New Ban System & Overwatch League


Your Overwatch: In this video we discuss the upcoming changes to the report system on the PTR as well as some news about the Overwatch League which Blizzard showed to business leaders at a recent meeting.

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Hammeh: Widowmaker Skin Lore: Odette/Odile Ballet


Overwatch’s Lore has great cultural references, particularly in its skins, that can also shed light on the origin stories of our heroes and villains. Here’s the story of Widowmaker, her Odette and Odile skins, and speculation about her life as Dancer Amelie Lacroix!

Hammeh – Overwatch (FailCraft): Overwatch’s skin lore runs pretty deep on references 😉 We know Amelie Lacroix now as Widowmaker – a nearly-emotionless Talon assassin, but we now have confirmed from the new hero skin lore snippets coming to Overwatch soon, that before her capture by Talon, that Amelie Lacroix was known for much of her life as an accomplished ballet dancer in Paris!

Odette and Odile, two characters from the ballet Swan Lake, are two of Widowmaker’s skins – but what are the ties between them and Amelie, apart from the obvious ballet connection? I explore the background of Swan Lake’s story, and how it could match with Widowmakers, whilst seeing how the two fit kind of nicely together!

  • 0:55 – The Story of Odette and Odile in Swan Lake!
  • 3:31 – What are the similarities between Swan Lake’s story, and that of Widowmaker/Amelie Lacroix, apart from the ballet dancer origin story? 🙂
  • 5:53 – Is Amelie still “alive” within Widow?
  • 6:26 – Other pop culture references to Swan Lake, including video games!

This is one video of a whole Overwatch Hero Lore, Voice Line and Interaction series, so please check the rest out on my channel! The vast majority of sound effects are “clean” from the game’s files – enjoy!

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What Pharah Could Have Been & Top 10 New Skin Concepts!


Overwatch Curios takes a look into the development and design of Pharah in Overwatch. And also some of the best skin concepts created by the amazing Overwatch community! Image above from Overwatch Festival in Busan.

What Pharah Could Have Been

Before Pharah (name given by Metzen) we had Rocket Dude and Rocket Queen. The concept went through drastic changes from a “live hard, die young” character to “justice rains above”! Video and info by Overwatch Curios

Overwatch Skin Concepts

Fans never cease to amaze us with amazing concept art on skins for our heroes, some of which are so popular that cosplayers choose the design over the official ones made by the developers. One day, there might be something out there that could fit (or win) to be selected as an official skin. Do you have any favorits? Please share with us! Video below by Overwatch Curios

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Orisa Live. Buffs To Sombra and Zenyatta. What Is The Future Of Overwatch?


Your Overwatch talks about the changes and the future of Overwatch. 2 videos, double the info!

Not everything went live from the overwatch PTR but orisa is here along with the zenyatta and sombra buffs! Hopefully we will see lucio 2.0 next week!

In this video we discuss what the future could possibly hold for Overwatch not just as a game, but as a cultural movement more akin to Star Wars or Star Trek as an IP. We take a look at how the creative decisions behind the world building reflect a grander ambitions that Blizzard have for the game.

Video and discussions by Your Overwatch

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Introducing Orisa (Now Playable)


Meet Orisa—an omnic peacekeeper built to protect the people of Numbani. Learn more about Orisa :

Orisa will be playable in Competitive in about a week, until then, try her out and let us know if you enjoy the latest Omnic hero!

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Sombra’s voice actor doesn’t mind the haters, loves her character

Carolina_Ravassa_Sombra_Voice“I think Sombra is the perfect embodiment of Latinas”

Carolina Ravassa (born June 15, 1985 in Cali, Colombia) is a Colombian dancer, actress and voice actress who voiced the local population in Rockstar Games’ Max Payne 3. She also provides the voice of Taliana Martinez in Grand Theft Auto V. Latest character have been the world hacker Sombra in Overwatch.

Ravassa joined Michael Chu, lead writer of Overwatch, on stage Saturday to discuss the creation and diversity of characters in Blizzard’s popular team shooter. It was an interesting look into how characters bubble up from Blizzard’s team of creators and how, once envisioned, they are brought to life.

The voice of Overwatch’s Sombra knows that not everyone is a fan of the offense hacker, and she’s completely okey with that.

“I’m honored when they picked me,” voice actor Carolina Ravassa told the audience at a SXSW talk this weekend. “I know every character, every superhero, is a person and has a little good and a little bad in them”.

