Beta: Flagging accounts now complete. Bad ping gameplay for EU-gamers during stress-test. Got no access?


Beta: Flagging accounts now complete!

[BETA] Flagging of accounts selected to participate in our upcoming Beta Test Weekend is now complete. [Twitter]

no_betaNote: It may take a while until you get a confirmed e-mail if you got access. Also check spam-filter and never click on odd links. If you hover your mousepointer over links in mail you can usually see if they are strange. If you already have the desktop app, (which we recommend for you to download via – Google it manually) just open it and see if you can install the beta. This is actually the fastest way to see if you got flagged.

Bad ping gameplay for EU-gamers during stress-test

Just to mention, while there is a huge chunk of players right now playing Overwatch, they are all connected at it seems on the US server. If you can’t login on EU, try US. Be warned though – there is a high ping, and lag is an issue. Even if this might be an issue we urge everyone on both US and EU as well ASIA to try to play. The reasons for this is to stress-test.

Update: Choose Americas server. Once you are logged in, the game will automatically place you into games on servers that are most appropriate for your region and ping.

side_support_lucio_classDo not forget our contest: Origin Edition on PC can be yours! Enter today!

I have no access ;(

If you do not have beta access, check the reddit link and join the discussions. We also recommend playing other games that you really like. Check our older news. Paint your favourite hero or listen to the music of Lúcio.

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Overwatch at PAX East April 22–24, 2016


Play Overwatch @ PAX East 2016

Commencing in 3…2…1….

What: An annual celebration of gaming culture and community
Where: Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
When: April 22–24, 2016

Head on over to for panel schedules, hotel and travel information, forums, and more. You can also download the super sleek (and super official) PAX East 2016 app from Guidebook for free.

This year’s PAX East marks the first time Overwatch will be publically playable in the U.S. on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One—so if you want to get in on the action, assemble your team and head over to the official Blizzard booth. You’ll have the opportunity get your hands on the latest version of the game, pick up a payload of goodies (including a limited edition print of our first comic short), and more!

We’ll have demo stations available from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EDT in booth #2093 of the Expo Hall, so if you’re in the area (and in the mood for some dashing heroics), be sure to stop by and check it out.

pax_gabriel_tychoTwelve players. Two teams. One legendary prize. This PAX East, Penny Arcade’s Jonathan “Gabe” Gabriel (cartoon alias of Mike Krahulik) and Tycho Brahe (aka Jerry Holkins) will go head-to-head in Overwatch as they battle for bragging rights and ultimate ownership of…The Watch.

Making its first appearance in 1999, The Watch has been a running gag in Mike’s and Jerry’s  celebrated comic strip for nearly 20 years. Now, after decades of fictional theft, backstabbing, and sometimes actual stabbing, it’s time to settle the score in true gamer fashion: with an epic PvP showdown.

Will it be Team Gabe or Team Tycho who emerges victorious? Come witness the grudge match of the century Saturday, April 23 at 6:30pm EDT in the PAX Arena Stage to find out—or watch online at!

Read the complete article and see map-overview at!

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Overwatch stress-test weekend invitations are about to be sent. Last two skins have arrived! Blizz.News.


Overwatch stress-test weekend invitations are about to be sent

Overwatch GG on Twitter wrote: Blizzard will begin flagging accounts for the OW Beta Test Weekend later today, no specific time. Emails can take some time to arrive.

This weekend Blizzard are inviting more people to stress-test their server. Much more information about this can be read here. We encourage everyone to take it chill, even if you do not get an invitation you will play the game after launch if you are into the whole concept (you probably are just by reading this).

From the site: Our second and final Beta Test Weekend will begin on Friday, April 15 at 9:00 a.m. PDT and end on Saturday, April 16 at 9:00 p.m. PDT.

To help us get the most out of this testing phase, we will be flagging accounts for the Beta Test Weekend beginning in the afternoon Pacific Time on Thursday, April 14. Once flagged, we encourage all new recruits to download and install the beta client so you can be ready for action once the stress test officially begins.

