Randomwatch: Strongest Hero In Overwatch? The Boosted Bastion. No Draws! Oversad.


Strongest Hero In Overwatch?

Rag Tagg: “How dare you accuse me of clickbait.”


Bastion Boosted Gameplay


No More Draws


RageWatch: Oversad experimental video. Song: Explosions In The Sky- Your Hand In Mine.

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Lucio Is Getting Nerfed, Not Buffed


“Overwatch ‘s Lucio has been in an odd spot.”

Overwatch gameplay is largely centered around a Lucio speeding them around… well at the top level of play anyway.

In matchmaking, where many players simply want to enjoy themselves, not do whatever is required to win.

Lucio often gets left out, despite having the most powerful ability in the game, so powerful he’s played nearly 100% of the time at the pro level. The changes Blizzard put into Lucio on the PTR are quite interesting and eagerly attempt to satisfy two problems at once, which for most games/developers is an impossible task, but Blizzard often pulls these miracle solutions out that help everybody, but have they done it this time? And further, despite if Lucio was a must pick for high end play, was play BETTER when that was the case?

Do we WANT to play a competitive OW game where speed is much harder to utilize? This rework has a ton of implications and in this discussion video, FREEDO and Eddy voice their concerns.

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Hammeh: Widowmaker’s Past, Genji’s Father and More.


Overwatch’s Lore has received some interesting new facts with the introduction of in-game lore snippets to the PTR Hero Gallery! Discover some of the story on Widow’s past, Ana’s Egyptian Army days, favoured Junkertown activities and more!

Not long ago, Michael Chu (Lead Writer on Overwatch – story and lore), said that story would be displayed in-game in different ways soon. Well, here’s the first – and there’s some cool new facts!

Part of Widowmaker’s suspected past is confirmed, the favourite sport in Junkertown is revealed, we discover a little more about Hanzo and Genji’s father, and also about Ana’s time in the Egyptian Army!

I run through the gallery here (was doing it on the fly), looking for the new lore, and checking out all the new skin tidbits that have been dropped into the game, as well as the hero bios!

What do you think of the new stuff? Comment here! Happy that overwatch lore and story is coming in-game? Timecodes will be added for you to skip to sections here shortly!

00:38 – Ana
03:16 – D.va
04:00 – Genji
13:02 – Widowmaker

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Advanced Guide: How To Improve Your Aim!


In this video we break down how to improve you accuracy in your games of overwatch. Being at the right height to aim and hit headshots easier is very key and crosshair placement is a very big part of that. I hope this helped you guys out! Video and guide by Your Overwatch

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Helynt Gives Us A 80s Overwatch Styled Music And More


Daft Punk Vibes

I went for the old synthpop feel. I’ve had this idea for a while, finally got around to making it <3 – Helynt

Also, check his YouTube for dedicated music for the Overwatch Heroes!

Complete list >>

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Why Triple DPS Works


Your Overwatch: Overwatch gameplay is taking a step towards more skillful play with triple tank dying and team comps like triple DPS being viable. Why? Well, healing can’t overwhelm your DPS’s damage like it used to, so pressuring from multiple angles with mutliple threats, is actually incredibly good! Also, it intuitively is a PUGgy (Pick Up Game esque) style of play that you may find very easy to gel with random teammates in matchmaking, as you don’t have to have pinpoint coordination and setups, as you can use your individual mobility and positioning to keep yourself alive and as long as everyone can do their role, it can be very effective!

Like these videos and information? Drop Your Overwatch a follow!

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Icarus: The Lucio Problem and Low Skill Balancing


Icarus: “Recently Jeff Kaplan did an improptu AMA on r/Overwatch.

In the AMA he gave a ton of great answers, talking about the inspirations for his game, the development process, balancing, and the meta. Of all the questions, one caught the eye of many in the competitive scene, myself included, and it was related to Lucio and potential nerfs to him. In the answer Jeff essentially said that Lucio was not a “must pick” because he didn’t see much play at all levels, and that balancing for the high level was a bad idea. In this video I’m going to break down why that’s incorrect and talk about the problems of balancing for the low level.”

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Muselk: The Winston Boss Battle


Muselk having fun (as always) with friends in custom games. Boss Battle is one of many different games you can pick or create for public plays. Nothing out of the ordinary, but having some footage while doing something else (and can’t play) may be to some enjoyment.

Video and talk by Muselk

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New Hero and Ability Concepts & Speculation [Part 2]


Your Overwatch – You guys seemed to love the previous video so we’re back with another new hero and ability brainstorm for Overwatch. I know you guys will have plenty to say and have ideas of your own and look forward to reading them in the comments!

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The Lack Of Community Is Far Worse In EU Than On NA Servers


Many talks about toxicity, the amount of hackers, the rage and the lack of communication.

The toxicity on NA vs. EU seems to be about 300% less, the communication is awesome and the games are more fun that way.

To you guys that actually are playing on NA, feel free to try out EU sometime. But be aware that the communication is less to none and not everyone even write in English in the chat to communicate. The rage is stronger due to less experience, less actual help and good vibe as well as common knowledge. In other words, it might be considered “hell” to the NA players, but it might give some insight on how EU are handled by gamers across many countries during matches and perhaps give the community a better feel on how the games are depending which server, country, language and mentality they are offering.

Unit Lost / Stylosa made a video praising NA server. He have been playing on EU for some time now, and swapping to NA (USA), happily to say, he have gotten new feel for the game! He challenge everyone that knows and speaks English (and want to communicate by voice chat, not text) to try out the NA server for themselves, since it seems to be a greater experience.

Stylosa: “I’ve started playing on NA – compared to EU it’s rather eye-opening!” Video and commentary by Unit Lost – Great British Gaming

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