Hammeh: Widowmaker’s Past, Genji’s Father and More.


Overwatch’s Lore has received some interesting new facts with the introduction of in-game lore snippets to the PTR Hero Gallery! Discover some of the story on Widow’s past, Ana’s Egyptian Army days, favoured Junkertown activities and more!

Not long ago, Michael Chu (Lead Writer on Overwatch – story and lore), said that story would be displayed in-game in different ways soon. Well, here’s the first – and there’s some cool new facts!

Part of Widowmaker’s suspected past is confirmed, the favourite sport in Junkertown is revealed, we discover a little more about Hanzo and Genji’s father, and also about Ana’s time in the Egyptian Army!

I run through the gallery here (was doing it on the fly), looking for the new lore, and checking out all the new skin tidbits that have been dropped into the game, as well as the hero bios!

What do you think of the new stuff? Comment here! Happy that overwatch lore and story is coming in-game? Timecodes will be added for you to skip to sections here shortly!

00:38 – Ana
03:16 – D.va
04:00 – Genji
13:02 – Widowmaker

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