Next Hero Support? How To Defeand Horizon. How To Win With Onetricks & Bad Comp.


These three videos, discussions and guides are all from Your Overwatch

Next Hero A Support?

In this Overwatch news video we go through an interesting post by blizzard developers that hint that the next hero is probably going to be a support. Athena or not this could be interesting so we throw out some concepts and speculation about their abilities.


One Tricks & Bad Comp – Win Anyway!

Overwatch Gameplay can be frustrating, especially when scattered through all the ranks there are players that may throw a wrench into your conception of what a team composition should consist of.

One tricks aren’t going away though, so if you want to win those games when paired with them, better learn how to synergize with them! Further, the mindset used to create a wonky comp that works is the same mentality that pieces together NEW comps.

3 Tank was deemed a joke before it was proven, same with 3 DPS, DVa was said to be useless “oh wait, useless? We mean MASSIVELY OP!”.

Learning how interactions work in Overwatch don’t come by parroting the established meta (although more reliable wins follow that strat lul) but are instead found through experimentation and using Overwatch Gameplay logic to piece together synergies you might not think of. The most current one is Orisa Torb, which is basically as viable as a niche comp can be, but more exist and get discovered through playing with wonky comps to figure it out! So, even though it might seem a pain to have a teammate that only plays one hero (that isn’t even that viable ‘in this situation’) the experience will strengthen your command of Overwatch gameplay if you learn how to win in that situation!


How To Defend Horizon 1ST Point

In this Overwatch horizon advanced map guide we break down the best ways to play this point in different contexts as well as the best heroes to help you achieve this!


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Zarya Comic Announced + SDCC 2017 Doomfist Panel


Overwatch has a new Zarya comic coming in “days or weeks” – there’s a bunch of interesting info from SDCC 2017 – get the roundup here, as well as from the Doomfist Panel!

What is Zarya up to in Dorado? :O Perhaps going after Sombra after the events of Infiltration? Do you like the merch? How about Doomfist being able to throw rocks in the air? 😀 The panel looked loads of fun – they got foam Doomfists! Do check out my Comic Analysis of Masquerade vid / Planet Overwatch Mockumentary from this week if you haven’t already, lore returns as always, next week!

Hammeh – Overwatch (FailCraft) (Credit to SCarina_T and SpiralToro for the photos and video respectively – thank you guys!)

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New Weapon Skins & New Portrait Frames


Some custom weapon skins were slipped into the last minute of the Doomfist video released by Blizzard a day ago. Two custom weapon skins were spotted, and more are assumed to be on the way. Video by RejectedShotgun – Overwatch News

Now we all hope that weapon skins are not exclusive only for competitive players so everyone can enjoy it. And if this is a thing for competitive play, let us just hope there are gold skins to unlock for every design.

Read more about our older news on weapon skins below!

Read more about weapon skins

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Comic – Analasys: Doomfist Masquerade + New Weapon Skins & Hero Teased?


First of all, read the comic below!

Overwatch Masquerade comic is here, MIND BLOWN! Many great Overwatch lore, Doomfist and story talking points, a Talon reveal, new skins maybe in the making and more! Get all the details here in my uprising comic analysis!

Overwatch lore and story on the past of Talon as an organisation has been a little thin, until Overwatch Masquerade, that is! The new Overwatch Comic released today has LOADS of interesting information and story background to Talon lore, hero lore and story, its operations, and potentially, where the Overwatch story might be going next!

What do you think of the comic, and the big reveals? Will Overwatch end the Uprising? What will the next step be in Talon’s Overwatch and World War? Can’t wait to find out – do let me know your thoughts on the comic and potential skins, in the comments! – Hammeh – Overwatch (FailCraft)

The new overwatch comic shows of a load of new skins and potentially a hero for the game some time soon. On top of that we missed the potential gun camos in yesterdays video! – Your Overwatch

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Doomfist arrives July 27


Overwatch’s long-awaited hero Doomfist will arrive the live server on July 27 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. And lets not forget the upcoming summers event!

Data mined information also makes it look like summer games will be coming soon as well as cosmetics for doomfist and others! – Your Overwatch

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Does SR Punish The Nice Guys?


If you get 5 other players capable of building a functional team, Overwatch competitive is awesome. The problem is, too many systems exist in the game that promote selfish behaviour. This really needs to change.Unit Lost – Great British Gaming

When you are stuck with people that do not want to change their hero to make the team work together better, you might already have lost. And if you are one of those flexibel guys that actually pick a tank or a healer, which you aren’t that good at, but dammit, you wanna win the game! The SR punish you with a huge drop. The amount of hours does not give you any accurate data on how good you are, it is the behaviour.

I think Overwatch YouTubers are coming up with great discussion points for the future of the game. We all should be putting our 2 cents in and making our voices heard. Here’s my thoughts. – Rag Tagg

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New Hero Preview: Doomfist


Get a behind-the-scenes look at the development of Overwatch’s newest hero, Doomfist!

Doomfist arrives on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One July 27, 2017.

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Randomwatch: Tracer’s Secret Song. Rotated Sprays. Blackwatch Mercy Fanart and more!


Keeping it simple and straight to the point!

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PTR: How The New Reinhardt Charge Works!


Reinhardt has had some buggy Overwatch Gameplay as of late, some legacy problems as well as some that developed over time with recent patches.

On the PTR a new set of fixes have been implemented today to make his abilities land correctly. But there’s more than meets the eye, it appears that the NEW CHARGE doesn’t boop enemies away anymore, if the pin misses, it just whiffs completely.

On the surface this might be considered a nerf, however when played on the online servers it may clear up some confusion that the net code must run into when the pin attempts to connect. Instead, it won’t ‘boop first’ instead, it should give it time to let the pin connect. The PTR changes. Discussion and video by Your Overwatch

What do you guys think? Not sure if better, worse or more of the same? Reliability is always good though! Feel free to drop a comment!

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Hammeh: Has Competitive Season 5 Felt Worse?


Has Overwatch Competitive Season 5 felt “worst” for you than others when it comes to teamplay and trolling? Let’s examine why this might be, and whether it’s as bad as some might think, as well as what is happening that will improve things! – Hammeh – Overwatch (FailCraft)

1:13 – Has Overwatch Competitive Season 5 felt bad, or worse than usual? If so, why?
4:23 – “Bad” in-game behaviour – trolling, throwing? Or frustration at lack of progress?
5:22 – “Progression Stagnation” – how can we support people out of it?
8:31 – The “feeling” of Loss streaks – are they out of balance, or is it in my/our heads?
10:22 – The “Dive” meta – why it may have caused a little more frustration than average “meta” concerns…we always have them 🙂
12:20 – The “Mercy SR Conundrum” – now possibly tweaked/ fixed (if it was ever broken! Blizzard haven’t commented either way).
15:37 – How and when will all this change? (It will!) and what can we do to help it?
16:55 – Ideas for the future that might help! (Whether technically possible or not, I don’t know…)

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