3 New Maps Incoming. Junkertown / Horizon News in 2017


Overwatch is getting 3 new maps this year, if things go to plan! Get the news here, and a bit of speculation as to what 3 new “normal” Comp/QP, and ANOTHER 3 “non standard” maps could be!

Hammeh – Overwatch (FailCraft): Overwatch is getting three new “QP/COMP” maps in 2017 if things go to plan, three new “nonstandard” maps, and there are some experiments in the works too, according to a post from Jeff Kaplan today!

Get a round up of the news here, some speculation on when we might see new overwatch maps (hopefully not long!), and also, what they might be and what overwatch game modes they might be for!

I called Eichenwalde 4 months before it released..can lightening strike twice?

Do let me know your thoughts and what new maps and game modes for overwatch (PVE? More overwatch 3v3 or overwatch 1v1? A return of Lucioball?) in the comments!

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Should Leavers Get Banned?


Nobody likes leavers, they ruin games for their team but also the other team doesn’t get normal SR bonus anyway, meaning the game is is a net negative for everybody.

Your Overwatch: “However, there are legitimate causes to disconnect from a game and attempt to rejoin, but according to this forum post, after the recent update this user has experienced keeping the “leaver” penalties between games, despite re joining them successfully.”

“In this video, Eddy talks about a few possible solutions to help mitigate the disconnection problem.

We all don’t want leaving a game rewarded, however some small tweaks to help aid those with technical difficulties can go a long way to sure up more full games for everybody.”

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OneAmongstMany & Ryan: Sombra Assaults – Community Scrims


Are you entertained? A duo made for a good commentary during a mini-tournament; here are One Amongst Many and Ryan, getting happy about seeing a Sombra at assault maps.

sombra_side_serious_hack“Have a match from our Scrim Central community mini-tournament – newcomers I Need Healing going up against Six Amongst Many in our first mini-tournament!

Not going to lie, felt my casting was shaky on the day, but still had a blast doing it. Ryan and I seem to be getting far more dynamic, which is really, really nice.

I rather liked the use of Sombra, although the first push on Hollywood was rather a mess (just take a healthpack and heal using it repeatedly, guys), but all the games of the evening were pretty close and great fun.

The entire VoD of the day can be found on my stream.”

Video by OneAmongstMany with Ryan.

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The Best Heroes In Overwatch Right Now [Meta Talk]


In this video Freeedo and Liam discuss who they think are the best heroes in Overwatch right now.

They cover Soldier 76 and Pharah, along with any nerfs and buffs they think might be coming to the Overwatch meta. Further in, they discuss who they think are some of this meta’s hidden gems.

Video and discussion by Your Overwatch

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Unit Lost: 3v3 Changes Coming Soon!


Overwatch’s 3v3 mode will be receiving updates in the near future. Sudden death is being changed and we’ll be able to add health packs in custom games. Video by Unit Lost – Great British Gaming

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How to Attack Hanamura, Adjusting The Tie System & Supports Don’t Gain Less SR.


How To Attack Hanamura

Your Overwatch: In this Overwatch Hanamura map guide we break down the best ways to get through this choke in different contexts as well as the best heroes to help you achieve this! 

Videos and commentary by Your Overwatch


Adjusting The Tie System

Assault has been one of the least popular game modes in Overwatch since release and has also had a few changes. Well, blizzard have decided to give one more gameplay changing dynamic & freedo breaks this down and tries to figure out if it is better or not.


Supports Don’t Gain Less SR

Supports historically in Overwatch had issues with earning less skill rating per competitive win when compared to other hero classes.

This had been fixed, or so the community thought, some time ago, however recent rumblings of the Support SR issue have resurfaced. Thankfully, Blizzard is very vocal with the community and make a forum post dispelling the rumors that Supports gain less SR… However, the window opened into the mysterious hidden MMR SR adjustment system just brings up more questions about how it works, rather than ease our minds that everything is working as intended.

In this video, Freedo asks some pointed questions of this SR adjustment system and wonders if this ‘hero performance’ modifier needs to be toned back similarly to the (thankfully now nerfed) win/loss streak system. Complex quandary, let us know your thoughts!

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Ragtaggstic: Carry To Diamond. Win Every Game. Ultimate F.A.Q


I Will Carry You To Diamond

Rag Tagg: “This is a story that is worth taking the time to watch, as the results will surprise you.”

How To Win Every Game – Speed Boost

I wish I was joking, but I’m not. I only lost 1 game using this method, then I won 9 games in a row.

Ultimate F.A.Q.

Time to get all the frequently asked questions out the way in this video where you can get to know me a bit more, and find out how I started on YouTube in this never-before-told-story! The songs from before my channel ended up being re-worked into some of my WoW content.

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Genji: Nerfs. Buffs. Voice Lines and Interactions.


Genji BUFF Coming! – Mei Freeze FIXED!

Your Overwatch: In today’s news round up video, Genji is going to be getting 7 sword swings instead of 6 with his ultimate, Mei’s broken freeze and Assault’s scoring bug both fixed. Kaplan buzzkills hype alluded to by Terry Crews E3 announcement, but what does it mean!?

Hammeh – Overwatch (FailCraft): Overwatch’s cross-over into Heroes of The Storm continues – although it’s out of universe (and therefore not canon lore), Genji has some hilarious stand alone joke lines, and interactions with some of the weird and wonderful characters from other Blizzard universes in Heroes of The Storm! As well as interactions and voice lines with Tracer and Zarya, he also chats with Kharazim,
(Diablo), Chen, Murky and Samuro (Warcraft), Zeratul (StarCraft), and a lot more heroes besides!

In this vid, we explore Genji’s interactions and voice lines – funny, stupid, lore-accurate and otherwise, with all his fellow Nexus combatants.

If you’re new to other Blizzard games apart from Overwatch, Heroes of The Storm has many cool heroes, with interactions and voice lines to match, from all Blizzard’s universes. It’s free, and awesome – give it a go if you can on PC!

Do you play Heroes of The Storm? Want to see more detailed versions of these for other heroes? Let me know in the comments! Whether you’re an Overwatch fan watching this for something a bit different, or a HoTS fan new to the channel, please do let me know your thoughts – good or bad, it all helps me improve!

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What Does Our Heroes Listen To Right Now?


Right now, in an alternate dimension, where earth is a bit further in the future, the heroes are resting and taking it easy.

At this very moment we get a glimpse in what they are listen to right now.

The music might not be what they listen to mostly, but it is curious why they picked them out. Perhaps they were just curious on what the radio played or they found an old hologram-umd-drive laying around, who knows?

Do you agree that these might fall into their category of choice?

Which one of these tunes was a mistake and quickly stoped by the heroes, and which one is spot on? Feel free to discuss.

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Is Lucio Still A Must Pick?


With the Lucio changes in full swing, what’s the final verdict?

His value is just as sick as it used to be, however it takes a lot more command of his kit to get that value out of him. In this video, FREEDO breaks down some tips and considerations when playing the new and improved battle-hardened DJ in overwatch.Video by Your Overwatch.

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