Hammeh: Year of The Rooster – Chinese New Year Event Confirmed


Overwatch Year of The Rooster / Chinese New Year and Korean New Year is confirmed as a NEW EVENT, with new skins! I take a look at the Mei and new Dva Skin that have been revealed, go through the lore and story of the holidays, and speculate on what else we might see in an Overwatch New Year’s Event! Sun Wukong Winston, maybe?

HYPE. On Twitter last night, Overwatch Year of The Rooster was announced! Overwatch Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year, or Korean New Year…whatever you call it, it’s coming Jan 24th! We’ve seen a new Mei and new D.va skin already in the twitter teasers, I’m sure more Year of The Rooster skins will come!

There’s a lot of history behind the holiday – I quickly analyse Mei and Dvas skins, explain Chinese New Year, the little I’ve found out about Korean New Year (please correct me Koreans!), the Chinese Zodiac Story and how it ties into The Year of The Rooster, and how it could show what skins we might get for other characters too! Sun Wukong Winston has some form in the game already. – Hammeh – Overwatch (FailCraft)

Update: Leaked image


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Developer Update | PTR Philosophy


Game director Jeff Kaplan discusses the Overwatch team’s philosophy behind PTR testing, going into detail about console certification processes, hero balance, and PTR testing incentives.

00:14 – Jeff discusses Blizzard’s PTR philosophy
01:49 – Why is the PTR not available to console players?
02:41 – Jeff discusses the patching process on Xbox One and PlayStation 4
04:57 – Why aren’t there incentives for players who participate on the PTR?
06:36 – Jeff talks about Sombra balance changes
08:17 – Jeff talks about Roadhog’s hook and balance changes
09:33 – Jeff talks about D.Va balance changes
11:29 – Jeff talks about Ana balance changes
12:32 – Feedback from players and statistics from the PTR helps us immensely
13:50 – Jeff thanks the Overwatch community and PTR participants

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Hammeh: Doomfist, Lore Facts and Speculation!


The thought of a Doomfist trailer or hero announce with Terry Crews voicing has everyone all excited..’til then, here’s what we DO know lore and hint wise about Overwatch’s potential new hero! Should he release, I forsee Doomfist Gameplay montages with Old Spice memes galore, doomfist abilities all having “POWER” overlaid…and that’s even before the mad doomfist theories as to why the gauntlets are all on different hands in the Numbani museum..let’s find some reason in the madness.

Video, research and commentary by Hammeh – Overwatch (FailCraft)Subscribe to him here

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Muselk: The Longest Beat Drop!


Todays topic: “Beat”

Muselk & Friends with some random cringy adventures in Overwatch.

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When to Contest the Objective


Your Overwatch: The decision of when to disengage from a fight is key to maximizing the number of full team fights you can have to win an objective. This knowledge is crucial to all game modes and Liam breaks down the nuances of each mode in this video. Comments are appreciated.

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Gods joins Cloud9’s Overwatch team in time for APEX S2

cloud9Just when you thought the NA scene wasn’t changing enough, a top contender changes things up.

Cloud9 will be adding former NRG member Daniel ‘Gods’ Graesar to the starting roster. This change comes off the back of a semifinal finish at MLG Vegas and Cloud9’s recently announced invitation to OGN Apex Season 2.

Concurrently, Cloud9 has announced three of their players: Lane ‘Surefour’ Roberts, Lucas ‘Mendokusaii’ Hakansson, and Gods, himself, will be occupying the flex role, as opposed to their former DPS positions. This small systemic change was done to better reflect the evolving competitive Overwatch meta, valuing flexibility in compositions.”

Continue to read all about it over at Gosu Gamers >>

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Hero Picks Dont Matter – If You Play Them Wrong


Your Overwatch: A lot of times in overwatch, people think the right hero swap will turn the course of a game. While that is true if done correctly, just making the swap won’t make the plays for you. In that way picks, don’t matter, it’s what you do with them that makes the difference.

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Oasis Dark Secret? [Map Lore & Easter Eggs]


Low Mana Gaming: On the surface Oasis is a shining beacon of innovation, founded by some of the greatest scientists in the Overwatch world.

oasis_map_environment15From the bustling city center under the four grand Ministries through to the calming Abu Hassoun gardens and the labs of the University, everything about Oasis screams progress and endeavour.

But under the surface, does something darker lurk beneath? The ominous tower at the heart of the city is still without specified purpose, but with the all encompassing surveillance that covers the city and the seeming isolation from the rest of the world could the technocratic masters of Oasis have a much darker purpose at heart?

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The Burst Healing Problem


Your Overwatch: Ana is getting nerfed on PTR, but what are the ramifications? In this video, FREEDO argues that the true strength of Ana is the quick ‘burst’ of healing, which most of it will remain, although her bulk healing numbers will go down. Does this kill triple tank? Or just make it harder to play? Undoubtedly it makes Ana harder to play, but as FREEDO concludes, that will have to be a by product of Ana being balanced, after all, her place is likely best left on the fringe akin to other high skill heroes, rather than the centerpiece of the game.

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Sigrun & Valkyrie – Lore Behind Overwatch Skins


From her Valkyrie flight suit through to her place as a field medic, her Germanic heritage through to her – in game only – ability to resurrect the fallen, Mercy has always felt as though a large part of her character was inspired by the Norse legends of the Valkyrie. With her Sigrun and Valkyrie skins this connection is made even more evident.

From her relationship to Genji being eluded to through the tale of Sigrun and Helgi to the goddess of healing in Norse legend Eir aligning perfectly with Mercy’s outlook, we find links throughout the details hidden in these two skins.

With Overwatch having already experienced it’s own Ragnarok some years ago, what part will Mercy play in it’s rebirth?

Twitter: twitter.com/lowmanagamers
Twitch: twitch.tv/lowmanagamers

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