Masha Allah! Hira Cave and Tsur Cave Will Be Beautified During Corona Lockdown

Saudi Kingdom used the Covid-19 Lockdown to renovate the Islamic historic site. On normal days, this effort is impossible.

Lockdown decisions and the temporary halt of Umrah in Saudi Arabia have left many religious sites in the Holy Land devoid of visitors. This policy was deliberately carried out by the Saudi royal government to break the chain of distribution of co-19 in the country.Taking advantage of the lonely situation due to the covid-19 outbreak, the Government of Saudi Arabia decided to renovate the Islamic sites in the country.

The Saudi Arabian government decided to renovate the Cave of Hira and Cave of Tsur which has a great history for Muslims in the Holy City, Mecca.Reporting from the Islamic information , Prince Badr Bin Sultan, Deputy emir of the Province of Mecca has been tasked with overseeing the renovation of the most historic caves for Muslims.

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History of Hira Cave and Tsur Cave

Hira Cave is located about two miles from the Grand Mosque. This cave has a length of about 4 meters and a width of 1.5 meters. In this place the Prophet Muhammad SAW received the first revelations from the Koran in the month of Ramadan 610 AD.Meanwhile in the Cave of Tsur, Rasulullah SAW and his friend Abu Bakr hid for three days from the pursuit of the Quraysh who were hostile to the Prophet at that time.

In order to protect the Messenger of Allah and Abu Bakr, Allah Almighty told spiders to spin webs at the entrance of the cave. This made the Quraysh deceived because it was impossible for the cave entered by humans to be covered by spider webs.This is also a strategy to trick the enemies of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) into the Cave of Tsur and find them.

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Masha Allah! Hira Cave 2020
Masha Allah! Hira Cave 2020 and Tsur Cave Will Be Beautified During Corona Lockdown

Restoration Plan for Hira Cave and Tsur Cave

Government of Saudi Arabia plans to renovate these caves to restore the authenticity of the caves. Because all this time I was given a variety of additions that make it not look like the original in ancient times.The site will be returned to its original status through several stages. During the first 30 days, the rock will be cleaned of all inscriptions and images. The writing on the second wall of the cave will also be completely cleaned up.

Then, along the road to the two caves, the same cleaning process will be carried out, using the latest scientific methods.In addition, concrete structures, zinc canopies and wooden structures will be destroyed. A number of public facilities will be built to serve visitors to the two caves.

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Impossible to do on a normal day

Kedua proyek rekondisi dikelola oleh tim Komisi Kerajaan untuk Mekah, Imarah Provinsi Mekah dan tempat-tempat suci, Polisi Mekah, Walikota Mekah dan Otoritas Pengembangan provinsi Mekah.Tujuan dari proyek-proyek ini adalah untuk membersihkan semua perubahan yang dilakukan pada dua area suci ini yang bentuknya mulai rusak selama beberapa tahun terakhir.

Proyek-proyek pembangunan menjadi tugas yang mustahil untuk dilakukan di hari-hari normal, sebab kedua situs tersebut selalu penuh sesak oleh para peziarah yang datang dari seluruh dunia.(Sah)

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