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3 July 2016 – Tutorials: Added Curse Entertainment: Hero Counter Video Guide

21 June 2016 – Tutorials: Added “6 Tips How To Aim” under the Mouse Sensitivity section.

20 June 2016 – Maps: Trivia added.

17 June 2016 – Maps: Low Mana Gamers Map Guides are now among the map guides and King’s Row and Hanamura added.

12 June 2016 – Maps: Overwatch Central Video Map Guide Hanamura added. 10 secrets and tricks added under Tutorial, Tips & Tricks section.

4 June 2016 – Maps: Overwatch Central Video Map Guides added. Text Guides deleted since they never seems to get done [external links deleted].

3 June 2016 – Lore: Lorewatch added by Low Mana Gamers. Hero pictures replaced with Video Sound Interactions by Hammeh.

1 June 2016 – Tutorial: “This is how Play of the Game Works” information.

31 May 2016 – Maps: Kings Row Video Tutorial added.

30 May 2016 Heroes: Added the “Overwatch Counter Calculator”. Community: Added Glemda Gaming Official links. Maps: Added “General Map Tricks – 6 Tips for Positioning” and “General Map Tricks – Sneaky Map Routes”. Added this log.

29 May 2016 Total graphical make-over. Added subcategories instead of having it all on one site. Buttons, headers added. Simplified text and guide links on all pages within the Guide section.

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