Genji Slices His Way Into Heroes Of The Storm


Genji comes to Heroes of the Storm, and he brings both his swords and shurikens into the fight. Seeing him using an Ultimate from a far distance have never been ensuring to safety and the impact he is making in the Nexus is pretty awesome. Will you try him out?

“Here are Genji B-Roll Footage” by BlizzPro

“Heroes of the Storm 2.0 brings a bunch of new changes to the game, but more notably, it brings everyone’s favorite cyborg ninja into the mix, Genji. Check out some gameplay of the new hero, and also the new Hanamura map.” – GameSpot

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Uprising “No Spawn” Exploit Nuked and Mei Fix Incoming!


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Randomwatch: Action. A Comic. Hanzo Being Cool And More.




Jeff Kaplans Dark Secret

Muselk might be on to something. Hanzo being cool, makes any game so much “epic”. For your enjoyment, video below.

Raw Footage of Kephrii Widowmaker Montage

Show support: Kephrii

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Terry Crews at E3, #Overwatch (?)


Is Doomfist Coming? – Terry Crews Tease For E3!

Terry crews may be coming to overwatch boys and girls, in a recent post he made it looks like he will be making some kind of reveal at e3 (maybe gameplay) about doomfist.

Hype and info by Your Overwatch

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Aim Bug: McCree Is Broken


In this video we talk about the newly discovered aim ‘bug’ for McCree in Overwatch.

This video (by Your Overwatch) was created because a smaller Youtuber made a fantastic video and linked it to us asking us to cover the subject, the original video will be linked below as will QASSM KX’s channel.

If you play on a low sensitivity, dragging your mouse down as McCree as you shoot is subject to some very strange behaviour, potentially if you’re moving your mouse in small enough degrees, the game can completely ignore your input and keep the reticle at exactly the same level.

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Competitive Play: Huge Bugs


Competitive matches might be broken when you read this.

Overwatch Curios tells us all about it. “These bugs are actually pretty crazy! Let’s hope Blizzard fixes them ASAP.” The fix have no ETA.

And those of you that are in higher tiers, be brave.. Be very brave!

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Reinhardt Advanced Guide – Carry as Rein!


Reinhardt has one of the most impactful and crucial roles in Overwatch, yet despite that fact, a large % of players in the community are deathly afraid of his responsibilities.

In this video, FREEDO breaks down the biggest carry plays Reinhardt can make and debatably the most important, initiating fights and getting money earthshatters.

There are more skills to learn, but if you simply do those well, you’ll be a massive tanking asset to your team and may pick up wins when you’d otherwise lose, especially when you don’t have a capable Rein player handy on your team.

Videoguide by Your Overwatch

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Ragewatch: Overlog


Made by RageWatch – Bringing style to the comp.

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Top 5 Hardest Heroes to Play in Overwatch


Top 5 Hardest Heroes to Play in Overwatch! A look at some options for those of you looking for a challenging hero to play. Video and commentary by Overwatch Curios

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Lore talk with Hammeh and Tyrodin, New Voice Lines And Interactions.


Overwatch new voicelines and interactions, ho! Boostio, a new Pharah and Mercy interaction, lots of CTF lines, Mei hiding from astronauts, and Orisa lines in-game and not in-game. More on the way soon!

Hammeh – Overwatch (FailCraft) – Quick vid while working on some longer lore vids this week – some new voicelines are in the Overwatch client, including a new Pharah mercy interaction, more kill lines, Mei and the Moon (?), and Zenyatta wisdom! I’m going through the files more, there will be more where this came from, but here’s a taster.

As always, let me know what you think of the lines, and check the playlists for more of these (much longer, too, including hero lore and interactions!) if you enjoy!

Uprising interactions – these are not available to find as files yet. I’m working on getting them manualy from game for you.


Overwatch Lore Talk – Uprising Lore with Tyrodin

Check them out: Hammeh | Tyrodin

Overwatch Uprising lore – so much of it! So many interesting lore topics and questions that come up from Overwatch’s Uprising comic, event, co-op brawl and origin trailer, that it needs chatting over in a lot more detail!

I’m sure you all know Master Crusader and Reinhardt extraordinaire Tyrodin – if you don’t, go remedy that and check out his YouTube channel, linked below, great vids there! What you might not know is that he’s a massive fan and scholar of Overwatch’s lore too! We jumped into a few Uprising Co-op games together, and had a big old chat about Uprising, skins, sprays, the Overwatch story and universe, and everything story wise that we’re enjoying from the event.

Bit of a different vid – this is LONG – could almost be a podcast! Please do sit down and listen when you have time, use the timecodes in the description below to skip around if you want to hear us talk about specific Uprising Lore, topics and more.

Sorry for the sound levels that get a bit rough and ready at points, I’ll get this all fixed up for anything in future – do let me know your thoughts in the comments, and hope you enjoy!

Timecodes below the video

  • 01:04 – Overwatch Uprising Lore thoughts from the event!
  • 03:00 – Null Sector – who are the Omnic Extremists? What’s their motivation?
  • 6:00 – Overwatch Uprising Comic – lore questions and impressions!
  • 008:35 – Overwatch’s ranks and military command structure – who watches Blackwatch? What could the consequences have been after “Uprising”?
  • 18:43 – Why were Overwatch sanctioned for being in Japan? What might have happened in Egypt?
  • 24:55 – How much of Overwatch was used in Project Titan?
  • 26:21 – Uprising Easter Eggs – King’s Row Cinema Poster Explanation!
  • 28:38 – Uprising Voice Lines – what lore do they tell us?
  • 31:09 – Why might Reyes have turned his back on Overwatch before the Swiss HQ? What drives a man to hunt his ex-colleagues?
  • 38:22 – Why is Reinhardt only a Lieutenant? Strong views from an ex military man!
  • 41:02 – Spray talk! Widowmaker Spray 🙁 What might Widow actually know about Gerard’s death?
  • 44:12 – Overwatch’s open narrative, Titan story thoughts, other Blizzard lore, hopes for future!
  • 48:48 – Brigitte and Torbjon spray thoughts!
  • 52:47 – What started the omnic crisis?
  • 57:05 – Tyrodin on voicing over comics!
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