Continue to read over at Polygon >>>


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Map-Editor In The Future?


Will there ever be a map editor for creating custom maps?

We are extremely open-minded about releasing a map editor for Overwatch someday. But because Overwatch was made with a brand new engine, this is not a small task or one which can happen any time soon. We have this on our long-term road map and believe heavily in user-made content. But there are many challenges ahead of us and it will be a very long road before our editor can be made available to the public. – Jeff Kaplan [source]

The entire development team are open-minded about mostly anything that the community throw at them, and even if the ideas are cool, well thought out and engaging in terms of the experience, there might not be enough time for them to actually make the visions true. Not due to that they do not want, but because there is a priority when it comes to Overwatch and a list that are ever changing on things that needs balancing and evolving.

side_interview_development_logo_random_articleThat doesn’t mean some things might end up higher up on that list, such as the “save footage on my wins” feature we are looking forward to. There is also the fact that many are waiting for a good singleplayer campaign mode in Overwatch. These things are, of course, not a priority, and a Map Editor might be below these on the list.

Development on maps are fun but time-consuming, making a map editor would surly make the community grow without the time needed for the developers to invest on official maps? Right? .. No, I do not think so.

A Map Editor would be a feature to probably be unleashed on Public Games and not something you download from some kind of a workshop. There are many different routes you can take to develop this type of platform for creators to use.


If you know a lot of programing then it would’ve be the ultimate way to create a map. Make objects float and move how you want, make different kinds of spawn-areas, create objects to actually fill the environment. For this to happen, the developers must more or less give their software to the fans for free. It would also be too extreme for just one person to learn (and the official map creators would be out of jobs @ Blizzard Entertainment).


If there would be some kind of map-editor, it wouldn’t be a good old *.WAD (Doom II level designer anyone) here. It would be based on a set of rules, limited as such. Probably the first step would be to actually choose the theme of the map, each theme having x amount of objects. Like for Hanamura example; garden hut, vans, motocycles, stones, bushes and trees.

side_map_hanamuraMoving platforms would be “inside” blocks and not programable. These blocks would take on a bigger space on a grid (the foundation of the map). It probably would also include a 360 degree drop to death around the map. The blocks would also be limited but perhaps possible to rotate 90 degrees to fit the grid. Perhaps there would also be a limit hom many barrels, offline omnics and wildlife you could put on the map, even if you just did an open space, and the blocks would give you the volume needed to actually feel it wont be flat.


In other words, the map editor would become dull very fast if not treated right. With new official maps released, the map editor would get a new theme each time, with these finished blocks. Having Numbani trees on a Volskaya map would break the rules, and such, limit the perspective and creation of the map – making the creator become bored quickly.

There are many other ways to make maps editors, but I have a very hard time seeing this being a realisation within at least 2 years. If it were the top priority we could get a kick-ass editor, but as it stands now, try to enjoy the public games for what they are and make some matches with friends and try not to think too hard about it.

What do you think? Would you like to have a map editor, even if it were limited as such?

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Lorewatch: Orisa – Overwatch Lore


With Numbani still under threat, the shadow of Doomfist growing ever larger and the infamous gauntlet going missing on the eve of Unity Day, will we see her pressed into action soon?

And where will she fit in with Winston’s new vision for the world and the rebirth of Overwatch? To the outside observer, Orisa and Efi would seem to be almost the perfect candidates to act as standard bearers for the future of humanity.

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Unit Lost: Junkrat no longer causes self-damage [PTR]


A change for the better, a “mad bomber” with demolition expertise.

These PTR changes may or may not come to the live servers.

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The New Playstyle Of Lúcio


Your Overwatch: “Lucio’s rework is a bit controversial, but if it does go live as-is it’s about time to talk about how best to use him! Lucio has a bigger responsibility than before as well as much more engaging mechanics, so stay in the battle and remember, he’s support! So support your team! They’re relying on you! In this video FREEDO points out some do’s and don’ts and some things to consider when using the NEW Lucio.

The part on Hanamura shows where to be careful, the skill of lucio now will be in the team decisions you can make amongst you solo plays, that lucio jumping around on point while his team are booped off shows how not to play this playstyle, but for the best of you lucios mains out there, this change is going to be very fun and compelling!”

“The Godly Lucio 2.0” by Muselk

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