Hammeh: New Valentines Voice Lines, Hanzo and Oasis Interactions


Overwatch isn’t getting Valentine’s Day as an event, but new voice lines with characters exchanging chocolates are in the PTR game files, as well as some new interactions!

Quick vid while working on some longer lore vids this week – some new voicelines are in the Overwatch PTR client, including some new Hanzo-Genji interactions, Genji-Mercy (ship ahoy?), and Reaper sharing some interesting information on Oasis when he spawns there with Sombra..I wonder who he’s referring to?

As always, let me know what you think of the lines, and check the playlists for more of these (much longer, too, including hero lore and interactions!) if you enjoy!

Video and commentary by Hammeh – Overwatch (FailCraft)

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