Efi Oladele – Let The Speculations Begin!


Overwatch’s new hero teasers have probably begun with a blog about Efi Oladele – a drone/robot inventor and AI specialist, who could show in an animated short! I explain the blog’s lore, and analyse why Efi probably ISNT hero 24 – but her invention might be!

efi_oladele_numbaniHammeh – Overwatch (FailCraft) – Efe Oladele – a young genius, robotics and AI specialist and drone inventor – all at age 11! A tantalizing Overwatch blog has just dropped, that may give us some hints as to who the next hero in overwatch might be – and, it may well not be something we expected after all!

“An Interview with Efi Oladele” is an Atlas news interview with an eleven year old winner of a “Genius Grant” from the Adawe foundation, who has a penchant for robotics and artificial intelligence….

In this video I quickly explain the story of the blog, then analyse it line by line, then have a speculate as to what it could mean for a new hero, or perhaps animated short!

What do you think of the blog? Do you think Eefee will be the controller of mechs or bots, or a creator of perhaps, a self-aware Omnic? Could Eefee still be involved somehow in what happens with the Doomfist?

Either way, it’ll be fascinating to see where this ride takes us – feels like the beginning of a new hero kickoff and hype!

Reckon any of these are more or less likely than others?

Your Overwatch – The way this interview is worded gives FREEDO suspicion that danger is afoot! When companies put out PR messages like this, they don’t mince words, the way this interview is written has an ominous tone for sure, with foreshadowing latent within it. Don’t put it past an adorable 11 year old to possibly be a villain OR to create one on accident! What do you guys think?! Am I crazy?!

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An Interview with Inventor Efi Oladele [Latest Hero Revealed?]

Already one of the world’s foremost centers of scientific discovery and exploration, Numbani has a brilliant new mind to add to its ranks: Efi Oladele. In the last year, she’s built a resume of impressive achievements in robotics and artificial intelligence, but perhaps most remarkably is that she’s done all of this by the age of eleven. Last month, she became the most recent recipient of the Adawe Foundation’s prestigious “genius grant,” in recognition of her many accomplishments. She is undoubtedly someone whose career will be watched with great interest.

efi_oladele_numbaniFor this week’s “Spotlight on Numbani,” we had the opportunity to catch up with Efi to learn more about her and her plans for the future.

I’d like to start off by congratulating you, Efi. This is a tremendous, well-deserved honor. How do you feel?

Amazing! I wasn’t expecting it at all, so it was a big surprise. At first, I thought it was a joke—like one of my friends playing a trick on me. It’s been a week now and it still doesn’t seem real, but I’m very happy about it. Much better than winning the science fair.

How did you get into robots and artificial intelligence?

Well, I’ve always been interested. After my mom and dad got me my first robotics kit, I became obsessed with putting together little drones. When I started to get good at it, I tried to build robots to do my chores and help around the house. My parents think it’s cheating… It’s no fair! (laughs)

I want to create things that make our lives better. And someday, my dream is to build something that can keep us safe, like the new OR15s! I think that would be great.

It’s amazing what you’ve been able to accomplish at your age! How do you do it?

I’m not sure how to answer that. I just do it! I guess I’m very lucky that my parents put up with it. Robots can be messy, you know. And expensive.

Speaking of which, do you have any plans for what you’re going to do with your grant? New computer? College tuition?

Oh… I have an idea…

No hint?

It’s a secret for now… but my parents are taking me on a trip to celebrate! It’ll be my first time flying, so I can’t wait.


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Hammeh: Pharah’s Father in Lore, Nendoroid Mercy/Figma Genji


Information and Video by our best Hammeh – Overwatch (FailCraft)

Overwatch has a lot of news and updates that are easy to miss! In this news roundup, I review all the news from a new Overwatch Dev Q&A video from PC Gamer Weekender, with a lore update on Pharah’s Father (!), more Overwatch Nendoroids and Figma!

