systems, incorporating the most effective techniques into his repertoire. Ogundimu competed in tournaments all over the continent, utilizing his intuition and ability to read opponents alongside his tremendous speed and strength.

doomfist-conceptBut when he lost his right arm in the aftermath of the Omnic Crisis, it seemed his martial arts career was finished before he had reached his prime. His company’s cybernetic prosthetics allowed him to recover from his injuries, even making him stronger, but these enhancements rendered him ineligible for competition. He tried to devote himself to his business with the same zeal that he had for fighting, but he found nothing that could fill the void… until he was given a new opportunity by Akinjide Adeyemi, better known to the world as the second Doomfist, the Scourge of Numbani.

Adeyemi offered Ogundimu the chance to fight with him as a mercenary. Initially wary, Ogundimu accepted, and discovered that he now had an arena in which he could unleash his enhanced capabilities. Eventually, Adeyemi brought him into the Talon organization. Talon’s belief that humanity would be made stronger through conflict resonated with Ogundimu’s personal experiences. Moreover, Talon’s power struggles presented a new challenge that allowed him to use his talent in the boardroom along with his cunning as a combatant.

Adeyemi was a useful asset to Talon, but the organization saw far greater potential in Ogundimu, with his intelligence and his ability to inspire as a commander. While Adeyemi was content to profit from raids on Numbani, Ogundimu had a grander vision. This difference in aspiration would lead Ogundimu to kill his teacher and take on the mantle of Doomfist, along with the eponymous gauntlet.

As the new Doomfist, Ogundimu rose high in Talon and helped to orchestrate a conflict that the organization hoped would someday engulf the world. However, before their plan came to fruition, Ogundimu was defeated and captured by an Overwatch strike team that included Tracer, Winston, and Genji. He was imprisoned in a maximum-security facility for years, where he waited patiently for events he had incited to play out.

Finally, he sensed that the time had come for him to return. He broke out of his prison and recovered Doomfist’s gauntlet in a one-sided battle with Numbani’s newly unveiled OR15 defense robots. Now, he has retaken his place in Talon’s inner council, ready to spark a war that will consume the world once again. [source]


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Doomfist Origin Story. Doomfist is here! Developer Update!


Game Director Jeff Kaplan introduces Overwatch’s 25th hero, DOOMFIST—providing some insight into his back story, abilities, and overall strategy. Doomfist is currently available for testing on the PTR.

Developer Update

00:08 – Doomfist Introduction
00:36 – Talon’s Hierarchy & Doomfist’s World View
02:03 – Jeff breaks down Doomfist’s abilities and play-style
04:46 – Doomfist’s Ultimate Ability explained
05:37 – Doomfist’s Passive Ability explained
06:45 – Jeff recaps the journey that led to this new hero


Video by Your Overwatch

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Doomfist Teaser Lore Analysis

eastereggs (2) doomfist

Akande Ogundimu – better know as Doomfist – has been broken out of a Helix Securities Maximum security facility by Talon 3 months ago! Get the new Doomfist Teaser news in short, with in-depth Overwatch Lore Analysis here.

Lore and video analysis by Hammeh – Overwatch (FailCraft)

After Doomfist being spotted in the name of Overwatch PTR crash logs..we got out first Doomfist teaser (it has to be, right!) today!

In the Times of Numbani blog, we learn about an attack on a Helix Securities facility that apparently houses “the most dangerous threats”, or did – until Talon busted out Akande Ogundimu – better know as Doomfist! He’s not one of the named Doomfists in the Numbani Museum though…does that make him the successor, or someone else?

I summarise the blog, then go line by line to analyse it for lore learnings, as well as thinking about when Doomfist might be on his way to us.

Are you finally excited for Doomfist again? Akande Ogundimu could be on the PTR, if Orisa is anything to go by, within a week. How about Helix Securities, and what we’ve learned about their Overwatch Lore – potentially another part of the reason for the downfall of Overwatch?

Do let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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Akande Ogundimu, better known as Doomfist [Cinematic coming?]

New Details Surface Following Major Security Breach


NUMBANI —Three months after initial reports of an incident at Helix Security International’s classified maximum security installation, a more complete picture of what happened has emerged. Information and details of what happened were scarce as has been any news from the installation, said to be a prison for the world’s most dangerous threats. However, after recent events in Numbani, it can now be confirmed that what occurred was an attack by the Talon organization with the express purpose of freeing one man: Akande Ogundimu, better known as Doomfist.

It began in the early hours of the morning, when an unidentified aircraft approached the facility. Security initially reported that the craft had no passengers on board, based on radar scans. The craft passed through the range of the installation’s defense systems without incident, leading some to believe that Talon has moles within Helix. Video surveillance from within the compound revealed a black shadowy figure emerging from the craft and descending upon the prison grounds. The unidentified assailant easily overcame the Helix security agents, leaving over a dozen dead. Medical records of the casualties reveal injuries and cellular degeneration matching other incidents involving the mercenary known as the Reaper, all but confirming the incursion as a Talon attack.

Helix officials have been unwilling to reveal whether or not there were additional escapees or items taken from the facility, but sources have indicated that it is likely that there were further security breaches in addition to Ogundimu.


After escaping from the facility, Helix lost track of Ogundimu until he resurfaced in Numbani, where he clashed with the newly introduced OR15 defense robots at the Adawe International Terminal, easily destroying them and reclaiming the Doomfist.