If you’re selected to participate in this Beta Test Weekend, you’ll see an Install button appear in the Overwatch tab of your desktop app as well as an Overwatch Beta license in the YOUR GAME ACCOUNTS section of Account Management.


Last two skins have arrived

Say hello to Pharah’s Raindancer skin and Genji’s Nomad skin.

Overwatch are now officially done with the batch of skins pre-launch. More will come post-launch and even more fun will Origin Edition owners have with the Origin skins for Tracer, Soldier: 76, Reaper, Pharah, Bastion and Widowmaker (see picture above).

Missed out on the other skins? Check these news, and here for EVERYTHIIIING!

Last skin_raindancer_pharah1 Last skin_raindancer_pharah2 Last skin_nomad_genji1 Last skin_nomad_genji2

And as a side-note…

It seems that we have been qualified to be a part of a place we highly recommend for all kind of Blizzard news in different languages.

We would like to thank everyone for visiting our site and hope you keep enjoying our collection of news, humor and videos. Love – D’Va! (and Glemda Crew)

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Widowmaker Mayhem and Guide. Roadhog Without Mask? The story behind Reinhardt: Voice Lines. Ranked Play with a blind Lúcio

Today on

  • Widowmaker Frag Mayhem and a Guide [videos]
  • One bluepost! … One!
  • Roadhog without the mask!?
  • The story behind Reinhardt: Voice Lines
  • One Amongst Many: Ranked: The Blind Lúcio Comeback & Chill

Huge load of videos today so grab your popcorn and get the notes down if you are into playing Widowmaker or love lore (Reinhardt). Here we go!


Widowmaker Frag Mayhem and a Guide

Both videos by Valkia which shows some Widowmaker action. Usually he is playing Pharah that could maybe given him a bit of awesome sideway know-how to play Widowmaker (and even Hanzo). The focus is the Femme Fatal and there is also a guide for you that might wanna become better at her.

Overwatch: Widowmaker Frag

How to improve your aim as Widowmaker

side_bluepostOne bluepost

Not much, but enough for now..

Ranked, Measuring Time Played > Skill

Written / From Muselk: Ranked is supposed to be all about playing with players of equal skill levels to yourself. However take a look at how the current system for gaining/ losing points works.

Winning a match: +20
Winning a match on a streak: +40
Losing a match: – 20
Losing an OVERTIME match: -10
Losing a match at Tier 1 of a new rank: – 0

Now, while im personally a bigger fan of ranking systems like you see in CS:GO (where rank is calibrated and set based on your skill levels), I can understand blizzards desire to have a more simplistic and user friendly ranking system.
But as you can see from what I put above, the rewards for winning and gaining points SIGNIFICANTLY outweighs the penalty for losses and losing points.
All this means is that regardless of your skill level, unless you’re absolutely HORRIBLE, its possible for pretty much any player to reach Legendary rank.

As an example.
Say I win just 3 games in a row, that gives me a total of +100 points.
Now, lets say that 50% of games end in overtime (in reality its more like 70-80%, but Im being conservative). I would have to lose almost 8 games in a row to lose the points that I gained with 3 wins.

Now, as much as I love ranking up, I really want ranked to be RANKED. And in its current state of rewarding/penalizing, I think you could put an AFK bot into ranked games and reach master in a day.

But thats just my thoughts! Discuss.

Jeff Kaplan: Please remember the system is not fully implemented. Once players hit Heroic (eventually) their exact rank will be shown. In essence, you’re seeing the first half of the system. I think there are a lot of great opinions here. I am glad the first week of ranked play has spurred so much discussion. [source]


Roadhog.. without the mask!?

Do not get your hopes up high okey? This is not cannon and only “fan art”.. by me.. with paint!

So what do you think? (No need to downvote!)

Do not forget our contest: Origin Edition on PC can be yours! Enter today!


