Octavio Ocana Net Worth: How Rich was the Mexican Actor Really?

Octavio Ocana was a 22-year-old Mexican actor. He is best known for his role as Benito Rivers Ruiz in the Mexican TV series “Vecinos”. Octavio was shot dead on October 29, 2021 on the Cuautitlan Izcalli highway in Mexico State. Octavio Ocana’s expenses at the time of his death are not available and are still being reviewed.

Full Name Octavio Ocana
Birth Date 7 November 1998
Birth Place Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico
Profession Actor
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth Under Review
Death 29 October, 2021

Early life

Octavio Ocana was born Octavio Augusto Perez Ocana on November 7th, 1998 in Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico. Not much is known about his early life, his parents and his educational background. She seems to have a passion for imitation from her childhood days.

Octavio Ocana Net Worth & Career

Octavio started his career at a very young age in a TV program called “Chabelo”. She has appeared in the TV series Chiquillos y Chiquillas. At the age of seven, he was selected to play the role of Benito Rivers in the Mexican TV series “Vecinos”. He has been part of the series as one of the main characters from season 1 to season 3, and from season 5 to season 11. Ocana has been seen as a guest character in the fourth season.

Ocana has also been part of the film “Amos letra por letra”, which was released in 2008. He has portrayed the role of Gaspar in the film. In 2007, she appeared as Otto Von Ferdinand in the Mexican youth melodrama series “Lola … Sula una vez”. In the same year, he made the appearance of guests as Benito on the sitcom of the Mexican family “La Familia P. Luche”.

In 2009, she appeared in the role of Lorenzo Montero in the TV series “Hermanos y detectives”. Ocana continued to play the role of Benito Rios in the series “Vecinos” even after he was a teenager. In addition, she has been part of other TV series such as “Te doy la vida” and “La mexicana y el guero”.

Personal Life

Octavio Ocana died at the age of 22 after being shot at a Mexican police station. News of his death was confirmed by the producer of the series “Vecinos”, Elias Solorio on October 30, 2021. The exact cause of his death is still unknown. However, there is a lot of speculation going on about how the young actor was shot and killed.

One of the reporters, Carlos Jimenez, testified that he was drunk while driving, and when police tried to stop him, he pulled out his pistol and shot him in the head. He further added that there was a bullet mark on the roof of the truck. Investigations are under way at the Office of the Attorney General of the Mexican Region. The officer questioned two friends he was traveling with at the time of his death.

Octavio Ocana Net Worth

The exact value of the Octavio Ocana theme is not yet available. However, it is believed that he should have made a lot of money through his acting career.

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