Ana Nerf Reverted, Zenyatta & Sombra Buffed Again And How To Counter The New Bastion


Your Overwatch wrote: Blizzard heard your feedback and and is reverting the nerf to the biotic nade in overwatch! That means Ana will have a bit more sustain, the nade will remain powerful and dexterous, but her damage nerf is staying. As well, Zenyatta is more accurate and teammates can see Sombra’s hacked health packs through walls! Great changes coming to Overwatch, Blizzard are on a roll!

Ana Nerf Reverted, Zenyatta & Sombra Buffed Again

Your Overwatch made both the videos and discussions below.


How To Counter The New Bastion

Your Overwatch wrote: Overwatch’s NEW Bastion luckily was toned down from his 35% resistance heyday (for a week or so) to now only be 20%, but he can still be a big annoyance to deal with. In this video, FREEDO breaks down some counter Bastion Gameplay strategies. Mainly, the rule of thumb is similar to Symmetra, don’t simply ‘run into’ the value of their spam, but instead, pick apart the set up, flank it, surround it or make a coordinated push towards it.

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