Overwatch news flies so fast, it can be easy to not notice things going on! The PC Gamer Weekender event in London this weekend just gone (oh venerable magazine!) got an exclusive Overwatch dev team Q&A – including a morsel on Pharah’s Dad, and who it isn’t. I round up the key news from that, the full vid is linked as pinned comment on this video 🙂

There’s also a cool Overwatch Nendoroid Mercy and Mei on the way from pictures of NYTF and Wonderfest Japan posters, a Pro Genji Figma (ok, just a Genji Figma figure/statue, perhaps some changes to the killfeed enroute), and a bit of clarification from Blizzard on the prospects of an Overwatch Animated Film or Movie anytime soon… I round up all the news, large and small here.

00:31 – Pharah’s Dad/Father – and Reinhardt News!
02:55 – Would Blizzard do another ARG for an Overwatch New Hero?
03:59 – Will there be an Overwatch Film or Animated Movie?
04:46 – Could there be an Overwatch Theatre Mode?
06:15 – Will old brawls like Junkenstein’s Revenge or LucioBall be available in custom games outside of seasonal events? + Other Questions!
08:39 – Overwatch Nendoroid Mercy, Mei and Figma Genji statue confirmed – and Channel News!

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Your Overwatch: Taimou Widowmaker Aim – Pro Analysis & Bastion Meta Talk


Videos and commentary by Your Overwatch

Taimou… has good aim. -Tailspin after leaving nV, who go on to win APEX Season 1 afterwards (feelsbadman). Let us know if you want to see more pro overwatch breakdowns.”


“In today’s video discussion, we talk about the state of Bastion’s ironclad passive ability buff in the Overwatch PTR, whether or not we think it’s too stronk and if it is, how should it be readjusted before it goes live… Let us know how you would change Bastion.”

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Next Hero, Not Doomfist?


When Jeff Kaplan wrote in a bluepost that the next hero will not be who we think it will be, the thoughts went straight to Doomfist and the Tank Role. Second thought went on to Liao, the member of Overwatch that we do not know much about. Is there any more? Fans have speculated for a while that we might get an evil Omnic, perhaps an entity that have direct connection with both Volskaya AND Doomfist, or even Athena.

There are plenty of speculations out there and here is Unit Lost take on it in two videos. Wild speculations are the best ones, right?

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Priorities & Mini-Objectives – Simple Rank-Up Advice


OneAmongstMany: One of the easiest ways to start rapidly improving in Overwatch is to have a clear idea of what your goals are on whatever hero you’re currently playing.

In this video, we discuss my approach to having a simple rotating priority system, what affects that system, and how to put it to use. This should feed naturally into some short videos discussing priority, rather than having to go through entire CtM episodes.

Also what happens when this system DOESN’T work.

Did you see that Genji fly?

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Best Tracer Playstyle – Advanced Guide


Your Overwatch: Tracer’s role in overwatch is often misunderstood, in this advanced guide we will you tips on how to use her playstyle to keep yourself alive and deal devastating burst damage to the enemy team.

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Reaper Lore, Nendoroid Tracer, Season 3 End


Overwatch has a lot of news and updates that are easy to miss! In this news roundup, we ponder an Overwatch lore teaser on Reaper and the ‘decades’ he’s been active, Overwatch Nendoroids announced, a competitive Season 3 end, and more!

Overwatch news flies so fast, it can be easy to not notice things going on! An Overwatch lore tweet from Michael Chu gives us an interesting point to debate around the figure of Reaper, and wine Gabriel Reyes may have actually become the wraith like figure. Was it while Overwatch was still active, rather than after the Swiss Headquarters explosion as some like to speculate?

There’s also a cool Overwatch Nendoroid Tracer on the way, competitive season 3 end date looks to be arriving soon, and action is being taken against Overwatch hackers in Korea, which will be good for the game in general! I round up all the news, large and small here.

00:35 – Reaper “Bio Intentional” Lore News and Speculation!
06:37 – Competitive Season 3 End Date – Off Season soon?
07:36 – Overwatch Nendoroid Tracer statue confirmed!
08:36 – Overwatch Hacking clampdown in Korea – and why this is important for us all!

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Your Overwatch: Terrible Team Comp


Your Overwatch: We’ve all been in games where the team comp just makes absolutely no sense in Overwatch. In this video we discuss how terrible team comps happen, why the support picks can make or break a comp and how to best decide how to fix something that isn’t working.

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OverwatchTV: Epic Play Montage #2


Today I bring you the second episode of the Overwatch Top & Epic Plays series with amazing clips that you must not miss as they are really incredible!

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