Hammeh: Jeff Kaplan Reddit Q&A Roundup


Overwatch’s latest new hero has a launch date confirmed, Lucio might be getting some changes soon, and Jeff Kaplan gave a lot of interesting dev updates in an impromptu Reddit AMA/Q&A! Here’s a roundup of all the interesting news, and Overwatch/Titan history we learnt!

Overwatch’s Jeff Kaplan did a Reddit AMA/Q&A yesterday and shared a lot of fascinating insight into upcoming potential game changes (Lucio might be getting changes, Eichenwalde is getting another map change, and more!) his thoughts/concerns on how we as a community can view the Overwatch PTR and Hero balance process, history of how Project Titan elements made it into Overwatch, what rank he is, and more!

There’s some really interesting stuff in the AMA/Q&A beyond the headline news. I’ve gone into it in reasonable detail along with some thoughts on the PTR/attitude to balance changes at the end.

Get a comprehensive round up of both here, along with a quick summary at the end of recent Overwatch news in the last few days, including a few pieces you may have missed!


  • 01:08 – Orisa’s launch date confirmed and new video! (Next tuesday ;D)
  • 01:33 – Possible Lucio Changes coming!
  • 03:00 – More Competitive Rewards? / PVE Events, Returning Seasonal Event Skins?
  • 04:29 – Overwatch’s Titan Past – History and Classes from Project Titan, how they came into Overwatch in some forms..Hero vs Class design!
  • 07:44 – Overwatch’s Development on Console – goes back a long way!
  • 09:04 – Overwatch’s Future and Development Plans – Plans for a universe to rival StarCraft, WarCraft and Diablo 😀
  • 10:22 – Should Overwatch release “more Heroes, More often”? What are the pros and cons? Should we even expect it?
  • 10:52 – JEFF KAPLAN – DICE – Overwatch’s start from Titan, the challenges.
  • 13:32 – Overwatch’s Hero Balance Philosophy – what the devs see and what we see, and how that differs!
  • 16:47 – The Stats of The PTR – Do we really test properly? Can we give a “concrete opinion” from that test, and how does our posting opinion affect others?
  • 18:53 – Looking at “Nerfs/Buffs” as part of a bigger picture – Bastion changes – Orisa – Zen Changes. Was Bastion *as* OP when viewed in this wider context?
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