5 Minutes of Deathmatch Gameplay


Deathmatch is coming to Overwatch very soon, here’s 5 minutes of gameplay from the PTR.

We do not know if vs AI will get the same treatment, but it doesn’t seem like it.

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Developer Update | Deathmatch | Overwatch


Game director Jeff Kaplan reveals a new game mode coming soon to the Arcade: Deathmatch!

Play Deathmatch now on the PTR: http://blizz.ly/2vJuePP

00:15 – Why didn’t we add Deathmatch before?
00:57 – Deathmatch is coming to the Arcade!
01:25 – Overview of Free-For-All Deathmatch
02:28 – What maps will be used for FFA Deathmatch?
02:51 – New map coming for FFA Deathmatch: Chateau Guillard
03:57 – Overview of Team Deathmatch
04:27 – What maps will be used for Team Deathmatch?
05:31 – Impact on Game Browser and Custom Games
06:34 – Never say never: Deathmatch is available right now on the PTR!

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Summer Games 2017 Skin-Specific Voice Lines


Overwatch has new skin-specific voice lines for Summer Games 2017 skins! Grillmaster 76, Cricket Junkrat have a bunch of new lines, with a few sounds for Tulum Sombra and Lifeguard Mccree. Check them out with explanation here!

Grillmaster 76, Tulum Sombra and Cricket Junkrat all have some new voicework! Check it out here – timecodes to skip to just the voicework of the heroes. I try to explain the Cricket references, which are very specific….good luck and hope they make some kinds of sense. It’s different types of “bowling” delivery mostly!

What are your favourite lines? Think of any that Mercy, McCree and the other heroes with new skins should have? Do let me know in the comments! – Hammeh – Overwatch (FailCraft)

Grillmaster 76 – 0:28 | Cricket Junkrat – 2:24 | Cricket references in voicelines – 3:31 | Tulum Sombra – 5:41

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Overwatch Seasonal Event | Summer Games 2017


The Summer Games return for more fun in the sun: http://blizz.ly/OWSG2017

This year, we’re celebrating the spirit of competition with a new Lúcioball arena, leaderboards, and competitive play. Players can also unlock over 40 new seasonal items—including legendary skins like Winged Victory Mercy, Grillmaster: 76, and Lifeguard McCree—alongside all your favorite summer gear from last year.

So, put on some sunblock, turn up the volume…and let the games begin!

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Developer Update | The Games Are Back!


The Summer Games return to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on August 8! Join game director Jeff Kaplan as he discusses what’s changed, what’s the same, and what you can expect from this year’s event.

00:47 – Will last year’s Summer Games items be available again this year?
01:08 – Confirmation that all Summer Games items can be unlocked via credits
01:36 – Summer Games 2017 loot box items teaser
02:31 – Overview of changes coming to credit unlocks for Summer Games 2016 items
03:50 – Lúcioball is back, and it’s got a new arena!
04:16 – Discussion of some of the gameplay changes made to Lúcioball from last year
05:11 – Introducing Copa Lúcioball
06:20 – Have fun, and we’ll see you August 8!

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Unit Lost: Huge Update [Doomfist Included]


Doomfist hits the live servers today. But there’s also a whole host of other major updates hitting too. Let’s go over them, it’s a super exciting time for Overwatch!

Video by Unit Lost – Great British Gaming

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Doomfist Now Playable [Trailer]


After being live in PTR, Doomfist is now officially playable in all Overwatch modes.

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Hammeh: Ban Wave. Toxic Players Beware. Reporting Changes & More.


Overwatch throwers, toxic players and griefers, beware – a suspension wave is in progress, with changes to the reporting system announced too! Will this help the current state of Competitive matches? News, analysis and a quick channel update here!

toxic_undead_by_semlimitOverwatch changes requested by the community incoming! With people on Reddit and social media reporting that a lot of 1 day suspensions have been fired out, Blizzard announced they are taking immediate action against accounts with proven toxic behaviour, with more to come, including changes to the reporting system! I go through the changes, explain why they’ve probably been made and how they’ll work, and look at how we can help improve things too – it won’t be an immediate fix!

Bluepost: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/overw…

Also, a quick channel update on video release plans/schedule for the future, from next week. Do you think these changes will help? Let me know if your competitive experience is better over the next few days, or how it’s been the last few days in the comments!

0:39 – summary of changes – suspension wave!
2:15 – Scaling Competitive Season Bans for toxicity
3:40 – Notifications when action taken on one of your reports.
4:56 – Report people properly, for valid reasons!
5:54 – Penalties for ABUSING the in-game reporting tool!
6:43 – Will this help? If so, how quickly? What can we do to help ourselves?
9:40 – Channel Update – video upload schedule/plan, reasoning, channel direction!


Planet Overwatch is full of fascinating creatures, including the wild Pharah, Mercy and Pharmercy! Let Sir Hammeh Battenborough show you the wonders of nature in this nature documentary parody.

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Your Overwatch: Roadhog Saved! Torbjörn Counter Dive Guide.


Discussions, guides and videos made by Your Overwatch

Roadhog Saved

Roadhog has struggled to fit into the mobility meta with his incredible damage reduced however, Geoff and the Overwatch team have something exciting in store for Overwatch Gameplay!

The ability to move at full speed while using “Take a Breather” in its own right allows for a lot of flexibility and character flow, but the -50% to incoming damage while doing so makes shooting Roadhog during the animation a waste of time in many situations.

Blizzard is pushing Roadhog into being a very brawl-y hero, but the question is; is this good enough? Winston Dva blocks so much damage by itself, will Roadhog being very tanky be enough to make an impact in the meta? Either way, it’s difficult to find major impact on Roadhogs hook (damage aside) thanks to Defense Matrix being so good, but at least in matchmaking where the coordination and teamplay isn’t as tight as the pros, this will make Hog a worthwhile pick. Let’s hope so! [Bluepost]


Torbjörn Counter Dive Guide

We have missed out overwatch’s torbjorn many times on this channel but in season 5, he is a serious tool in the fight to counter dive comp! This is a lot about theory but we will do a full guide on how to use his kit soon!

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Randomwatch: Roadhog & Sombra Voice Actors Bond. Random Gameplays.


Josh Petersdorf and Carolina Ravassa talk shop- Video by Hispanglosaxon

More fun stuff!

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