MMR – The Smurfing Problem Is Not A Big Issue [April Discussion]


In this video we discuss the recent revelations from Jeff Kaplan about how the MMR system stops the effects of people purposefully smurfing to play worse players in Overwatch.

However, this isn’t the only reason smurfing is popular so we take a look at some of the most common reasons as to why people, including ourselves, create smurf accounts.

Blizzard has adjusted the way win and loss streaks will impact your MMR, reducing their impact.Gosu Gamers wrote about MMR in an article you can read here >

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Overwatch Uprising Gameplay


The Overwatch Uprising/Insurrection brawl gamemode is a PvE 4 person co-op/coop brawl fight as Overwatch against Null Sector, an extremist Omnic group taking over King’s Row! Let’s explore it in Overwatch gameplay here!

Overwatch Uprising/Insurrection is LIVE! Three weeks of an awesome brawl (King’s Row Uprising with Tracer, Torbjorn, Mercy and Reinhardt PvE!), and the co-op is…fun, unsurprisingly! 😀

Here I go through a quick game as Mercy just to get the hang of the thing on Normal – Hard is a challenge, I can imagine it being nasty at hardest difficulty level!

How are you finding the event so far, if you’ve played? We’ll have to do some community / subscriber games on this in the next few weeks!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments! – Hammeh – Overwatch (FailCraft)

Bonus Footage: Mr. Fruit

Overwatch Uprising is the latest update to hit Overwatch and with it a slew of new skins and other collectibles as well as new PvE Mode – Uprising!

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Lucio Rework Live. Orisa Head Hitbox Buffed. Win Streaks Are Dead. New Skins Coming.


Lucio Rework Live. Orisa Head Hitbox Buffed. Win Streaks Are Dead. New Skins Coming. – How about that title!

Your OverwatchLook out! Battle Lucio is alive!

The massive changes to Overwatch’s Lucio are now in place, as well as a small buff to Orisa’s surviability via downsizing her head hitbox. A change to stop ties in Assualt / Hybrid as well as custom game presets should add to some quality of life.

Eichenwalde now has a new alternate opening to attack first point, which should allow for it to play a bit more fluid in matchmaking.

What do you think of these changes? Is Lucio your new main?

Your Overwatch Lots of news to dig into today!

A massive change to how SR works in competitive ranked mode went live which reduces the impact that the win/loss streak modifier once had.

As well, new skins are (as always) on the horizon, especially for some heroes that badly need love from the dev team.

Last, a controversial post by Jeff Kaplan expresses that [he at least] doesn’t determine smurf accounts to be a big issue in OW. Lots going on, what do YOU think?

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King’s Row Uprising Origin Story & Developer Update | Overwatch Uprising


Overwatch Uprising is LIVE!

Experience a pivotal moment in history from before the fall of Overwatch. Join a strike team of Overwatch agents—including the newest recruit, Tracer—as they undertake a vital mission to stop an omnic uprising in King’s Row. Drop into the action and play as one of the four charged with completing this critical objective.

As always, your efforts will be rewarded. You’ll earn Uprising Loot Boxes as you play, unlocking new cosmetic skins, highlights, emotes, and sprays themed after key moments from throughout the history of Overwatch. Uprising Loot boxes are also available for purchase—but hurry, they get re-encrypted and filed away in the archives come May 1.

Relive Tracer’s First Mission

Journey seven years into the past and join a group of Overwatch agents fighting through the streets of King’s Row to quell an uprising led by Null Sector, a rogue group of omnics. Team up with your friends and play as Tracer, Torbjörn, Reinhardt, or Mercy to defeat the robots and liberate the city. There are no reinforcements. Failure is not an option. The future depends on you.

Celebrate the Overwatch Legacy

Browse the archives with this time capsule of goodies from the earliest eras of Overwatch. Open an Uprising Loot Box today and unlock a piece of the past, such as Genji’s Blackwatch skin, Talon Widowmaker, Blackwatch McCree, Combat Medic Ziegler, Tracer’s Cadet Oxton skin, and more. Over 100 cosmetic items are available, but don’t wait too long—these Loot Boxes will be history (again) before you know it.

Skins and more can be seen here <

King’s Row Uprising Origin Story

Developer Update

  • 00:19 – Why did the developers create the Overwatch Uprising event?
  • 01:32 – Jeff explains where the Overwatch Uprising event falls in the lore’s timeline.
  • 02:40 – Jeff briefly details NEW skins, animations, sprays, and voice lines that will be available in this event!
  • 03:29 – Jeff explains the differences from the two game modes being implemented in the Arcade.
  • 05:12 – Jeff thanks the community for their feedback which inspired the creation of this event.
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New Hanzo Skins, Insurrection/Uprising Event Time, Nendoroid Mei.


