Overwatch SEA Tournament Group Stage Announced

OVER.GG announcement: The group stage has been announced, and the qualifiers declared over. Here’s a peek at the highlights from the qualifier games from the Overwatch SEA’s official Facebook page. Earlier in March, the first Blizzard Overwatch SEA Tournament was … Continue reading

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How To Winston: Triggered Edition

Learning a new hero in Overwatch can be extremely daunting, but once you pick up Winston, you’ll realize that there’s a huge amount of fun to be had. Got anger problems? People trigger you? Take Winston and go ham. Season … Continue reading

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Top 5 Excuses Everyone Makes (In Competitive Play)

Video and commentary by Your Overwatch – In this video we go through the top 5 excuses everyone makes in Overwatch going from the release of the game to the current meta. Everything from thinking gold medals are a way … Continue reading

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Ana: OverSwag by RageWatch

Ana get things done in the style of RageWatch. Slow Motion, phat bass and a aim to kill for. OverSwag. By RageWatch

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Meta Discussion: Is Orisa Viable?

Orisa is an exciting new character with unique things to add to Overwatch gameplay, however does she carve out a playstyle that is better than what we already have? We think ultimately no, not yet, but where could she see … Continue reading

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How A Reinhardt Thinks

Understanding Reinhardt from the tank’s perspective can help you get the most out of your game. Here is what you need to know by Rag Tagg.

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How To Carry With Zarya – Advanced Guide

Your Overwatch – Advance Guide: Zarya back when the game came out was considered a one-woman wrecking crew and was famous for carrying match making games. Though the landscape of Overwatch has shifted from that heyday, her impact is still … Continue reading

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Blueposts: Skins, Slow Motion Custom Games and Official Orisa T-shirts

 Slo-mo option for custom games? Blizzcon Skin(s) For whom do you want a new skin? [Poll] What are good ways to deal with tracer? Does anyone else have that 1 map they HATE playing? Sombra Boop low gravity mode in … Continue reading

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The Kings Row Update

Latest discussion on Reddit and official forums talks that the PTR have some “not-so-good” updates on Kings’ Row. In a more colorful fashion, people states their opinion faster than Winston could rage. “Post made by Gale wrote following: For those … Continue reading

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5 Things You Perhaps Didn’t Know About Overwatch

A compilation of things you perhaps didnt know about Overwatch. Video and information by Overwatch Curios

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