The story behind Reinhardt: Voice Lines

Video by FailCraft – “We know Reinhardt as a champion of a bygone age, who lives by the knightly codes of valor, justice, and courage. However, his in-game voice lines show what he does on his days off, friendships, and even hint as to future things we might discover about him! In this new video series, I’ll be walking you through fun extra facts and potential backstory behind the heroes in Overwatch, that we discover through their in-game voice lines.

Which musician and actor is Reinhardt’s favourite? Which eSports star does he follow when he’s not fighting for justice? What banter does he exchange with Torbjorn, and exactly how well groomed did he used to be? We discover all these things and more, as well as finally taking a look at some rare lines that (if they are still relevant) might point to Reinhardt being a guardian of a young ward, and perhaps having a map/level of his very own in future!”


Ranked: The Blind Lúcio Comeback & Chill

We end today with a nice Ranked play video by OneAmongstMany

“Ranked gameplay! What happens when one of your team-mates spend most of the match blind? You keep calm and Soldier on. Then cowboy up. I can’t think of a good Zenyatta pun.”

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Patch Notes. Blueposts. Epic PotG collection. Turret Balls and some Mythbusting!

  • April 12 Patch Notes
  • Blueposts
  • Epic Play of the Game montage
  • Turret Balls are Real!
  • Overwatch Mythbusters Ep. 5


April 12 Patch Notes (Patch:

A new beta patch is now live. Read here to learn about the latest changes.

To share your feedback, please post in the Beta Feedback forum.
For a list of known issues, visit our Beta Bug Report forum.

Please note that some changes may not be documented or described in full detail.

Update: April 12 Beta Patch Reverted!


Collection of bluepost. First one was updated just a few minutes ago!


Epic Play of the Game montage

OneGoldenTiger wrote: I made a Overwatch montage of the best POTG clips , so here it is. give me our thoughts on how you thought is was and how I can improve. Hope you get a kick out of my video!

It seems that we have a member on our forums that want to give away playstation and xbox beta access. Thats cool! >>


Turret Sentry Balls are Real!

Source: Reddit | and a cool picture to go with it!

Since one of the last few patches, balls are now global, and you can attach turrets to them:

[EDIT] another one where the turrets actually fire

[EDIT2] here’s some imgur-links for those who can’t view gfycat: one, two,


Overwatch Mythbusters Ep. 5

Muselk uploaded a few days ago episode 5 of Overwatch Mythbusters. Enjoy!

Do not forget our contest: Origin Edition on PC can be yours! Enter today!

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Overwatch Beta Stress Test Weekend April 15–17


Beta Test Weekend strike team: it’s time to re-deploy!

From Friday, April 15 through Sunday, April 17, we’ll be hosting our second invitation-only Beta Test Weekend! For a limited time (36 hours to be exact), we’ll be opening up the Overwatch beta test to a much larger number of players in the Americas, Europe, and Asia gameplay regions for another round of stress testing.

The objective: help us get our server hardware and technology ready for release!

During the Beta Test Weekend, all players (including those currently in the Closed Beta) will have access to the full roster of 21 heroes and a limited selection of maps: Hanamura, Route 66, and Nepal. Certain features will also be unavailable during this Beta Test Weekend including Weekly Brawl! and Competitive Play.

Since this is a stress test, we’re primarily interested in your technical feedback, like how Overwatch runs on your system, your experience with the beta servers, critical bug reports, and other game-impacting problems. One of our goals is to push our hardware to the limit, so don’t be surprised if you experience performance issues or run into unexpected downtime—that’s all part of the process.

Read more about it on EU or US

And leave feedback here for EU / US.

Do not forget our contest: Origin Edition on PC can be yours! Enter today!

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Alive breakdown by One Among Many [Video]


OneAmongstMany talk about the short animated video ‘Alive’. Everything from hero and camera usage to backstory, sound effects and personal thoughts.

