MUI Issues Fatwa on How to Pray Medical Officers Who Treat Corona Patients

This fatwa can be a guide for Muslim medical personnel.

Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) issues fatwa on prayer procedures for medical officers who treat patients with corona virus positive, Covid-19. This fatwa is needed considering that many medical staff cannot perform prayers if they use a complete Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).The fatwa with number 17 of 2020 was signed by the Chairperson and Secretary of the MUI Fatwa Commission, Hasanuddin AF and Asrorun Ni’an Sholeh dated March 26, 2020.

The fatwa contained 11 points regarding the provision of prayer that medical officers could carry out.”Muslim health workers who are tasked with caring for Covid-19 patients using PPE are still obliged to perform fardu prayers (compulsory) with various conditions,” reads point one.Point two states that when working hours are finished or before starting work they still find prayer time, the officer concerned is required to perform fardu prayers as usual.”In the condition that he is assigned to start before entering the time of Dhuhr or Maghrib and ends still in the time of Asr or Isha ‘prayer, then he may perform prayers with the jama’ ta’khir (combining the two prayers and carried out at the end time),” reads point three .

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May Jama ‘

Point four, if the officer starts work during the noon or Maghrib while it is estimated that he cannot perform the ‘Asr or Isha’ prayers on time, the MUI allows to pray the Jama’a ‘taqdim (combining the two prayers performed at the beginning).Point six, when working hours are in the span of prayer and have ablution, medics are allowed to pray within the specified time while still using PPE.

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MUI Issues Pray Medical Officers
MUI Issues Fatwa on How to Pray Medical Officers Who Treat Corona Patients

Provisions for Purification

Point seven states that if it is not possible for ablution, the officer can purify by way of tawamum and then perform prayers.”In the condition of hadas and it is not possible to purify (wudu or tayamum) then he performs prayers may be in an unholy condition and there is no need to repeat ( i’adah ),” said point eight.At point nine, if the PPE used is unclean and does not allow it to be removed or purified, medical personnel are permitted to perform prayers in unholy conditions and repeat ( i’adah ) after being served.In point ten, the MUI requires the person in charge of the health sector to arrange shifts for Muslim medical personnel by considering prayer times. This is so that officers can carry out religious obligations and maintain personal safety.”Health workers use this fatwa as a guideline for praying while still paying attention to aspects of personal safety,” point 11 states.

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Regarding Corona, the Vice President Asked for a Fatwa on Managing Bodies and How to Purify Medical Personnel

Vice President, Ma’ruf Amin will propose to the Indonesian Ulema Council and Islamic mass organizations to issue two fatwas around the handling of the Covid-19 corona virus. He considered the existence of the fatwa was needed at this time.The fatwa referred to by Ma’ruf is about the procedure for the management of dead bodies due to a deadly virus and how to purify medical personnel who cannot release personal protective equipment.Ma’ruf said that the people really needed the fatwa, which also contained the possibility that the body could not be washed.

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Fatwa For Medical Officers To Use PPE To Pray

Not only that, a fatwa regarding the provisions of medical personnel who want to pray but not allow to remove the personal protective equipment for eight hours is needed at this time. Ma’ruf considered that this fatwa needed to be issued considering that many officers had experienced the incident.”To medical staff who use personal protective equipment that cannot be removed for eight hours, cannot do ablution,

I have asked to be made so that they can pray without ablution,” Ma’ruf said.Furthermore, Ma’ruf called on all parties to unite in dealing with the corona virus. He also asked each party to no longer be polemic.”But how to carry out security measures, countermeasures,” he said. (Legitimate)

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