Michael Winslow net worth: How rich is the star of Police Academy?

Michael Winslow is an American actor and comedian. He is also a beatboxer, often referred to as “The Man of 10,000 Sound Effects”. Michael is best known for starring Larvell Jones in the American police comedy series “Police School”. As of 2021, Michael Winslow’s total value is estimated at $ 1.5 million.

Full Name Michael Leslie Winslow
Birth Date September 6, 1958
Birth Place Spokane, Washington, U. S.
Profession Actor, comedian, beatboxer
Ex-wife Sharon Winslow
Net Worth $1.5 million
Height 5 feet 11.75 inches or 182 cm tall

Early life

Michael Winslow was born on September 6, 1958 in Spokane, Washington, United States. He was born to parents, Robert and Verdie Winslow. Winslow spent his childhood growing up at Fairchild Air Force Base. To study, she joined the Lisa Maile School of Acting, Modeling, and Imaging.

Winslow had developed an amazing voice for imitating talent at a young age. During his free time, he listened to the sounds of engines, animals, and coma, and later, he tried to imitate the sounds. Growing up, she had her love of acting with him, and she participated in various theaters and nightclubs. You will get a constructive response from the audience after demonstrating his amazing sound simulation skills.

Michael Winslow Net Worth & Career

Michael had raised enough money to play in nightclubs, as well as in theaters, which would enable him to play in Hollywood. He first appeared on television by appearing on a television program called “The Gong Show”. In this episode, she imitated the sounds of Star Trek, Benji the film dog, and Jimi Hendrix’s Purple Haze. In 1984, he completed the role of Larvell Jones in the movie “Police Academy”.

Winslow went on to work on other films such as “Alphabet City”, “Gremlins”, “Grandview, U. S. A. and” Lovelines “. In 1985, he also played the role of Chief Larvell Jones in the pursuit of the Police Station, entitled “Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment”. The following year, he appeared as Sgt. Larvell Jones in another Police Academy series “Police Academy 3: Back to Training”, and “Police Academy 4: Leading Citizens”.

Winslow made all the sounds for the 1987 film “Spacells”, in which he appeared as a radar operator. So far, she has worked on many films. He had made his final film in the 2017 film titled “Killing Hasselhoff”. In addition to movies and TV shows, he has also brought his own jokes and jokes to mobile platforms. He started singing about his sounds on the iPhone and iPod Touch in 2010.

Michael Winslow recently appeared in the 16th season of America’s Got Talent. He actually appeared as one of the contestants for the competition, where he did an interview showcasing his amazing tramentalist skills. Winslow was very impressive with his sound in the test round. Both the judges and the audience laughed at his perfect combination of humor and sounds.

Michael Winslow Personal Life

Michael Winslow has been married three times. First, she tied the knot on the sofa and left Belinda Church, with whom she had been living for eight years before her death in 1993. He then married Angela Baytops in 1997. Her second marriage ended in divorce in 2001, and two years later she was married. vows with Sharon Winslow in 2003. However, her third marriage lasted only a year which ended in divorce in 2014. Michael has a number of two children.

Michael Winslow Net Worth

From 2021, Michael Winslow would raise a total of $ 1.5 million. He earned all his money through his involvement as an actor, comedian, and vocalist. Michael is currently appearing in the reality show America’s Got Talent. If he progresses to the reality show and ends up being a champion, he will be winning a million dollars.

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