The New Playstyle Of Lúcio


Your Overwatch: “Lucio’s rework is a bit controversial, but if it does go live as-is it’s about time to talk about how best to use him! Lucio has a bigger responsibility than before as well as much more engaging mechanics, so stay in the battle and remember, he’s support! So support your team! They’re relying on you! In this video FREEDO points out some do’s and don’ts and some things to consider when using the NEW Lucio.

The part on Hanamura shows where to be careful, the skill of lucio now will be in the team decisions you can make amongst you solo plays, that lucio jumping around on point while his team are booped off shows how not to play this playstyle, but for the best of you lucios mains out there, this change is going to be very fun and compelling!”

“The Godly Lucio 2.0” by Muselk

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