Questions have been raised about the effectiveness and methodology of Helix, which in recent years, has greatly increased its profile as the world’s security force. But after a number of high profile incidents, including the breach of a similarly top-secret facility in Egypt, those who have objected to the increased privatization of security following the shuttering of Overwatch will have been dismayed that Helix has requested, and been granted, additional funding by the UN to cope with rising threats. [source]

Overwatch’s forum post all but confirmed the new hero to be doomfist, will this also lead to a new cinematic or gameplay soon!?

Video by Your Overwatch

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Randomwatch: Hero Concepts. Overwatch Rip-Off & More


Hero Concepts

New hero and ability concept and speculation. Taking a step back from all the meta talk and brainstorming new hero and ability concepts for Overwatch. We like to speculate on things we may see in the future and would love to hear any crazy thoughts you guys have too! Video by Your Overwatch


6 crazy fan-made character skins. Video by Overwatch Curios


Videos of interest!

fly_junkrat_side_smile_joke_funHero Gunfight: The Overwatch rip off now on phones. Rag Tagg says “I don’t know what to say, but take everything I do say with a pinch of salt, including the ending to this video.” and in this video we see some heroes and maps. Uhm.. Yeah. Check here!

Custom Game: Frogger game by Mr. Fruit and friends. Slow movement but with a burst of Pharah’s jet, the effect is similar to the old-school game Frogger. See who survives the most times on the dangerous roads of Oasis. Looky look here!

Gameplay: The End Of Sexy Junkrat is maybe the last we see of the Muselk strategy of laying around and play cool until going into a killstreak (when lucky). Watch all of the lazy bushes here!

Toxic Coaching: Bronze Soldier who can’t self heal. Rag Tagg takes on the parody of coaching in Overwatch. Disclaimer: Toxic Coaching is for Entertainment purposes only. Everyone who submits their footage does so with the understanding that they will be subject to a comedic parody of a typical coaching video. Hear the rage here.



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Comeback Mechanics / Stop Throwing & Winstons Don’t Need Healing


Comeback Mechanics in Overwatch

Overwatch Gameplay can be frustrating. The ability for one team to seemingly demolish the other is always around the corner, but because of the powerful nature of the hero plays you can execute in Overwatch, a very early defeated attitude towards playing the game is a big mistake, as with a small bit of organization, your team too can make use of the same power that was used against you. Video by Your Overwatch


Advanced Guide: Winstons Don’t Need Healing

Great engagements  win games in Overwatch, yet in matchmaking often there is an assumption that with enough healing, you win. The problem is, that only works in Overwatch Gameplay if the enemies make a mistake, instead, if you learn to harness clean, proper engagements that isolate the correct targets, the engagement can be won before healing is ever a factor.

Healing strength can help win extended fights, but the age of healing ruling the game is over, it has it’s place for sure, but first and foremost will always be proper engagements. Engagements! Say it with me “Let’s engage properly!” that is the key to victory 9 times out of 10. – Freedo. Video by Your Overwatch

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Randomwatch: D.Va Statue. Water Map is Tricky. Hero Quiz!

dva_statue_sideD.Va statue

Pre-Order Now! Here comes a new challenger! Meet the latest hero to join the Blizzard Collectibles roster: Overwatch’s D.Va. Pre-order your premium statue today:

‘Overwatch’: Jeff Kaplan finds underwater gameplay & water environment gimmicky

According to “Overwatch” Game Director #Jeff Kaplan, the major reason why players can seldom find #Swimming gunplay in the game is that the team behind the popular title does not find fun on it.

Kaplan recognized that the immersion is great. However, he emphasized that the actual moment to moment gameplay is somewhat gimmicky if not underwhelming. Simply put, the development team does not like the water levels.

Continue to read it all over at >>


Overwatch Quiz – Guess the dharacters by color

Can you guess the Overwatch Character using ONLY 4 or 5 colours? If you have enjoyed this (or not) make sure to give plenty of feedback in the comments! Video by GameplayOnly – Trailers & Gameplay

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Loot Box Improvements + General Reminder


Hey everyone,

We recently announced that major improvements are on the way for in-game loot boxes and have made those updates available for testing with our latest PTR patch (1.13.0). Since that announcement, we’ve seen several of you noting that you’ll be stocking up on loot boxes (or holding off on opening the ones you already have) in preparation for this update going live. Before you do that, we ask that you please keep the following functionality in mind:

Loot Box contents are generated at the time that they earned or purchased, NOT when they are opened.

This means that any loot box you earn or purchase now—or at any point before our loot box update is released—will not be affected by the changes listed below. Only those loot boxes that are earned or purchased after patch 1.13.0 is live and playable on your gaming platform will be eligible for the following improvements.

winter_lootbox halloween_loot_box_animated coca_cola-lootbox side_lootbox_epic lootbox

Loot Box Updates

We always want the experience of opening an in-game loot box to feel exciting and rewarding, and in our latest patch we’re working to improve that experience in two key ways. First, we’re drastically reducing the amount of duplicates players will receive when opening loot boxes. Second, to compensate for this reduction of duplicate items, we’re also increasing the overall amount of credits players will receive from loot boxes. On average, players should be earning just as many credits, if not slightly more, from loot boxes than they did prior to these changes.

To help us test this update, all players who log in to the PTR this patch cycle will receive five (5) PTR Loot Boxes. These are standard loot boxes that will only be available on the PTR. Any items earned from loot boxes or unlocked via credits on the PTR will not transfer over to your live account.

To read the full PTR patch notes, click here. Please note that we don’t have an ETA for when patch 1.13.0 will be released. Stay tuned to for related game news and updates. Thank you! [source]

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