Lúcio About To Get Buffed? And A Suggestion On How To Make Him “Better”!


Is Lucio Getting Buffed!?

“A fascinating overwatch AMA on reddit by Jeff Kaplan gave us insight to a lot of Blizzards inner workings. One of the most interesting tidbits was the revelation that they’re looking into changing Lucio as they think that he’s a bit hard to get impact with despite there being the perception that he’s a ‘must pick’ in a lot of circumstances in Overwatch. In this video we explore this idea and come to our own conclusions as well as giving a few examples of what you COULD do to make him feel more individually impactful.” – Your Overwatch

My suggestion

How about connect each of the burst 4 green “bullets” from his Sonic Amplifier, making it more like an electric burst rather than 4 waves on their own. This could allow him shooting wider arcs that actually are connected to each other.

The main attack is very difficult to master with Lúcio since the travel time is slow and it is very tricky to even get head shots.

So yeah, have each “bullet” connect if they are pretty close to each other to make the attack wider. Still have headshots with direct hit, and less damage “in between the bullets” but still making some damage. Giving the player a feel of doing a bit “better”. [source]

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