Lucio Is Getting Nerfed, Not Buffed


“Overwatch ‘s Lucio has been in an odd spot.”

Overwatch gameplay is largely centered around a Lucio speeding them around… well at the top level of play anyway.

In matchmaking, where many players simply want to enjoy themselves, not do whatever is required to win.

Lucio often gets left out, despite having the most powerful ability in the game, so powerful he’s played nearly 100% of the time at the pro level. The changes Blizzard put into Lucio on the PTR are quite interesting and eagerly attempt to satisfy two problems at once, which for most games/developers is an impossible task, but Blizzard often pulls these miracle solutions out that help everybody, but have they done it this time? And further, despite if Lucio was a must pick for high end play, was play BETTER when that was the case?

Do we WANT to play a competitive OW game where speed is much harder to utilize? This rework has a ton of implications and in this discussion video, FREEDO and Eddy voice their concerns.

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