Nicholas Brendon Net Worth: How Rich Is the Actor In 2021?

Nicholas Brendon Schultz is an American actor best known for starring Xander Harris in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series. As of 2021, Nicholas Brendon has an estimated value of $ 3 million.

Brendon has appeared in numerous other shows including Criminal Minds and Big Gay Love but his work over the years has been overshadowed by the fight against addiction and drug use that led him to admit that he has repeatedly tried to commit suicide.

Full Name Nicholas Brendon Schultz
Birth Date April 12, 1971
Birth Place Los Angeles, California, United States
Profession Actor
Relationship Status In a Relationship
Net Worth $3 million

Early Life

When Brendon was young, he wanted to be a famous baseball player. As he grew older, however, Brendon decided to get into acting. One of the main reasons for this change was that he had a stuttering problem that severely damaged his self-esteem. He was constantly on the move to develop this aspect of himself.

Brendon was focused on acting but when he got into the industry, he ended up seeing a lot of politics going on in it. This frustration led to Brendon’s decision to pursue a doctorate in medicine. However, his decisions did not seem to work out as he did.

Nicholas Brendon Net Worth and Career

Brendon now had a full-time secular job in order to earn a living. He held various positions, such as a watchman, a counselor, and even a waitress. However, Brendon reached a quarterly health crisis when he did not have a clear direction on where he wanted to go for his job and broke up with him. After being fired from his job, Brendon received a script for the actor Xander in a series called Buffy the Vampire Slayer which opened the auditions.

Brendon was able to relate to this character and he would get a role. This has been a turning point in his life as the series will grow in popularity year after year. He has been part of the series for 7 years and has achieved several successes. Later, Brendon also became involved in the production of comic books.

Some of her activities include being part of Criminal Minds, Very Bad Koalas, and Private Practice. Brendon has been very successful in the various roles he has played throughout his career but it could be his addiction problems that have greatly affected his career over time.

Personal Life

Brendon was in a relationship with Tressa DiFiglia. Later, their relationship became strained and they decided to get married in 2001. However, the marriage was to end in divorce. Brendon is currently in a relationship with Sarah Allison who supported him during spinal surgery. Drunkenness became one of Brendon’s greatest enemies which led to depression in his life.

This has led to him appearing in many attacks over the years. In 2010, he was arrested for assaulting police officers there. This led to his arrest on a charge of malicious damage to property. More such attacks and arrests will follow in the years to come when Brendon is in court regularly.

In 2015, he was choking his girlfriend while they were in a hotel room. This was to happen to his other girlfriend two years later. Brendon has been out of rehab and is recovering from alcoholism and will not be able to completely eliminate it in his life.

Nicholas Brendon Net Worth

As of 2021, Nicholas Brendon has an estimated value of $ 3 million. Most of the money he earns comes from his acting career.

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