‘Louis Thornton Allan’s Net Worth: How Does Meadow Walker’s Husband Do?

Louis Thornton-Allan is a British-American actor. He is best known as the newlywed husband of Meadow Walker, the model and child of the late actor Paul Walker. The couple decided to get married on October 22, 2021, which was discussed on social media. The cost of Louis Thornton Allan is not yet available and is still being reviewed.

Full Name Louis Thornton-Allan
Birth Date 1997/1998
Birth Place London, United Kingdom
Profession Actor
Relationship Status Married
Net Worth Under Review

Early Life

Although not much is known about Louis and his early life, it is well known that he is currently on track to become an actor and be part of the New York City-based Stella Adler Studio of Acting. Allan moved here from the United Kingdom as that seemed to be a good decision for his acting career.

Louis Thornton-Allan Net Worth and Career

Louis has never had much success in his career yet but has had minor roles including being part of a song called Vintage by Blue De Tiger. He is very young and in the early stages of his career and thus does not have many film credits yet. As his career progressed, we could soon see more of the projects that Louis would be involved in.

Although not confirmed, it looks like Louis has also been involved in modeling since he has uploaded photos that look like models with debt to the photographer. This does not seem to be a miracle as Louis is tall and handsome with good looks which is probably one of the features that attracted Meadow Walker to him.

Personal Life

Louis has been in the news recently on social media for his marriage to 22-year-old Meadow Walker. Meadow being the only child of Paul Walker has been widely recognized for his legacy by his father who was best known for starring in the film Fast and Furious.

The two were engaged to be married in August rather than rumors that Louis had proposed a trip to the desert and Meadow. Since Vin Diesel, who was very close to Meadow’s father Paul, was the god of Meadow, he led him on a fast-paced social media platform.

This created quite a stir in their marriage. But Louis is well-kept even on social media and has only 12k followers so far. Louis prefers to post photos about the various places he visits and the information he has there.

Among his travels is a trip to India where he posted many photos including in Mumbai of the daily life of the people there. And he often posts a lot of automated photos and captions that limit his life including the candidate’s coffee shops.

Louis Thornton-Allan Net Worth

As of 2021, the total value of Louis Thornton-Allan is still being reviewed. It is unclear whether Louis’ family background came from although Meadow said his family was unable to attend their wedding in the Dominican Republic due to travel restrictions brought on by the epidemic.

On the other hand, his wife Meadow Walker is known to have a staggering $ 30 million due to the estate inherited after the death of her father, Paul who managed to earn more than $ 50 million with his roles in Fast &. Angry Films have a great song around the world.

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