Overwatch Insurrection’s time (or Uprising, as it’ll probably be in English!) is almost here!

Hammeh – Overwatch (FailCraft) – Get yourself prepared for the Overwatch event release time later, rejoice in new legendary Hanzo skins on the way, and prepare your wallet/purse for Nendoroid Mei in today’s Overwatch News.

Overwatch Insurrection – well, that’s the name of the event in French! Overwatch’s April 11 event, Omnic Uprising/King’s Row uprising, has had a trailer leaked – as well as new skins, the Lore Sprays are amazing! See ALL the details, frame by frame here.

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Ragtaggstic – Everything Wrong With Overwatch


Here are the latest videos by Ragtagg we never had the oppertunity to give you during these past days, mostly because of the Uprising Event. Rejoice, three videos to make up for it. Enjoy.

Videos and songs by Rag Tagg

Everything Wrong With Overwatch

Are Your Emotions Hurting Your Overwatch Game?

Ragtagg Burst Into Song

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Overwatch Insurrection Event – The Leak Analysis by Hammeh


Overwatch Insurrection – well, that’s the name of the event in French! Overwatch’s April 11 event, Omnic Uprising/King’s Row uprising, has had a trailer leaked – as well as new skins, the Lore Sprays are amazing! See ALL the details, frame by frame here!

Overwatch Insurrection – that’s the name of the event in French! We’ve got a leaked trailer here, that I analyse frame by frame – including the awesome lore sprays at the end! Gerard Lacroix, Amelie/Widowmaker’s former husband. Torbjörn and his daughter Brigitte (? looks likely now!), Zenyatta before life, and perhaps so much more! So much overwatch lore and story goodness, as well as the Blackwatch McCree, Blackwatch Genji and more skins..

Hype thrusters set to max? Wonder what other skins we’ll see! That event looks AMEIZING! Can’t wait to find out – do let me know your thoughts on the lore sprays and skins, in the comments!

Video and analysis by Hammeh – Overwatch (FailCraft)

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Leaked Event Trailer – Insurrection with Vs. Omnics and Skins [French]


Overwatch Insurrection!

  • Blackwatch skins: McCree, Genji & Widowmaker.
  • Overwatch skins: Torbjörn, Mercy, Tracer & Reinhardt.
  • Event: PvE Omnic Battle. With what seems to be a Giant Omnic Boss-Battle against a currupt pre-Orisa.

Right after the trailer, there is a commentary by Unit Lost / Stylosa.

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Randomwatch: Esports, No Overwatch On Nintendo Switch? Entertainment, And More!


A collection of different topics from other sites and channels that might be interesting to read and watch. Randomwatch is always about a bunch of topics surrounding Overwatch. Enjoy!


Gosu Gamers: Overwatch Pit Championship NA Playoffs Day 1 – Selfess advances to NA Upper Bracket Final

Selfless’ well-known aggressiveness got them a ticket to the NA Upper Bracket Final, while Liquid, FaZe and Rise Nation end up in the Lower Bracket.

Express Co Uk: Nintendo Switch Games NEWS: Blizzard provides fresh Overwatch update

NINTENDO Switch owners would love to see Overwatch join the games list, but here’s why Blizzard thinks it may never happen.

PvP Live: Esports Event Heads for the High Seas this October

Cruise ships probably aren’t the first things that come to mind when you think of high-level esports competitions, but that’s exactly what Gamer Tech Events wants to accomplish with Gamer Gauntlet 2017. WE.White disband, uncertainty looms over Chinese Overwatch

Team WE (World Elite) has traditionally been one of the strongest esports gaming clubs in China, with several teams in addition to Overwatch, competing in some of China’s most popular titles such as Warcraft 3 and League of Legends.



For your entertainment.

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How To Escape Your Rank


In this video we discuss how to rank up and break out of your current rank in Overwatch.

Your Overwatch: When learning any discipline, it is natural to reach a plateau, where your progress evens out. It can be easy to become stuck at whatever level you find yourself in.

Here we present some practical things you can actually do to break out of those natural but frustrating ruts. These include expanding your hero pool to cover more tactical options, particularly in core roles like main tank.

As the number of people who can play tank well is smaller than the other roles at every rank, if you do so you stand a good chance of taking advantage of that.

There are also gamesense and psychological improvements any player can make to improve, we details some of those here.

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