“Lets get the links outta the way. Go watch the short animated ALIVE first. Now.. BOOM! Talking about Alive. Why Widowmaker is the bestgirl, why this short is great from a technical and story standpoint, and a bunch of other things around it. It’s just good stuff, worth the praise.”

(And.. First animated video were RECALL, see it here!)

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Quick guide to all the heroes. Ranked Gameplay. Fan Art: Genji. Cosplay.


This is a tasty one!

Currently Cynical Nerds are making guides for all the heroes in Overwatch. Are you new to the Overwatch are at least interested in how your (maybe future) hero works in terms of strategy, this is excellent!

Very good information that will change in the course of hero development. If things change, so will the guides and this is why we really like this channel on YouTube.

The active Quick Guide list can be found here. And the latest video below (about Reinhardt) for you to enjoy as an example.


“Ranked gameplay! Heavy supportin’ but doing good work in these Mercy and Lucio games on Hollywood. Taking a look at my own play, decision style, as well as wondering why the winners won and the losers lost.” Video by OneAmongstMany


“身を捨てても、名利は捨てず” // “Even If I Sacrifice My Body, I Will Never Sacrifice My Honor”

Fan Art by NoCluse. Genji from Overwatch. I made a modified his armor a little to make him look a little more unique. First time using particle effects too. This took me an astonishing 5-6 hours to make as opposed to the 2-3 hours I usually spend on fanarts. [source]



We are Overwatch

Got some awesome cosplay photos below! [source 1] [source 2]

Tracer: Sirena Cosplay
Reaper: Bloodraven Cosplay
Mercy: Oshley Cosplay [Source 2 Photographer]

Rudy [Source 1 Photographer] @ CosLife

cosplay1_oshleycosplay- cosplay2_oshleycosplay-

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Blueposts and Lorewatch: McCree


Blueposts in a collection below. Click for much more information.

Do not forget our contest: Origin Edition on PC can be yours! Enter today!


Lorewatch: Who is McCree?

Have you been wondering what McCree from Overwatch is all about? Find out about McCree’s lore and the Overwatch story in an all-inclusive episode of Overwatch Lore from TGN Partner LowManaGamers. Video by Squadron

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Overkill Tournament will crown the King of the Beta

Following information are taken from


We here at GosuGamers are excited to announce that we will end the Beta of Overwatch with a big bang: Overkill! is nothing short of the biggest Overwatch tournament in the short history of the game, featuring a $5,000 prize pool and the greatest teams in the world. The best teams from around the globe will battle it out in an exciting scheduled league format to determine who can call themselves the kings of Beta!

In cooperation with our partners DXRacer and Matcherino we invited the eight best teams from the European and North American Server. In the first stage of the league, the teams will compete for the crown of their respective region in a round robin league format. To crown the ultimate king of the Beta the North American champion will play against the European champion in an exciting cross-region final. This tournament will be the ultimate conclusion to the Beta: Which region is the superior one? North America or Europe? And who will be the first team to put their mark in the history books of Overwatch by crowning themselves the kings of Beta?

But here is the best part: You wont even have to wait long, as we kick off the tournament tomorrow!

General Information:    

  • 2 groups with 4 teams each, divided by regions
  • The champions of each region will face off in a cross-region final!
  • Map drafting through
  • Groupstage games are Bo5, Finals are Bo7
  • $5000 prize pool
  • Matchdays are: April 12th, 13th, 14th, 18th, 19th, 20th (Disclaimer: Dates may change due to Beta availability)
  • The winner will be crowned King of the Beta    
  • Our official coverage Hub will be:
  • All games will be broadcasted live on our channel by ZP & Hexagrams

The invited teams are:

North American Division:    

European Division:

Keep your eyes open for our coverage of the tournament. We will have daily news, match coverage and interviews regarding the event and have a lot of cool surprises in store for you!

For more competitive Overwatch news, follow us on @GosuOverwatch.

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