Hammeh: Lore, Story And World Building Facts


Overwatch lore, story, worldbuilding and development has been talked about a lot recently by Jeff Kaplan and Michael Chu at various games industry conferences – here’s a round up of all the interesting Overwatch lore, world and development facts, philosophy and stories from their presentations!

Overwatch’s developers haven’t only been updating us – they’ve been talking at various games industry conferences too! These presentations are often really interesting to look at the wider, games industry design perspectives of a title – and Jeff’s DICE Keynote Speech on Overwatch’s rise from the ashes of Project Titan, along with how the team made an optimistic version of the future, had some really interesting facts in it.

Michael Chu presented similarly to GDC (Game Developers Conference) on Overwatch’s world and story, again, with a few nice little facts and tidbits.

Get the round up of both here, along with a quick summary at the end of recent Overwatch news in the last few days, including a few pieces you may have missed!

This is long – please use the time skip codes below if you want to skip to a bit you’re more interested in!

Do let me know your thoughts in the comments on how this vid was for you! Too long? OK? Appreciate feedback on how it can be improved  – Hammeh – Overwatch (FailCraft)

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